Marvel: System Maker.

Waking up in a world with demon's able to make systems to gain power was a trippy way to know that after death your soul just shuttles through the Omniverse trying to find a body but taking over one of those said demon's was a nice cherry on-top. now what's with all the talks about a green monster wrecking havoc in these world's and even a man wearing iro—Wait?!? am I in marvel?!? FUCK!

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After the upgrade my body felt, lighter and stronger even. My status said there was no change though.

Walking over to my computer I started scouring the internet and immediately my eyes were wide from some of the things happening globally.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, animals losing their minds and attacking indiscriminately and even the occasional tears in space that just sat there, fuck there was a year in space even here in New York in a subway station.

' What the fuck?, I thought the event doesn't start till tomorrow or so…' I thought

[AI: The world is evolving towards it.]

' Well fuck…I guess I should summon some combat specialists then.' I thought with a frown before I stood and walked over to the centre again.

Looking over my inventory I took out some soul beads to use as sacrifice for the minions I would summon.

They were all D- grade and would give the summoned minion more potential and the such.

Lifting up my hand I invoked the summoning magic and watched a circle, a summoning circle slowly got drawn on the floor before the beads got absorbed into it, my mana too.

' [Summon: Female, Military training, Combat Expert, Firearm Expert, Management, Underworld Knowledge.]' And again invoking my requirements I felt a pull from my mana as a huge chunk of it disappeared before Infront of me 10 beautiful weman stood.

" Master!" The 10 black heads said in unison.

" I take it you already know your mission?" I asked as I found out that the minions I summoned would get a part of my knowledge and thus know why they were created and act on it.

" We are to forcefully takeover every gang within the mutant territory, strike enemy organisations and steal weoponry before setting up a perimeter on the master's territory." The older looking one spoke making me nod.

That was basically it, for now I wanted control over the mutant slums and the gangs were my in into kinghood as they controlled everything.

" But first I'll give you all a boost before you leave…." I said and held out my hands towards them and finally used my ability [Evolution Ard] and [All-Bio Manipulation] in tandem and instigated for rapid evolution and enhancements on the 10 woman.

And watching with both my eyes and with All Bio Manipulation as they not only changed physically but they also changed on genetic level.

They gained muscles before they compacted into fine lean muscles able to tear steel apart from my estimate and they gained a few inches to them too, a couple other slight changes like 4 of them changing hair colour and some eye colour I then asked them what their abilities were because I knew that my ability gave them instinctual knowledge on their abilities the moment I awaken them.

And so after giving them Codenames depending on their powers these were the results.

Ghoslar — Has the ability to turn invisible on command, phase through objects and Minor Telekinesis.

Shockren— Has the ability to generate intense levels of lighting, can turn into lighting and surf through any conductive material and can cause major electrical blackouts.

Tina— Has superstrength dwarfing her sisters as she can lift weights of 100 ton easily, has a bio-field around her that allows her to keep things intact as she holds them.

Metalla— Can infuse her entire body with liquid versions of any metallic material, allowing her great resilience and strength depending on the metal incorporated and each metal can give her minor abilities depending on what it is.

Lumi— Can generate light from any point of her body and can condense it to form weopons of light able to go through most material, can shoot beams of scorching light and is able to teleport to any close light source.

Terra— Can control earth around her and even turn her entire body into any earth substance. In her transformed state has superstrength slightly inferior to Tina at 80 ton.

Techa— Has technopathic abilities able to communicate with and control technology around her to do her bidding, can teleport using the web.

Abatha— Has the ability to absorb fire to strengthen, heal and empower herself. Can use said flames inside her body as an extension of herself after.

Flora— Has the ability to induce plant growth and can then control them to do as she pleases. Can even fuse plants and their traits creating stronger variations of it.

Sonia— Has the ability to manipulate sounds at intense levels, even able to shatter glass into fine dust and deal damage to the human body.

" Good, you can leave." I said before dismissing the weman as I looked at the screen of my computer.

" Use any resources you can and each of you take the numbered minions to help out in managing your gangs pieces of territory." I said finally after thinking about it, the minions I summoned first would make it so they got support and would also help with their know how in fortifying their territory.

Watching as they walked off towards the living quarters to grab some help.

' Welp I think this can count as an achievement and can increase my rating in the test…I mean I did just create an organisation from scratch…' i thought even as I clicked on links in the internet showing various videos of unexplainable phenomenon and the occasional hero coming an trying to help.

' Oh yeah…this world is infested with protagonists…just like my last world, the chances of that happening twice are slim now that I think about it though.' Sighing at that stood up and walked around the base and found an empty room.

' Well…I gotta find a way to take care of this thing first though.' I thought opening my inventory and clicking on the thing's I got from killing that one protagonist.

[—Crafters Essence[Ex+]: The pure essence of a being that was solely created to craft which has great affinity for all things crafting which can be used for a variety of things and allows for items enhanced and imbued with the essence abilities or skills related to crafting.

—Crafters Soul Bead[SS+]: A soul compressed to physical form with high soul quality and great affinity with crafting which can be used for a variety of things and mostly suited for crafting equipment.]

Now I couldn't think of anything to use for the essence yet but the soul could be used to summon a minion with really great potential, or I could just find other things that would benefit me more.

But I had already thought of what to use the soul on and if possible, the essence too.

And so taking off the gloves I had on me I put them in the centre of the room. Breathed in and took out the soul bead and watched as the entire room seemingly fell into silence before a murmur started coming out of the soul bead that started growing into a mass of energy.

' That's new…' i thought but didn't let that come over me and instead using my skill soul manipulation I split the soul into two identical pieces of itself.

After that I wasn't done as I had to condense the soul into a solid like manner and then using as much creativity and control I started shaping the soul into perfect identical copies of the two gloves I had on the floor.

And finally I lifted up the gloves with ny new ability [Telekinesis] and then pushed the souls inside the gloves, and I saw that the two made a connection together but with my soul manipulation skill I could see that at best it was shallow so I started inducing for a more intimate fusion allowing for the two to connect deeper.

And suprisingly the gloves changed shape a bit, gained colour…or lost colour as the gloves became an even darker shade of black.

' I thought the weopons only changed when essence was introduced…' i thought with a raised eyebrow as I stated at the floating gloves, but I wasn't done.

Breathing in I brought out the essence and immediately felt the room start twisting and bending on itself.

And practicing my control over the wild essence I infused a huge chunk of my mana into the essence like a parasite and immediately took control of it and watched as the room stopped twisting in on itself.

The essence kept its hum of power though, shaking my head at that I treated the essence the same way as the soul but this time I directly made the essence flow out of itself and into the two gloves in a slow stream not wanting to destroy my gloves and to facilitate a controlled transformation.

Watching as the globes changed from slightly menacing to gloves that looked like the Demon Overlords ornament piece gloves I kept on going for what felt like hours before finally, the last strands of essence was transferred into the items.


And the gloves of course chimed as i felt the room begin moving around in a slow manner and magic permeate from the glove.

' Oh shit…' I thought looking at the gloves that floated menacingly Infront of me without my help using telekinesis.

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