Marvel: Starting in Knowhere

Jack was sucked into an unknown vortex and ended up in Knowhere. To his surprise, he was the protagonist of his favorite game that the devs never completed, and made countless remakes only to abandon them later. Now, he got a chance to play that game in real life and do everything according to his choice, plus its Marvel universe, girls and harem are a must, but then the System popped up with quests and rewards. Complete quests, and get rewards. A simple system without any need for tracking attributes and all. [Don't copy, translate, or make audiobooks with my work] **** [The game's name: Big Brother, renpy game] [Heavily focused on Slice of Life and OC for the first half] [MC won't be going to Earth for the first part] **** Cover Picture is AI-generated. So, unless that AI tells me to remove it, I won't remove it. ---- Support link: www.patreon.com/UnknownMaster [14-15 chs] Support Link [In Progress]: https://subscribestar.adult/unknownmaster

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We walked out of the store after buying those books. Rosia will deliver them to our house tomorrow morning. I bought Lisa a couple of digital comics. She refused to show me what she bought, but I have a rough idea. I wonder what kind of hentai comics Lisa bought...

"So, you wanna grab some burgers?" I asked Lisa. I know I'm hungry.

"Uh-huh..." Lisa nodded vigorously.

We headed to a nearby burger restaurant.

As we walked to the restaurant...

"Jack, what do you think of Miss. Rosia? Isn't she so pretty?" Lisa asked me suddenly, taking me by surprise.

"W-Why are you asking?" I chuckled at her cuteness, then responded, "Miss Rosia is beautiful, though..." Actually, you have no idea what her real face is like. She is a vixen under that calm, cute smile, she shows to all.

"How come I'm not that beautiful like her?" Lisa questioned me, seemingly upset.

"And who's this person who said that to you, huh?" I questioned her back.

Lisa averted eye contact and fidgeted a bit before replying to my question, "No one. I just know it because her boobs are bigger than mine and all this time you were looking at her bust... You never look at mine..." The last part was just a mumble.

Oh my God. You are already acting like a jealous girlfriend even though you are my sister. Although I'm not your real brother, still... That's cute!

"Wha-Huh?! You want me to look at yours?" I stopped in the middle of the street and looked at her blushed face in bewilderment.

"I-It's not that I want it... It's that you would take an interest in me because, you know, I have nice boobs too..." She then pouted, her hands crossed in front of her chest. It's not that Lisa has small breasts, no. We're talking about the perceptions of young girls. I get that.

Lisa also seems to have not noticed her increased sex appeal because she's introverted and does not socialize a lot, so her concept of the word 'beauty' is pretty messed up, in my opinion. All her knowledge comes from hentai comics and animes she reads, and we all know the plots are not usually the most wholesome and wholesome ones that don't exist in porn-centric entertainment.

I mean, her petite body with ample bosom is in itself quite enticing, moreover, her beautiful blonde hair that seems to shine when sunlight hits it just adds another layer to this already delicious cake of hers.

"Let's go to that cafe and have some food and chat. I think it's about time we talk about a couple of things..." I said after a little pause between the two of us.

"Hmmm..." Lisa mumbled and followed me silently.

A few minutes later, we entered the cafe. There were only a few customers; it was still a little early to be called rush hour.

We grabbed the table right beside the large window overlooking the streets of Knowhere. It was one hell of a view to behold. No matter how many times I see it, it never gets old. I looked at the menu and ordered a burger and a bottle of beer. As for Lisa, she ordered a jumbo parfait. Aaukk! Just thinking about a jumbo glass filled with nothing but sweets made me shiver. How can someone eat so much of a sugary delicacy...? I mean, just the mere thought is making my teeth ache, goddamit!

"So, Lisa," I looked into her eyes, "You got jealous when we went inside the back room, right?"

She stiffened and was on the verge of covering her face with a menu, but held herself back, "Uhm... Yeah! Just a bit."

"Can you tell me why you got so jealous? If something bothers you, you know you can tell me, right?"

Lisa fidgeted in her seat and played with her fingers. I noticed her cheeks blushing redder and redder, but she looked me straight in the eyes, "Because... I was really happy you took care of me..." Then, the sweet smile that she never showed anyone surfaced, "I really like you."

Here we go. Just like her profile bio said back then. She's really into me. 

The robot waiter came with our order, momentarily breaking the tension between the two of us. Having interrupted our small talk, he apologized and left, quickly bowing. I just drank half the glass of beer in one gulp, ignoring Lisa's stare of astonishment at me drinking beer. Humm... Damn! I miss Earth's beer so bad!

"You mean like really like 'like' me, or what...?" I asked Lisa, breaking the ice once again.

She simply nodded, "Mmmm-hmmmm..."

"So you know we're siblings, right?"

Again, she just nodded. "Jack, please don't get so mad..."

"You should have known what would happen if you blurted that line." I rested my head against my arms, lying on the table, trying hard to stay calm, "Lisa. To tell you the truth, I too... like you... a lot. But that's not the only issue here. We're siblings. What do you think Mom and Alice would do if they ever knew about it?"

"I don't know..." She stuffed a spoonful of ice cream and fruits in her mouth, avoiding looking into my eyes. She's so damn cute that I almost wanted to scoop her up in my arms and embrace her right now.

"It would be disastrous... Unless..." My voice trailed off, giving the opportunity to Lisa to react to the ominous-sounding word,

"Unless? If we can explain to Mom, perhaps, I may have a chance! I'll work hard!" She said in excitement.

"That's where things would turn sour. We could try. Maybe it'd end in a happy end. We'll be fine, or so. However, we'll both be used as guinea pigs in a social experiment that will destroy our current happiness and all that we have and stand for..." I explained to her, finishing with a chuckle.

Lisa fell silent for a while.

"But what if both Mom and Alice fall for me?" I couldn't hold in and started to tease Lisa a bit. I wanna hear her thoughts and reactions. She's a really interesting girl.

"Mom and sis?!" She suddenly spouted loudly, then noticed the other customers looking at her and lowered her voice, whispering, "You can't. Even if you can, it should be only Mom..."

Look at this girl. 'Only mom' Hahaha...

"What about Alice?" I feigned ignorance.

"Alice hates you. You know that. How are you going to make her fall for you? Wait! What? No..." Lisa was stunned as she realized what she got herself into. She just agreed to my harem plan without giving it a single thought.

"What? Getting cold feet already? If we work together. We can live as a happy family, together, forever..."

"Th-Then, Jack, it won't be with everyone, right? Only a few at most. Y-You know, for safety measures..." Her voice trailed off, while her hand slowly moved a spoon of vanilla ice cream to her opened-wide mouth.

Fuck! That's so goddamn kawaii! Where the heck do I find myself such a cute and attractive girl as this?!

"Yeah. Just a few. But you will always be my number 1, you know," I took her small, dainty hand in mine and wrapped my fingers around it, giving a gentle squeeze, "Only you."

"You really mean that?" She gripped my hand tighter. She is holding onto the sliver of hope that's forming in her heart, right now.

I leaned in and gave her a little peck on her lips, "Of course."

"Do that again, please," She demanded.


She got upset over my sudden 'no', "B-But why?"

"Eat your jumbo parfait then we can continue this in my room," I whispered seductively in her ear.


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