Marvel Start Making Tama's Shadow Tattoo Stickers

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What is Marvel Start Making Tama's Shadow Tattoo Stickers

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Create Xiaoyu tattoo stickers at the beginning, and critically produce the Holy Lord template of the twelve spells! .. Travel through Marvel and get the cosplay item manufacturing system! As long as you wear the relevant items, you can get the Ability of the relevant character! If you wear cos items for others, you will get ten thousand times the crit return! Gain the wearer's Ability at the same time! [Xiaoyu's tattoo stickers]: Put it on and you will become the Queen of Darkness, summoning the ghost army! The gangsters surrounded Gwen with knives: "You are surrounded!" A ninja emerged, carrying Gatlin. gangster:... 【Kai's Green Vest】: Put it on and you will get the eight-door Dunjia! Avengers alliance one. The green titan wore a small vest, opened eight doors, and smashed all the warships above New York with one kick! Everyone in the Avengers alliance: "?" "Ding! Get the green titan ability! Critical hit! No side effects, eight-door dunjia!" [Enel's turban] Thunder fruit [Gourd King Kong's pink skirt] [Superman cloak]

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