44 Purchasing Materials! Tony's doubts!

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One and half hours have passed in a flash.

In the secret room.

Lucas's forehead was covered with sweat, and the fingers holding the pen started showing signs of soreness.

But his face didn't have any expression of tiredness. On the contrary, he looked very excited!

"It's almost complete. I can make it!"

"Universal Capsule..."

"This invention will set off a huge wave through the whole Earth!" Lucas was thinking excitedly.

On his left side, there is a drawing of the Flying Car.

From the very beginning, rhythm and materials begin to cyclically and gradually reveal the full picture of a complete Flying Car.

Writing and drawing took more than an hour of Experience Card's time!

Flying Car manufacturing drawings are finally finished!

If he wants to sell just these drawings to some big companies and industries like Stark Industries, he could get at least no less than tens of billion dollars just for the drawings!

And of course, this is by no means an exaggeration to be able to sell a Flying Car that has revolutionized car manufacturing at this time for such a high price.

After a while.

Lucas stopped writing, exhaled heavily, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and looked at the fascinating drawings in his hands with a satisfied smile.

The Universal Capsule manufacturing process is also completed!

He completely wrote and drew everything related to the Universal Capsule in these white papers!

From the materials to the manufacturing processes and anything related to Universal Capsule.

It was completely written on the white papers!

Without paying attention to Experience Card's time, two and a half have passed!

Lucas relied on Dr. Brief's knowledge to recreate two high-tech products in this world!

Lucas, already quite satisfied with these two products.

"System, how much time do I have now?"

[Experience Card remaining time: 00:27:21.]

He has less than half-hour now. Lucas frowned slightly after knowing.

Is there other high-tech that he draws in this half-hour?


He can't!

This project is too big to be drawn in just a half-hour.

Even if the system gave him a half month time, he still wouldn't be able to pull that off because the time that he will need just to the right the names of the materials that will be used in building the Spaceship is at least more than an hour, which is basically unrealistic with Experience Card's remaining time.

Spacecraft is a giant project, and Lucas alone can't do it.

It is already very good to be able to draw the design of both the Flying Car and Universal Capsule.


"I need the large acquisition of these materials, which will cost me a lot of money. Not to mention some rare materials that will be hard to find, so I have to buy them at a high price!" Lucas thought in his heart.

He decided to keep the drawings in the secret room for now.

He opened the secret room door and returned to the hall.

There was some bone crackling sound as he twisted his arm slightly.

He was lying on the sofa to relax his body, then Lucas took his phone and dialed a number.

The person he is looking for the materials that he needs is naturally the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury!

As SHIELD's director, Nick naturally has a very safe channel for this sort of thing. The most important thing is that Lucas can purchase these materials as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and enjoy some discounts!

Tott! Tott!

Nick's phone was ringing.

"Lucas?" Nick's voice came from the other side.

"It's me. I want to use the channels of S.H.I.E.L.D. to purchase some materials."

"Many of these materials are relatively rare, but I still can buy them at a high price."

"I think you should have some ways, right?" Lucas went straight to the point.

"Material? What material?"

"Like steel and some similar metals."

"I can't help you with that," Nick answered.

"Does SHIELD have channels or a channel to buy such things?" Lucas was puzzled.

"It's just more cumbersome. In short, we don't have channels for these things. I think it would be better if you ask Tony."

"He specializes in this business, and Stark Industry's warehouses should have a lot of materials. Maybe you can get all the materials you need from his ready-made warehouse."

"Even if it doesn't, Tony has his own channels to get these materials. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed if you ask him."

After talking with Nick for a few minutes, Lucas hung up.

Then he dialed Tony's phone number: "It's me, Lucas!"

"Lucas? Hey kid, how are you?"

"Do you change your mind and want to be a security officer in my company?" Tony's voice came.

"I'm fine, thank you, and no, I didn't change my decision. I called you because I want to buy some materials from you."

"Nick told me to come to you. He said I can get steel and other machine-related materials from you!" Lucas said.

"Why do you want to buy these materials? What are they used for?" Tony was surprised.

In his eyes, Lucas is a strong monster.

He's very good at using his muscles, so why does he suddenly want to purchase some materials? He was completely puzzled!

"Perhaps, I will use these materials to create something that mankind never heard or thought about it. But I'm not sure yet."

Lucas' answer made Tony laugh out loud.

Naturally, he wouldn't believe such a thing.

However, he still agreed readily: "No problem. You send me the materials you need. I will order someone to collect these materials for you as soon as possible."

"How long will it take?" Lucas then asked.

"It's hard to say; I have to see the list of materials you need to give you an accurate answer!"

"Well, turn on your computer, and I will send a list of materials to you."


He hung up the phone.

Then he put the phone aside and started sorting his thoughts out.

He will need many materials to manufacture this two high-tech, both Flying Cars and Universal Capsules are very high technology!

As for whether Tony will notice or guess something about his plans to make Flying Cars and Universal Capsules, Lucas wasn't worried at all. How can Tony reverse the manufacturing principles of both Flying Car and Universal Capsule just by seeing these materials?

And that's why Lucas wasn't worried about this at all, and he can say it with confidence!

In this world, as long as no design drawings are obtained, no one can imitate such a similar cross-age technology!

Even if all the materials are known, it will never be possible!

That's why.

Lucas was very relieved when he made a list of all the materials without any concealment and let Tony purchase it for himself!

Five minutes later.

Lucas wrote the material list and sent it to Tony.

At first glance.

After seeing so many materials' names on the list, Tony finally put away his smiling and indifferent expression.

The more he read the names of these materials, the more serious he became.

He can tell!

"These materials can be used together, so he is fooling around."

"And that means..."

"He's really trying to make something!" Tony thought.

"But what is this kid trying to make?"

"Well, maybe he is bored and started trying new things like building a new high-tech."

"As for his so-called cross-age technology?"

The Iron Suit took countless efforts and resource from Tony before it was completely done.

And in the people's, it represents a very high technology!

But it still can't even be called...

Cross-age technology!

Therefore, when Lucas said that he would create cross-age technology, Tony didn't take his words seriously.

But Lucas's terrifying power is still there, and in front of that power, he won't dare to be careless.

Tony didn't have any slack or delay and immediately arranged manpower to purchase the materials on Lucas's list.