Marvel: Spider-Man? No, I'm Superman!

Traversing the Marvel universe, becoming Peter Parker. Originally thought that becoming the Hulk-like Spider-Man was also a very good choice. However, fate seemed to have played a huge joke on him. With the sudden appearance of Spider-Woman, she completely shattered his inner luck. He didn't want to be sacrificed to the Gods! Until... he discovered a different life script on the farm left by his parents! .... Many years later. The sky was torn open by a wormhole. Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, confidently leads his invincible fleet to Earth to collect the Infinity Stones. The next moment, a figure broke through the air and punched Thanos flying. "You shouldn't have come to invade 'my' Earth!" --- Tags - Evil MC, Villain, Marvel, DC, Transmigration, Spider-Man Caution: Don't Read If You are Looking for a Kind-Hearted MC! MC Don't Have Your Average Superhero Morals Like Caption! --- 5 Chapters/Week --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. ---

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Chapter 9: The car parked on the eighth floor...

Before Gwen could continue marveling at why this guy called Venom had such terrifying power, her spider sense ability was triggered again instantly.

"Damn it, it's too late."

However, the opponent's speed was simply too fast, and even Gwen, who possessed Spider-Sense, was unable to dodge his attack in advance.

She could only rely on instinct to cross her arms in front of her chest to mitigate his power.


In the next moment, Gwen felt as if she was hit by a train.

Even as powerful as Spider Gwen was, her entire body was blown away in an instant.

The unsympathetic Peter, suddenly erupted with terrifying power, blasting Gwen away with one punch. Then he couldn't help mimicking classic villain laughter: "Keke keke..."

"Ugh, who invented this kind of unique villain laugh, it's so nasty..."

Unfortunately, he was disgusted the next moment. Peter hurriedly put away the almost psychotic laugh.


Then his legs violently exerted strength, his whole body instantly shooting forth like a cannonball, chasing after the blasted Gwen again.

"Hello... is this... the police station? I... want to report a crime."

"There are two Spider-Mans fighting! What? I'm not making a false report. I saw it with my own eyes!"

As Peter disappeared into the alley, it was only then that the woman who had just been robbed by the gangsters finally stood up trembling from the ground, shivering as she took out her cell phone and dialed the police.

The woman who had just been robbed by the gangsters had been so frightened that she didn't dare to make any sound, afraid that the weirdo with the creepy laugh would notice her.



On the street separating the civilian and wealthy residential areas, a figure was blasted out of an alley at extreme speed and smashed into an office building dozens of meters away before finally stopping.

However, the tremendous impact even smashed a huge crater into the office building's wall.

"Ow, that hurts."

As a tender girl, Gwen had never received such a serious injury since she was a child.

She didn't expect that after becoming Spider-Woman and gaining power beyond ordinary people, she would suffer such heavy damage for the first time instead.

"Damn, he's back again."

With great difficulty, she endured the severe pain in her body and pulled herself out of the deeply buried wall.

However, before Gwen could slow down, she saw a familiar figure rushing out from the middle of the alley once again.

And the target was aimed directly at herself at this moment.

This time Gwen, who was prepared, was finally able to rely on her flexible body and rolled a few times on the wall in a somewhat lousy manner, successfully avoiding the center of the other party's attack.


And the next moment, Peter's terrifying attack instantly struck where she was before.

It was followed by the loud boom of a missile strike.

Under the terrifying outburst of power, the entire office building shook violently as if it had suffered an earthquake.

The wall in the center had already cracked, and the cracks were rapidly spreading to the surrounding area in the form of a spider web.

At the same time, the invisible shock wave had instantly shattered almost all the glass over the entire wall.

Gwen, who was near the blast site, was directly blown dozens of meters away like a tossed sack.

Seeing that she was about to be heavily smashed on the street, spider silk suddenly shot out from Gwen's wrist, gradually stopping her falling body.

She swung away with the momentum, like on a swing set.

"Humph humph, it's not like only you know how to use web shooters."

At this moment, looking at Gwen who seemed to be trying to escape, Peter did not give up his pursuit, and similarly shot out a spider silk from the web shooter in his hand.

Then just like Gwen, with the power of the spider silk, he swung between the tall buildings of the city.

After first crossing over into this world, Peter had prepared in advance to become Spider-Man. 

This included the spider suit he was wearing, as well as web shooters.

At this moment, although he wasn't the real Spider-Man, relying on extraordinary bodily power and agility, there was almost no difference from the real Spider-Man.

"Well, the current me is still a bit different from the real Spider-Man."

But the confident Peter was quickly slapped in the face.

After all, this was the first time he had "played" Spider-Man with web shooters today.

So it makes sense that he wouldn't be very skilled in the use of web shooters.

Yeah, Peter comforted himself like that as he chased after Gwen ahead of him without catching up, and the distance between them was even growing wider.

"But don't forget, I'm roleplaying as a ruthless villain now, and all heroes of justice share a common yet fatal weakness."

Seeing Gwen running farther and farther away, Peter was ready to exert the self-awareness that should come from being a villain.

In the next moment, Peter gave up swinging on a tall building with his spider silk.

Instead, he landed on top of the street, randomly chose a car parked in a parking space, and broke the window with a punch. Grabbing onto the pillar with one hand, he took aim at Gwen still swinging ahead between buildings. With ease, he hurled the entire car flying.


"Heh heh, that guy's powerful but after all still lacks the experience of a Spider-Man."

Seeing herself about to leave her pursuer far behind, it was the first time Gwen felt a hint of delight inside.


As her spider-sense suddenly triggered, Gwen almost subconsciously used the web line to make herself divert sideways in midair.


In the next moment, a car flew past her body.

It then smashed directly into a tall building next to her with unabated momentum, but fortunately, there was no explosion scene like in the movie.

"This guy really deserves death..."

Feeling somewhat terrified, Gwen couldn't help but look back. And that one glance instantly made her face fall drastically.

She saw that the guy calling himself "Venom" had actually picked up a car again. He directly flung it at her.

And the main point was, that there was still a middle-aged man inside the driver seat who was already scared into screaming wildly!


A car once again broke through the air.

But this time Gwen could not dodge like before. Her creed as Spider-Woman meant she could not abandon trying to rescue every innocent civilian in danger.

First, she used the web's pulling force to jump upwards. Her slender body seemed to hang upside down between high-rises as she successfully avoided the car's direct impact.

Then, taking advantage of the moment in the air above the vehicle, several spider silks were quickly launched onto the car body by Gwen.

Then utilizing both the webs pulling force and her own considerable strength, she finally removed the car's tremendous momentum after snapping multiple web lines.

"Hmm, right there."

Seeing the only dark window among the brightly lit windows of a high-rise not far away, Gwen lightly swung the two cars over with a web.


With the sound of breaking glass, a car suddenly smashed into the room through the window.

"Hi there..."

Seeing the couple who had been entangled in bed before his sudden intrusion frightened under the bed, the driver felt somewhat terrified but also apologetic as he greeted them.

"Fuck, how the hell did you drive to crash onto the damn eighth floor?!"

The frightened limp man cursed at the driver stuck in the window and unable to open the door no matter how he tried.


(End of Chapter)

To be continued...

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