Rhodes found himself transported to the Marvel universe where he assumed the role of a nobleman, the son of a duke in ancient Northern Europe on Earth. He harbored aspirations of dominance, only to be unexpectedly drawn to Asgard, the mystical realm of the fairies, where he became a servant to Hela, the formidable goddess of death. Being bound in servitude for a lifetime was a dire fate, but providentially, he inherited the extraordinary genes of Superman Silver. These genes endowed him with the remarkable ability to grow stronger by simply basking in the sun and rapidly adapt to various challenges by evolving new abilities. The might of Silver Superman was beyond comprehension, granting him unparalleled power and dominance. He ascended to become the ruler of Asgard, asserting his dominion over the entire universe. When confronted with the name Thanos, he scoffed, proclaiming, "Thanos? This mere mortal? I could extinguish him with a mere breath!" I do not own this book or the cover page, if the owner request for me to take it down, leave a message. Ten chapters ahead on patreon.com/user?u=99529197

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Heimdall's face turned ashen as he realized that not even the power of the sun could affect Rhodes. If that was the case, Asgard would have no means to deal with Rhodes, and the impending Ragnarok still loomed over them.

What the ten thousand residents of Asgard didn't anticipate was that Ragnarok would be brought about not by the Frost Giants, Fire Giants, or even vengeful Hela, but by Rhodes himself.

Heimdall understood that there was little hope for Asgard in its current state. The most powerful gods were under Rhodes' control, so what were they even fighting for?

Heimdall pleaded, "Rhodes, if you're angry, if you want to torture me, please spare God King Odin. We can promise you anything, just let God King Odin go."

Rhodes looked at Heimdall. The Heimdalls were loyal but somewhat foolish for siding with the Asgardian gods.

"Alright then, let Hela become the queen of the gods, and we'll all pledge allegiance to her. You can spare Odin and save his life. What do you say?" said Balder, the God of Light, who had been severely beaten.

Rhodes snorted coldly as he looked at Balder, "Is that so?"

"In that case, I apologize."

Rhodes conjured a golden ball of light in his hand, poised to strike God King Odin's head.

Rhodes was already immensely powerful without using divine power, and if he did, God King Odin might not even be left with a trace of his former self.

Heimdall quickly interjected, "We agree, we agree. Please release God King Odin."

"Very well," Rhodes said as he lifted God King Odin, who had been beneath his foot. Rhodes helped Odin dust off his armor before returning him to Heimdall.

"If only you had been this cooperative earlier, we wouldn't have had so much trouble. You see how troublesome things have become now."

Heimdall supported the still-unsteady God King Odin.

Heimdall saluted Rhodes and Hela, saying, "Thank you for your mercy, Rhodes."

"You're welcome," Rhodes replied, waving his hand.

A golden light radiated outwards, surprising the injured gods of Asgard. They thought Rhodes was about to execute them to silence them, but Rhodes had no intention of doing so.

The diffusion of this golden light restored the injured gods, including God King Odin, to their previous unharmed state. Using the power to manipulate time and space, Rhodes reversed their physical injuries.

Even the shattered Temple of Odin was restored, though the towering statues were replaced with Hela's...

It was now rightfully the Temple of Hela.

The shock on the faces of God King Odin and others, witnessing Rhodes' power to destroy and restore in an instant?

Even the Asgardian gods couldn't match it. Rhodes could obliterate and resurrect everything with a mere wave of his hand. Was this the true power of a god?

At that moment, Rhodes gestured to Hela.

Hela took a deep breath, offered a smile, and placed her slender hand in Rhodes'.

With Rhodes' support, she ascended the long-awaited God King's throne.

Hela gracefully adjusted her cloak and rested one slender thigh upon the other, exuding elegance and regality. She possessed the aura of a queen.

Heimdall and the others stood before Hela, neatly lined up. They knelt and placed their fists upon their chests, swearing their allegiance to her.

Rhodes placed the God King's crown, symbolizing the throne, upon Hela's head.

Hela nodded slightly towards Rhodes, expressing her gratitude.

At this moment, Hela had achieved her long-held aspiration. She had obtained the surrender of all the gods and Asgardian residents.

Following Hela's coronation, all of Asgard's gods and residents pledged their loyalty to her.

A few days later, as per Rhodes' request, Heimdall was compelled to exile God King Odin.

Hela and Rhodes stood on the Rainbow Bridge, watching as God King Odin, wearing ordinary attire after removing his armor, prepared to depart.

At this point, God King Odin no longer exuded the majesty he once did. He appeared as an ordinary elderly man on Earth.

With tears in his eyes, Heimdall opened the Rainbow Bridge leading to Earth. He then knelt before God King Odin, a pained expression on his face.

"Great Odin, please forgive me. Heimdall is incapable."

Odin, however, had already moved past his feelings of anger. He extended a hand to caress Heimdall's head.

"My child, you've done everything you could. This is our fate, something we cannot alter."

Odin then turned his gaze toward the new God King Hela.

"Hela, my daughter, I take back what I said before. Perhaps I made mistakes, sealing you away and failing as a father. But it's too late for remorse now. I will face the consequences that await me."

Hela remained silent, bowing her head, her thoughts concealed.

Heimdall's sorrow was evident as he watched the former God King Odin being exiled.

Odin addressed Rhodes, saying, "Even though I know that my words are merely explanations and excuses, Rhodes, you are undoubtedly powerful. It was my failing not to recognize your potential."

"I understand that I have no right to make any requests in my current situation, but I still hope you'll protect Hela. Don't let any harm befall her."

Rhodes nodded, assuring Odin, "Odin, you need not worry. No one will harm Hela anymore."

Odin acknowledged with gratitude, saying, "With your words, I find solace."

After Odin expressed his thoughts, he turned his attention to the vast expanse of Asgard behind him. The realm he had ruled for countless years filled him with nostalgia.

He was reluctant to part with everything associated with Asgard, but he knew that these things would no longer belong to him.

Odin walked to the end of the Rainbow Bridge, clad in plain clothing.

Odin's presence disappeared entirely.

At this moment, Heimdall could no longer contain his grief. He knelt at the other end of the Rainbow Bridge and wept bitterly.

Rhodes comforted Hela, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's go."

Hela replied with a quiet "Yes."

While the Rainbow Bridge passage had not yet been closed by the mourning Heimdall, Rhodes wasn't concerned. Should Odin return under such circumstances, every Asgardian understood the consequences.

Following Hela's ascension as the God King of Asgard, she took up the responsibility of managing all aspects of the realm. Hela wielded her power with restraint, focused solely on bettering Asgard. Although the Asgardian gods showed respect on the surface, both Hela and Rhodes were aware that it was due to Rhodes' overwhelming strength. Had Rhodes not been so powerful, they might have rebelled long ago.

However, peace didn't last long in Asgard.

One morning, while Rhodes was assisting Hela with her royal duties, they received a report from a guard.

"Reporting to the Great God King Hela."

Hela, wearing her God King crown, looked at the Asgardian warrior and inquired, "What is it?"

"Lord Heimdall has defected. When the servants of the gods went to attend to Lord Heimdall today, they discovered that he was missing from his residence. Despite conducting a large-scale search of Asgard, there is no trace of him."

"Lord Heimdall is suspected of violating Asgard's regulations by using the Rainbow Bridge to access other realms without authorization."

Hela raised an eyebrow, "Heimdall? His audacity knows no bounds."

Upon hearing of Heimdall's defection, a cold gleam flickered in Hela's eyes, and she wore an icy expression. She had only just begun to rule Asgard, and someone had already betrayed her. This was a direct affront to her authority.

Clearly, Heimdall was telling all of Asgard that he recognized only Odin as the God King, refusing to acknowledge any other rulers. This act further fueled Hela's anger.

Hela issued a command, "Find Heimdall, wherever he is, and bring him back to me."

The Asgardian warrior hesitated, aware that Heimdall held a special place in the hearts of Asgard's residents. His disappearance would not be easily accepted.

Hela noticed the hesitation and snorted, "What's the matter? Are you reluctant to carry out my orders?"

The warrior quickly assured, "No, my Lord, I dare not."

At this time, Rhodes had already utilized his divine sense to locate Heimdall within the Nine Realms. He informed Hela of Heimdall's probable location.

Rhodes explained, "I've found him. He's heading to Midgard, which is Earth. Thor should be on Earth now, so I assume Heimdall is going to seek him out."

"But we needn't be overly concerned. With my strength, finding them is easy. They pose no threat to us. If you wish to eliminate them, it can be done effortlessly."

"You needn't expend energy on them; it would be a waste."

Upon hearing Rhodes' words, Hela nodded in agreement.

Indeed, there was nothing that could threaten them at this point.

Hela agreed, "Very well, you may go."

The Asgardian warrior swiftly exited the temple. After leaving, he wiped the sweat from his brow. Fortunately, Hela hadn't ordered Heimdall's execution directly, as it would have troubled the conscience of the Asgardian warriors.

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