Rhodes found himself transported to the Marvel universe where he assumed the role of a nobleman, the son of a duke in ancient Northern Europe on Earth. He harbored aspirations of dominance, only to be unexpectedly drawn to Asgard, the mystical realm of the fairies, where he became a servant to Hela, the formidable goddess of death. Being bound in servitude for a lifetime was a dire fate, but providentially, he inherited the extraordinary genes of Superman Silver. These genes endowed him with the remarkable ability to grow stronger by simply basking in the sun and rapidly adapt to various challenges by evolving new abilities. The might of Silver Superman was beyond comprehension, granting him unparalleled power and dominance. He ascended to become the ruler of Asgard, asserting his dominion over the entire universe. When confronted with the name Thanos, he scoffed, proclaiming, "Thanos? This mere mortal? I could extinguish him with a mere breath!" I do not own this book or the cover page, if the owner request for me to take it down, leave a message. Ten chapters ahead on patreon.com/user?u=99529197

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When Rhodes gazed into those clear eyes, he knew that the true Hela had returned.

Rhodes smiled gently and spoke softly, "Hela, are you okay?"

Hela also recognized Rhodes, without any intentions of attacking, and a beautiful smile graced her face. "Rhodes, you're here."

"Yes, I'm here. I apologize for my carelessness during the battle at the Odin Temple, which led to my being drawn into the sun. But now I'm back."

"Don't apologize. You've done more than enough for me," Hela replied, her eyes welling up with tears.

Rhodes reached out and embraced Hela. She leaned her head on his broad shoulders, her body trembling with sobs.

Rhodes reassured her, saying softly, "I won't let you get hurt again, I promise."

Hela responded with trust, "I believe you."

With their emotions calmed, Rhodes and Hela sat on the shattered altar, which had been completely destroyed. Rhodes couldn't find wine, but they chatted while enjoying each other's company.

Having spent more than two thousand years apart, Rhodes and Hela had much to share.

"I never expected that two thousand years could pass so quickly," Rhodes remarked.

Hela agreed, saying, "Yes, it's quite emotional. I never imagined you'd be trapped in the sun for over two millennia."

Rhodes chose not to reveal that he had lived so comfortably for more than two thousand years on the sun, as Hela might react negatively.

"Now that Earth is in the 21st century, I'll take you to enjoy delicious food there. Earth has many exciting things to offer, and we'll have plenty of fun activities to do together."

"You won't be confined to daily warfare in that place called Asgard, where we couldn't meet."

Hela nodded, a playful glint in her eyes as she added, "You still owe me more than two thousand years of fireworks and dating. You have a lot to make up for."

Rhodes chuckled, amazed that Hela still remembered the fireworks he had set off for her.

"All right, that's not a problem at all. I'll make it up to you every day. You once said we have plenty of time for fireworks. I owe you more than two thousand years, and I won't miss a single day. We'll watch those fireworks that have been waiting for us for over two thousand years together," Rhodes promised.

Touched, Hela nodded and looked at Rhodes emotionally. She had changed significantly during her time in Niflheim's seal, her innocence replaced by a newfound sense of resolve and vengeance.

Rhodes, however, continued to stand by her side, unwavering in his support. Hela would always be the Hela he knew, the kind and gracious princess from the Princess Mansion.

"What are your plans for the future? God King Odin's reign continues, but he's getting old. You should be capable of avenging Asgard without my help," Rhodes asked.

Facing this question, Hela's expression turned somewhat melancholic. She took a deep breath before responding, "I plan to seek revenge. I gave my all to Asgard, but the Asgardian gods sealed me away like this, forcing me to endure two thousand years of darkness in Niflheim."

"They have no idea how I spent those two thousand years. Each day was worse than death, living in darkness, with nothing to do but practice and grow stronger, hoping that one day, I would break free from this seal."

As she spoke, her aura grew darker, and her long, slender nails extended, adding a touch of dread to her appearance.

"I will make every Asgardian god pay the most agonizing price. They will experience the same suffering I endured, or even a hundredfold, a thousandfold worse."

"I want to become the God King of Asgard and make those gods who once trampled on me taste the bitterness and humiliation they inflicted on me."

Rhodes nodded in understanding. Hela had done nothing wrong; she had sacrificed much for Asgard. Yet, she had unjustly borne the burden of this seal. It was clear that the arrogance and prejudice of the Asgardian gods had wounded her deeply.

"Very well, I'll support you. No matter what you decide to do, even if it means the destruction of Asgard, I'll be by your side."

Hearing Rhodes' unwavering support, Hela's tense demeanor relaxed. She expressed her gratitude, "Rhodes, you're the most important person in my life. Thank you for always being there. I thought Odin would be like you, but I was mistaken."

Rhodes nodded, realizing that God King Odin was not the loving and selfless figure he had imagined.

"In that case, let's go," Rhodes suggested.

"Agreed," Hela replied.

Rhodes and Hela stood up. Rhodes unfurled his golden cloak, while Hela secured her flowing black hair. Though their auras differed, one gold and one black, they complemented each other perfectly.

In the towering Odin Temple of Asgard, the aged God King Odin sat alone on his throne.

The once mighty and majestic God King now appeared frail, with a white beard that evoked sympathy.

The grand Odin Temple had been rebuilt to even greater heights.

But none of this could console God King Odin's heart.

God King Odin gazed into the distance, lost in thought. He sighed deeply, a mix of guilt and unease filling his mind.

Suddenly, he felt a disturbance.

The seal that held Hela in Niflheim had been shattered.

God King Odin gripped his white hair in his hands. "It was bound to happen sooner or later. It's inevitable."

It seemed that God King Odin recognized his age and knew that the seal suppressing Hela wouldn't last forever. The moment it broke, Hela would seek her reckoning.

Before God King Odin could react, Rhodes and Hela landed before him.

Rhodes had shielded Hela with his golden energy barrier, swiftly transporting them from Niflheim to the Odin Temple.

Seeing Hela didn't surprise God King Odin, but Rhodes' presence left him astonished.

Could someone truly return from the sun alive? It seemed impossible.

God King Odin regarded Rhodes with a mix of shock and fear. "You... Rhodes? You're still alive?"

Rhodes wore a gentlemanly smile, even bowing in a standard aristocratic salute. "Yes, thanks to you, I spent over two thousand years training on the sun. Now I'm back. Great God King Odin, is it a surprise? Or perhaps an accident?"

God King Odin's thoughts were in turmoil, struggling to comprehend the situation. But one thing was clear—this Rhodes was not someone he could easily handle, given their history.

Yet, God King Odin quickly regained his composure, seemingly accepting his impending fate.

Hela, on the other hand, wasted no time and declared, "Odin, you sealed me away in Niflheim for more than two thousand years. It's time to settle the score."

"For the sake of our relationship, I'll give you a chance. Abdicate the throne and give it to me. I won't kill you, only exile you. Odin, this is your final opportunity."

Hela's long, sharp nails extended, and her dark aura intensified as she spoke, suggesting her willingness to tear God King Odin apart.

God King Odin rose from his seat, his golden divine power emanating around him. His mighty golden armor reappeared, along with the Eternal Spear in his hands.

Though the God King's body showed signs of age, his spear skills were impeccable.

Hela and God King Odin clashed fiercely in the Temple of Odin, their weapons clashing like thunder, echoing throughout the grand chamber.

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