Marvel: Silver Superman in Mutant Academy

On the eve of the third X-Men battle, Carl West, a new student at the Mutant Academy, found himself somewhat unsettled. He was keenly aware of the perilous nature of their world. With Magneto's perpetual mischief-making and the looming threats of alien invasions and malevolent Celestials, danger seemed to lurk around every corner. The sinister Sentinel program, devised to eradicate all mutants, had already been set into motion. Meanwhile, neighboring dimensions harbored beings like Dormammu, poised for invasion. And looming on the horizon was Thanos, with his ambitions to enact universal "family planning." Despite the presence of stalwart heroes such as the Hulk and Iron Man, poised to defend the world, the specter of global conflict still promised untold casualties. "So, I suppose I'll have a think about it once I'm transformed into a Silver Superman," Carl remarked casually, reclining on the academy grounds and soaking in the comforting warmth of the sun, having recently assimilated the template of a Superman. ******** *THIS IS A TRANSLATION* Marvel: Silver Superman, Starts with Mutant Academy 美漫:白银大超,变种人学院开始 This is a translation of Chinese Novel. *********** The cover photo is not mine. If you are the owner message me and I will remove it. **** Support me on my patreon and read upto 15 early chapters. https://www.patreon.com/AniScout

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Chapter 1 : Xavier Institute!

What does it feel like to travel through worlds?

As someone who has traversed time and space, Carl would caution you: unless your life in the original world was truly unbearable, if given the choice, avoid it at all costs.

Especially if it leads you to a perilous world like this.

Here, countless individuals possess extraordinary abilities, be it by birth or by accident, known as Mutants.

Moreover, there exist aliens, mythical Gods, demons, and other beings, rendering the world chaotic and treacherous, where extraordinary battles erupt incessantly.

Contemplating this, Carl couldn't help but let out a soft sigh, for he truly never desired to find himself in such circumstances.

As a distinguished university graduate, he swiftly ascended to a prominent position within a large corporation immediately after graduation, entering the management ranks within a mere three years, boasting an annual salary exceeding 500,000+.

For Carl, born into an ordinary family, a few more years or perhaps a decade of diligent effort would have seen him ascend to the status of a "superior individual" with boundless wealth and luxuries at his disposal.

By then, luxury cars and beautiful companions would have been commonplace.

Crucially, his previous world offered safety unparalleled. Though occasional regional conflicts occurred, internal peace prevailed.

In stark contrast, this world brims with perils.

Ordinary folk, if not cautious, may stumble upon battles between super-powered individuals, falling victim to the collateral damage with nary a chance to protest.

Fortunately, Carl, post-transmigration, found himself blessed with luck. Not only does he possess superhuman abilities, but he also wields a 'Gold Finger', sparing him the plight endured by commoners.

"Carl, what troubles you?"

Upon hearing Carl's subdued sigh, the girl with long flaxen hair seated beside him cast a curious glance his way.

Carl shook his head in response, "It's nothing. Just feeling a tad restless. Apart from attending classes, there's little opportunity to venture out."

The girl couldn't help but console him, "It's unavoidable. We Mutants have always faced fear and rejection from ordinary folks due to our abilities."

With a hint of emotion, she continued, "Carl, you're still new here, and you might not fully grasp it yet. Were it not for Professor Xavier establishing his school, offering refuge to Mutants like us..."

"Many among us might have fallen victim to inhumane experiments or lived as vagabonds, deprived of sustenance and shelter."

As she spoke, a glimmer of gratitude and reverence shone in her eyes.

"Kitty, you're right," Carl nodded in agreement.

The girl, named Kitty Pryde, a seventeen-year-old Caucasian, had crossed paths with Carl at school.

Despite her youth, Kitty's figure had already begun to mature, hinting at the woman she would become.

Amidst exquisite facial features, she held considerable acclaim within Xavier's Mutant school.

Yes, Xavier's School.

Here lies the X-Men, an institution established by Professor X, catering to mutant teenagers.

Kitty, the girl conversing with Carl, is none other than the renowned Shadowcat from X-Men 3, possessing the ability to phase through objects, guiding others to disregard material obstacles.

And Carl, known as Carl West in this world, is fifteen years of age.

Born into a Mexican overseas Asian household, his mother is of Caucasian descent.

Thus, owing to his mixed heritage, though Carl boasts raven hair and dark pupils, his facial features are strikingly chiseled, radiating a captivating allure.

Standing tall at 1.75 meters, coupled with an adult-like demeanor, he exudes an air of maturity far beyond his years.

To claim he's merely fifteen would be to undermine his collegiate aura.

Thus, seated among seniors alongside Kitty doesn't appear the least bit incongruous.

Today being Saturday, with only one interactive session scheduled, the returning vice-captain of X-Men, Orolo Monroe, also known as Storm, leads the class.

Presently, on the expansive lawn, alongside Carl and the senior students, two groups of junior high pupils are gathered.


In an instant, a tempest descends from above, rendering everyone's vision obscured.

The trees sway, the weeds dance, and from the heavens descends a woman with lustrous white hair garbed in a sleek black combat suit.

Her cloak billows behind her, enveloped in tangible winds, while arcs of blue lightning crackle, emanating an imposing aura.

Her arrival leaves the elementary students awestruck, their eyes widening in wonder.

As Orolo touches down, her thoughts conjure, dispersing the swirling winds and thunderous lights, a smile gracing her lips. "Good morning, everyone."

Noticing the adoration gleaming in the children's eyes, Orolo is gratified with the impact of her entrance.

"Hello, teacher," the younger students chime politely.

However, compared to their restrained counterparts, the junior high and high school students appear more at ease, with some even raising curious inquiries.

"Teacher, we heard you were out capturing a rogue Mutant. Is this individual formidable?"

"Ross, you speak nonsense. Surely, that Mutant must possess great strength, or why else would Orolo take action? You know not of the abilities that Mutant wields."

A girl inquires eagerly, "Teacher, could you share details about your mission?"

The essence of the interactive class is to instill in these students not fear, but rather acceptance of their Mutant identities and unique traits.

Facing the students' inquiries, Orolo smiled and nodded. "Yes, this time the mission is in England, and the target is a mutant named Trock."

"This individual possesses stealth abilities and has committed numerous crimes, specializing in infiltrating the homes of some young ladies..."

As Orolo elaborated on the mission's specifics, Carl, seated on the grass, appeared to be attentively listening, though his mind had already shifted inward.

Basking in the sunlight, he felt warmth permeating his entire being, the energy of the sun being absorbed, transformed, and assimilated by countless cells.

Carl's Susceptive Perception allowed him to realize that his body was rapidly strengthening after absorbing the solar energy, his strength continually increasing at a staggering pace.

The rate of this power augmentation surpassed the imagination of ordinary individuals.

"After absorbing sunlight, your body's cells have undergone evolution, increasing your physique by +3."

"Your spirit +1."

"Your strength +4..."

With these reminders echoing in his mind, Carl's consciousness shifted, and a transparent page appeared before his eyes, visible only to him.

Host: Carl [Carl.Chen]

Race: Human

Bloodline: Kryptonian (Superman) [Bronze Age]

Constitution: 205 [10 points for ordinary individuals]

Spirit: 105

Strength: 230 [grip strength 3 tons]

Agility: 221

X-Gene Ability: Energy Rage [Level 1]

Storage space: 1x1

Glancing at the alterations in his attributes, Carl couldn't help but remark, "Superman truly is an anomaly in the DC universe."

Upon arriving in this world, Carl activated the system and claimed the reward: the Kryptonian Superman template.

Although this template represented only the Bronze Age Superman and had been integrated for merely a week, under the sunlight, Carl's physique soared to twenty times that of an ordinary person within days, his grip strength reaching 3 tons.

While 3 tons might not sound particularly formidable, with this strength, Carl could effortlessly crush a person or overturn a van with a single hand.

Furthermore, his robust physique enhanced his sensory faculties, vision, reactions, flexibility, and coordination, surpassing those of ordinary individuals by leaps and bounds.

Such strength had surpassed that of most mutants present, despite them being mutants themselves. However, most mutants at Xavier's School lacked strength and possessed average abilities, with only a few qualifying to become X-Men.

The school's original purpose was merely to provide shelter to excluded and hostile mutant teenagers, impart knowledge, and offer them affection to prevent them from straying down destructive paths.

For instance, Carl, formerly a middle school student, had gotten into a heated altercation with a classmate at school due to an emotional outburst triggered by the awakening of his X-gene, resulting in injuries to the classmate due to the energy surge.

This incident had a profound impact on the school community, causing fear, apprehension, and alienation towards Carl from both his peers and family, making it challenging for him to adapt.

Eventually, he acquiesced to Cyclops' sudden appearance and followed him to Xavier's School, coinciding with the day Carl crossed over to this world.

Nonetheless, Carl wasn't particularly invested in the past of this body; he was more concerned with the present and the future.

After all, this was a world where strength held paramount importance.

Contemplating this, Carl felt fortunate to have acquired the Superman template, which promised astonishing strength augmentation simply by basking in sunlight.

Despite being the Bronze Age Superman and relatively weak, lacking even the awakened abilities of Superman's steel body and heat vision, the future appeared promising.

After all, the template he possessed wasn't just any ordinary Kryptonian but that of Superman himself, offering the potential for infinite evolution into a Silver Superman or even a Golden Superman within the DC universe.