13 Chapter 13: Pandora [02] *

13: Pandora [02] *

There, in the water, a beautiful woman is swimming around. She's naked, I think. And she's swimming so fast!

It looks as if some kind of fish is pulling her along itself. Like a mermaid or something. But that's impossible; it can't be real. It must just be my imagination.

I look up and see that the sky above me has turned black. Wow. So this place really has a night and day cycle?

I think as I walk to the water. Let's try... and talk to her, shall we?

As I walk, she seems to notice me. But instead of screaming or running away, she tilts her head curiously, and then starts swimming towards me.

Only her head is out, while her entire body is inside the water. I wonder why she doesn't need to breathe, maybe she's some other species?

She stops swimming when she reaches me. "Hello there," she says, with a voice as gentle and sweet as honey.

She has a pinkish skin tone, soft and silky. Her hair is pink as well, and it flows down to her waist. The water splashes all over us as she swims, creating an adorable effect.

"Uhmm, hello."

"Are you lost?" she asks. Then she notices me looking at her breasts.

She smiles coyly, emerging a bit more out of the water. Her eyes are a green color, and she has these weird ears I can't quite describe.

"What are you looking at?" She asks, but doesn't hide, instead moving up to me. I see her breasts, they're big, but covered behind her hair.

"Now now, don't be shy. I'm not going anywhere."

"You're beautiful," I say.

But I frown just after, what's happening...?

Her smile widens. "So you like them~?" Her smile widens, almost distorting.

"I do," I say again.

Am I being influenced or something?

"Do you want to... touch?" She suggests quietly, shoving her breasts out of the water.

My hand involuntarily goes down to her face, and I caress her left side cheek softly.

[Image here] (if webnovel doesn't fuck it since it can be considered explicit)

She presses her face against my hand.

I look down, my hand wandering to her breast and I grab it

She lets out a cute little moan and closes her eyes.

"Mm, thank you..." She mewls.

"For what?"

"Everything..." She whispers.

She moves closer, wrapping her arms around me, and holding me close before our lips meet.

She kisses me deeply, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I return her kiss, kissing her back passionately.

We break our embrace, both panting, staring into each other's eyes. I glimpse at her fish-like behind.

So she's a mermaid eh?

Her cheeks turn a bright red.

So does mine.

What's happening...?

I feel myself being pulled inside the water. I don't know how, but for some reason, I'm falling in.

No, she's pulling me in!

'What's happening!'

It's as if I'm not in control!

I try to transform, but nothing seems to be working.

'What's happening?' I ask the system. I'm calm again, there's no use panicking.

As water slams against my skin and I'm taken somewhere I don't know about, I formulate a plan as the system, surprisingly, answers.

[The user is under the "Charm" effect, common to mermaids. But this one seems special, after all, any normal mermaid's "Charm" shouldn't work on the user.]

What the fuck? This version of Pandora is filled with many different and weird stuff.

Say, there was no Chunky's species on Pandora, nor the mermaids, I don't think so.

I close my eyes and focus, trying to find my way out of the "charm". Nothing happens.

She's not strong, at all. I know I'm stronger, but I seem to be paralyzed.

I don't even try to escape from her grasp. I'm not dumb. It'll only make it difficult for me. Let's say what she has in store for me.

[Getting rid of the "Charm" effect]

Oh, wow. Cool.

I bite back a smile.


My face falls.

[Retrying... Retrying... Retrying...]

'Will this even work?' I ask the system.

[I'm not quite sure, the system is only level 01; quite literally, pathetic. So don't expect much. Though developing a skill is quite possible, if you bear this "charm" for a while]

I see.

For some reason, I can hold my breath for a long time. So far, I haven't had the urge to breathe even once. Is it because I'm not quite human?


I dive underwater alongside her, but the charm still holds me.

After a little while, I see something that leaves me breathless. Heh.

An underwater city. A huge underwater city.

It doesn't appear much technologically advanced. But it is very beautiful.

So full of life.

More specifically.


Naked mermaids... Mostly females.

Any man 'mermaid' I see is chained and clothed.

They're surrounded by other mermaids, who are mostly naked as well, they seem to be buying the males.

Some of them seem to be slaves, and some are free. Most are slaves. Am I being taken to be a slave as well? Heh.


The girl swims towards the biggest building in the middle of the city. I'm forced along with her. I notice that she stops as soon as she gets near.

She looks at me, smiling.

She's beautiful.

Now that we're underwater, her beauty seems to have increased tenfold. Her body glistens in the water, creating a beautiful ripple effect.

I don't give much of a reaction, however. I don't want her to think she has one on me. I'm just waiting for the "Charm" to be nullified.

I'm going to get my revenge.

I'm petty like that.

She grins as we penetrate through some sort of a barrier, and go on the inside of the building.

There's no water inside.

And just as she gets in touch with the air inside here, the scale-like things on her tail flutter like hundreds of butterflies before transforming into human legs.

She turns around and stares at me with her large green eyes. She pulls me forward, to what I can only assume is her room.

"Welcome to my home!" She giggles, pushing me down on a bed. It's quite soft. In the shape of a shell, inside which is the bed.

She crawls on top of me. "I'm curious... What creature are you??" She kisses my forehead and sniffs my hair before placing a single finger on my lips.

"You don't seem like those green idiots or those blue fanatics, Na'vi, I think, that's what the blue ones are called."

She begins unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off slowly. I can't talk; still paralyzed. She caresses my muscles from my chest down to my toned stomach.

She licks her lips, before unbuckling my belt. My pants fall down, exposing my underwear. She smirks, biting her lower lip.

Why is she even doing this?

Is she a slut? Fucking around someone she doesn't even know?

Holy Jesus.

She needs Jesus. Holy fuck.

She slowly undoes my underwear, releasing my cock from its confinement. She places her hands on my hips, pushing me back onto the bed.

I lay there, trying to ignore the fact that her tongue is licking my balls.

She giggles, before pushing her head further down, licking every inch of my shaft.

I feel her nose rub against cock, and she inhales deeply.


Why would she do that?

She moves up to my face, her silky smooth hair falling on my stomach and chest. She leans in and kisses my lips softly.

"Wow..." She mutters against my lips before backing away, sitting on my stomach, and looking at me curiously.

"I've never seen something like you... Your scent... It's interesting... It even has these weird effects on me..."

Again, I can't speak.

She seems to realize it.

"Oh... My apologies..."

She blinks, and I feel as if I can move my lips again.

"You'll regret this," I say simply, my face is impassive.

She smiles, and lowers herself down until her pussy is rubbing against my cock.

"Is that so~?" She moans, licking my ear as she continues teasing my cock with her pussy.

"I'm no slut, you know," she sighs against my lips. "I'm just extra horny since I've been denied sexual relieve for my whole life."

I feel a chill run down my spine.

She quickly sits up. "Besides... Not that I can do those things to you... I just like to tease."

She giggles, her eyes arching as she kisses me again.

"How about we try something new? Something fun?" She asks, sitting on my stomach, her finger on her lower pouty lips.

"We should be rebellious together, no?" She giggles, her hair covering her face.

What's she talking about?

She presses her finger against my lips, leaning in, her eyes glittering a weird and enticing green.

"Won't you relieve me? I too want to know how it feels." She looks down.

"I don't think mother would allow this, but what's life without some craziness." She giggles again, grinding her pussy on my cock carefully, so it wouldn't penetrate.

I don't know what to say.

I don't know what to do.

All I know is that I'm getting hard.

I'm fucking horny.

And I want to cum already.

She's fucking hot.

Seems a virgin.

And enticing-

I shake my mind out of it, frowning hard. She's dangerous. I didn't even notice her "Charm" taking effect again.

[Just a little more wait, and the effect will be lifted]

The system informs me.

But I don't care. I'm about to rip that cute ass apart.

She's got a nice butt, and I can see her pink pussy clearly.

She's moaning as I grind harder on her pussy, not penetrating, just rubbing it. She squirms on my cock as she grinds, her fingers tracing my abs. Her nails scratch me softly, ticklish.

She pulls away and lays next to me, rubbing her erect nipples against my chest.

"I've been wanting to do this for so long," She whispers in my ear. "I'm so glad I found someone like you... You even unconsciously fill the condition…"

She whispers against my lips, and kisses me again, putting her hand between our bodies, and rubbing her clit against my cock.

Her tongue battles and overwhelms my tongue, due to the "Charm" effects.

She moves back, a string of saliva stretching between our lips. Her eyes are cloudy as she stares at me, licking her lips.

"Hey, won't you… relieve me?"




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