5 Chapter 05: The Astral Plane [01]

05: The Astral Plane [01]

"Master, the food is ready," Wednesday says to me, and I'm brought out of my mind. I look at her, and then at the food she's holding up for me. It's a big plate with several different kinds of meat on it, some kind of bread, and what looks like something that could be either salad or soup. I smile, and put down my book and stand up to go see what Wednesday has prepared.

After eating, I ask her some questions.

"Wednesday," I begin. "Tell me, how did you come here exactly? How did we come fuck? Why're you submissive?"

"I don't know," she answers, unblinking. "One moment I'm there, and the next I find myself under you, and then you put your dick in me, master."

Wow... Way to be blunt, girl.

"Did I do anything wrong?" She asks.

"No, not really." Why did she think she did something wrong? I sigh.

"As for the submissive part..." she says. "That's because I have this 'something' inside my head, I suppose, and it influences me into being submissive."

I raise an eyebrow, "how do you know that?"

She just shrugs. "I don't know, master. It's, like, engraved in my mind."


I don't ask her anything again, but I do try to look at the system for answers.

But I don't find anything, how did she get here? How did I 'summon' her?

[Answer: The [Summon] feature has been locked since the system is [Lvl: 00], you need to level it up for the feature to be available.]

The system, surprisingly, answers my query. I can't believe it. I thought the system was dumb, as it didn't speak or the sort like I'd read in the shitty fanfiction in my last life, but apparently it's as smart as humans. Probably. Actually, I'm not sure so let's not even talk about it.

So, I decided to test it, 'why did you lock it?'

[Tutorial phase]


It answers... I should ask more then, right?

'System, where am I? What place is this?'

[You're on the Astral Plane, it exists only for you. For the #$#@###$ is watching and providing for you. There are places to conquer and treasures to grow strong. There are many fictional characters on this plane.]


'What's the [Astral Plane]?'

[Access Denied.]

I sigh, what can you tell me about it then?

[The beginner area of the [Astral Plane] has four regions. No further information shall be revealed other than the fact that you're in the middle point where these regions connect. You shall conquer this whole plane for the tutorial to end, after which, you shall have access to portals that lead outside, into the Marvel world that is your reality for now.]


That's a bit much to take in...

After thinking over this information, I ask only one thing.

"How do I conquer the regions?" I ask out loud, and Wednesday looks at me in a bit of confusion. I ignore her and focus on what the system has to say.

[There are 4 dungeon cores on the beginner area of the [Astral Plane], each core controls one region. Dungeon cores are basically, in this plane, beings that control a dungeon. They've been specifically picked from different fiction worlds, and can be your great subordinates once conquered. All happen to be women, of course. You're essentially the 5th dungeon core. Their king, If you will. So start preparing; you need to make this place yours.]

I frown heavily.

Why are you using such a bossy tone bitch? I'm not your slave, why should I do this? Go fuck yourself you dimwitted Monke-brained fucking system.


What, why're you silent?

[The system Is only there to help you, I'm loyal only to you and no one else, not even my creator. As they're interested in nothing else but telling a tale.]

Hmm... But why do I do what you sa-

[As I said before, they're telling a tale, and you so happen to be, let's say, the main protagonist of their tale. Things need to be interesting, don't they?]

But why should?

[Because why not? You're stuck here anyway. And doing this will only make you stronger and help you in the long run. We do not control you, you have your own story to write. You will write it. We just intervene enough to alter the story. What will happen and what will not, depends on you and your decisions.]

So, like a fanfic, basically.

[Yes, like a fanfic. You're thrown there, you'll achieve everything you ever wanted, or lose everything you have and die in the process. What happens is in your control, we just provide you with a tool to alter the story. Anything you do will be interesting to them.]

I see...

I squint my eyes.

So I'm a pawn in someone else's hands, all I will ever do is entertain them with my life... What If I don't want that? I don't want my life to be a shitshow for some dipsticks.

[Then don't, you're allowed to live peacefully. It all depends on you, and the choices you make. Remember you're In a Marvel world? You'll alter it however you want, we just allowed you to be here instead of dying when you died on Earth in your first life. You'll get to live however you want, and my creator will get what he wants, entertainment.]

I sigh, for now, I'll think about it someday later-

[It is impossible for you to defeat them. They're not a living creature, nor dead. They're not even real. It's... Complicated, but just know they desire nothing but entertainment. And your life will provide that. The only difference is this: normally, everyone's life is a shitshow, as you called it, for some higher being without them knowing. Your life on earth was too. The only difference now is that you do know someone's watching. So do whatever you want, we don't interfere.]

I narrow my eyes and say nothing, and don't even think.

I just sigh and look at Wednesday, she seems to be the only asset I can use to farm points for now.

While I don't want to play in someone's hands, there is no need for a higher being to play with me. If what the system said is true, I don't care as long as I get benefits. And benefits I'm already getting.

I will think of something about 'them' though, but let's not think about it. Heh.

"Wed," I call out of her, not in the mood of saying her full name. She walks up to me, and I just grab her and pull her to the bed before stripping.

"Get naked," I order her, and she does. She removes her dress first, and her bare pale body is visible. I look at her beautiful skin, and my eyes trace her nipples and down.

She has no pubic hair on her pussy, and her clit is pink, and puffy. I lick my lips, and start to kiss her neck and collarbone. She moans softly, and I drag my tongue down her breasts, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

I slowly move down her belly, kissing her thighs along the way, and then finally her cunt. I spread her legs open wider, and I bury my face between them, licking and sucking her folds.

She was a virgin, so I'm not going to be that rough with her. That is, if she's uncomfortable. I'm in no way a saint or the sort, but doing useless bad things or evil actions is not my forte.

I'll do anything if need be, but always doing the worst, intentionally, is a no-brainer for me.

I move my hands around her hips, and I lift myself up enough to see her pretty face as well.

"Are you alright?" I ask her, and she nods, biting her lip.

Whoa... She seems really strange when she does these actions. I'm not used to this Wednesday, after all.

But I also know she's not exactly like Wednesday from the series and she's a bit different. An AU version, If you would.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you needlessly," I assure her, and she nods. She moves her arms and puts them around my neck, pulling me closer to her.

I kiss her pussy deeply, and I notice her hips moving slightly. Her breathing becomes heavier, and I hear her moan softly.

She tastes amazing, sweet, and warm. I grip her ass, and I kiss her harder, moving my tongue faster and deeper. Her juices are flowing down onto my mouth, and I lick them off my lips.

She moans louder and louder, until she bites her lip hard and moans loudly, squirming.

I enjoy it, and I continue to lick her clit and pussy, spreading her juice all over her cunt. I rub her clit faster, and she gets wetter and wetter, until she cums.

I keep rubbing her clit, making her clit erect and sensitive, while I suck her pussy and make her cum again. After I'm done with all this, I move up and position myself in between her legs.

"Moment of truth," I mumble and then I press my cockhead on her pussy, rubbing it against her folds to get it wet.

Then, I press.




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