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/ Marvel Fanfic \ --- | New Author in search of betterment, so please understand that the latest chapter released, will alway be better than the first ones, give it a try until the latest chapter to see if you enjoy my fanfic or not. | --- You wonder what this story has in it for you? The simple answer is Action, Romance and above all, Growth. be it from the main character or his very own Author. So, follow Angel, a modern day young adult mind of about 21 years old, that gets transmigrated into the body of one of the most known and most powerfull kings to ever have walked the earth, Gilgamesh. And don't forget the kingdom of Uruk that went into Marvel as well, appearing in the middle of the Atlantic ocean out of the nowhere, amidst the early year of 2012. But how can this junction affect the universe of Marvel, you ask? Well, only one way to find out! ----- | No Mongrels Were Harmed In The Making Of This Story | ----- | Marvel Au (616, Mcu...) | ----- | Any images/gif's used to describe characters are not mine and are often from searching on google. Beside My Oc's and built 'by me' plots, I own nothing of the stories and their respective lore. All rights go to the Authors and Directors of the respective works, Marvel And Fate. |

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/ Chapter 01: History In The Making \

/ Author's Note: Yo, I am back. No, I won't release various chapters, as I don't have the possibility of doing so. We will be following at most a release every 2 days, with luck it will be every day. To give you guys a tip, the beginning was slightly changed, but the storyline is still the same, only improved. Have fun. \

▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ Start Of The Chapter:

/ Wyoming State, U.S.A [Year 2012 - 1 Month Before Loki's Invasion On Earth] | Unknown 1st Person Pov \

"Who are you?" A voice belonging to a young woman reaches my ears as I casually walk among dozens of dead bodies, piled and scattered on the ground.

I take a relaxed look at the room I am in, absorbing all the details that lie all around me, before then focusing on the slender figure of the mutant woman wearing a white lab coat.

Themed white, with chairs and tables filled with learning materials, this place has been until now a teaching place of sorts. And though to the naked eyes of the innocent and ignorant, this place would have seemed like an advanced learning facility, to me the truth in the open.

This was nothing more than a dubious scheme of the worldly known Brotherhood's underhand ways of leading astray young mutants, whom they picked 'raw' from their parents' embraces in cold blood, to transform them and mold them onto their twisted ideals.

Perhaps someone more oblivious to the cruel realities that this world hides could indeed be led astray and feel regret when faced with the scene that I can currently see all around, but no, not me.

The impaled bodies of mutants and the like do not bother my conscience for even a small amount of guilt. As I have none.

'Teachers' and workers of the brotherhood of mutants that currently lay dead upon each other, are nothing more than a good grace of destiny that has befallen them by my hands, and I consider that — mercy.

Not to them, not to the mutant kind, but to the world. For it to be free of such twisted and futile lives, I could have not done the world any better.

But you may ask yourself, who may be the one who thinks so highly of himself to such an extent? Well...

I am but a simple transmigrator and I am all but what you may call someone, 'simple'.

Well you see, my name is Angel — no, that's wrong, my name was once Angel.

In another life, I had, another world where I lived and spent my days as a common person would. Studying hard just so I could one day work equally hard, and love another person as best as I could while succumbing to the world's problems such as agendas and wars, the common thing you know? I did all of that and more, you could even say that I was born lucky enough.

To have a somewhat loving family, a few good friends, some of whom I called brothers once, and a loving and caring girlfriend — a lucky life indeed, in the eyes of many.

That though, was suddenly taken away amidst war. Years of study were thrown out the window, going to the gym every day was nothing but a dream of achieving better results by my persistence that too was broken in pieces, and finally, the wish of one day finding a fulfilling reason to stay alive was too squashed under the world cruel reality.

It mattered not your education or your status, it mattered even less your aspirations and dreams. All it took was a well-aimed bullet, fired from an all-so-similar human being from the opposite forces, to simply erase all of that from history.

What remained of me was but a fragile recalling image, etched in the memories of those who survived the war and kept my 'soul' in tiny corners of their very own hearts.

Alas, not everything is dark and philosophical about my past.

I was sent into the universe of Marvel, surely a traumatic and strange experience for a 'normal' guy like me, yes.

But in contrast to all the lame things I have mentioned until now, I gained a new life and that somewhat compensates all I have lost until now.


For the 24 years that it took me to reach the unfortunate day of my death, in this new universe full of possibilities all I have lived until now was a short period of six months.

They were enough for me to accentuate myself to this unfamiliar reality's... well, reality.

A world full of peculiar things such as magic, familiar terms that although known in my past world, did not exist in the latter, — now all existed. Heroes and villains, gods and legends, good and evil.

Everything you may think of just simply being legends and myths, it ALL can be found in this universe. The closest proof of that is me.

Not only because I have transmigrated myself, but because of whom I transmigrated as, and what I have worked to become, in the past six months.

If I had a mirror in front of me, I would be able to show you what I am talking about, and well I could pull a mirror out of nothingness right now if I truly wished for, but it would pose no betterment of me explaining my situations to you, so no need to do so.

Though I will get back to you in a couple of minutes, let me deal with my current 'predicament' first — if it can even be called that, as I am not struggling at all with it.

"You asked who I am?" My voice came out of my mouth filled with fake superiority, deeming the mutant woman in front of me as nothing more than an amusement to my day. (A/N: Fake it, till you make it.)

She regarded me with caution, and confusion filled her eyes, glancing around me at the dozens of the earlier mentioned corpses of mutants and alike, before focusing her eyes on me once again.

"I did." She said, her hand slowly nearing the black Glock hidden on her hip, before questioning my identity again: "Who... are you?!"

Her words though, filled with anger at all the deaths she thinks I caused, correctly so, make me chuckle at the situation.

How comical, someone who works with molding little children into mutant weapons, is affected by death...

"Well, it should suffice to know me by my title, you can address me as the 'King Of Heroes'." I tell her in an amused way, not hiding the full taunting smirk I currently have plastered on my face as I keep walking towards her.

On the contrary, her expression turned sour at my answer, as she frowned upon my words.

"You take me for a fool." She states with a mocking look, though she is not underplaying my strength, obviously having observed all the damage and death I caused to a supposedly secure and protected facility belonging to 'her' little terrorist group.

"It's quite on the contrary. I am granting you the honor of knowing who I am without playing any charades first." I truthfully told her, making her doubting mind slightly edge itself over my response. "And ain't that kind of me, to the likes of you?" Was my finishing part, as my smirk only grew.

"Then if you are who you are, why would-..." Her words did not end though, as I had no interest in keeping the psychotic doctor any company.

"It matters not why I did what I did." I told her straight-faced, her expression becoming sour and her hand trembling over her still-undrawn gun. "But now that I have finally found you, a hydra's mutant agent, I might have some use of you..." I spoke with a small smile now gracing my face. (The woman in question is a Hydra spy on the Brotherhood Of Mutants facility. And that's why our Mc was searching for her.)

She took a step back at that, and I fed myself on her fear, the latter becoming something akin to a drug. Something that would never happen in my past life, though I guess now that my mind was split between the personalities of a normal guy and a once upon a time King of everything my manners and acts have become more and more unpredictable.

"How do you know that... what do you want?" Her words carried an unseen edge to them, she was fearful of my meaning, and gods did it amuse me to no end.

"Information." I told her curtly, not needing to entertain games and plots. And before she could voice her sudden confusion, I quickly sent her way the information I needed.

"You happen to be a very well-informed doctor and spy, from what I have gathered from the dying people in this room, though right now, it matters not on to which spectrum of the balance you work for." I stated, "Mutant evil organization, or a Human evil organization, it's all of the same." I addressed her with authority and a lingering possibility of a threat, showing her that this would not be a 'If you wish to answer' question.

"So tell me, does the name Wanda Maximoff ring any bells in that twisted head of yours?"

She looked at my question with apprehension, but it did not seem to me that she would go without answering, and she didn't disappoint.

"I have a vague recollection of it. Why do you want to know?" She spoke, her voice unsure of herself based on her currently peculiar situation. "Well, it so happens that I am looking for such a person. So would you be kind and tell me all you know about it?" This time though, the smirk and smiles I had carried until now were gone, and only a dangerous look presented itself on my face.

The woman trembled upon hearing my forced question, and her eyes focused on mine with a slight shake of her irises. "And if I answer you with all that I know?" She asked, and I smiled sinisterly.

"Then you get to live one more day."

▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ Some Days Later:

/ Shield's Helicarrier, Above The Atlantic Ocean | 3rd Person Pov \

Currently above the Atlantic ocean flies a secret organization's advanced helicarrier, carrying tons of futuristic aircraft and weapons that would be able to level a small country.

Inside it, diverse agents of the said organization can be found, running from place to place, working on their respective posts and jobs. On a specific bridge room, where the main controls of the flying carrier are situated, a tall black man with an eyepatch along with three other people is seated on a main round table.

That man is none other than Nick Fury, the head of the secret organization named Shield, and the three people making him "company" are Steve Rogers, Barton Clint and finally Natasha Romanoff.

All of them are seated with complex expressions and eyes darting from screen to screen in the middle of the dark-wood table they remain on.

On the mentioned screens, images of an island never before seen are shown, and although there are only a few handpicked images of said island on display, all present know their importance in this very unpleasant meeting.

"Has anyone discovered any clue about it?" Asks Fury with exasperation shown in his questioning tone, to which the three future mighty heroes give their answers through small sideway nods of negation.

"Nothing." Though Barton gives a response afterward, making the director of the shield frown in contemplation.

Steve Rogers remains silent in thought, and Natasha is closely observing the images standing at the round table. "Is anyone even aware of what happened?" She asked the three men near her and got only groans and shakes of their heads as a response.

All of these important people, reunited and now working together, are simply investigating a curious event that happened a few months prior. A round island with grand proportions that appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean out of nowhere, and then simply disappeared after a few hours.

Until now no one has gotten any clue what that island is, or what happened to it, but the government of the United States has been very pushy in terms of pressure to shield, to find the island and get it on the "care" of their government. As per the American president's words: "Gods know what kind of resources that mysterious island might give us, we must have it in our hands, clean and clear. Or we might lose our chance to claim it to some other country." He had said to Fury in a heated call that took a few minutes to end.

After that, Fury and consequently Shield, had no other choice but to search for the said island, which leads us to the present moment.

"No, no one knows exactly what happened." Steve started with an even voice before Clint barged in his response to Natasha's question: "Hell, not even the United Nations know about it yet." He said, his eyes tracing a recorded video of the disappearing island that spawned only for a few seconds.

At that, Natasha simply groaned in boredom and threw her thoughts into the air. "Then what are we even doing?" She began, "If can't see the island, we won't ever be able to find it." She stated with a curious look thrown in Fury's direction, the latter only grunted at her words.

"We are here because we've got a strange message from an anonymous source telling us that we would be able to find the island if we came at this day and hour, and that's what we are doing." Fury said after a few moments of silence before Steve told the table his thoughts as well.

"As Fury said, we are here on our orders, we just have to endure it and try to find a way to trace the island." Natasha groaned at his answer, while Nick and Barton only gave small nods of agreement.

"So be it, let's just hope we are not wasting our time here..." She simply said, her voice low and bored, while the three men ignored her protests for the rest of the time they were seated at the table.

▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ On The Same Day As The Last Pov:

/ Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) 1st Person Pov | Unknown Location \

Images of clouds floating high in the sky and the ocean's water down below us invaded my sight and mind, as I took a look out of the aircraft that I and my team were currently on.

With my right hand, which is currently dormant from having to support my heavy head full of stray thoughts, near the plane-stretched acrylic window I can't help myself but take a look into the vast and beautiful blue sky that seems to run backward as we gain speed and altitude.

The passage enables me to ignore the painful feeling, and as my mind is far away from any of the present happenings due to complications that I have been facing recently, I don't think I would even care if my arm turned purple from the loss of blood circulating due to the pressure my head puts on it.

All my colleagues are doing their own business near me, but my mind wanders to the past few hours that went by in the blink of an eye. Having been called to the professor's office before this mission, to be debriefed on the very same, me and my colleagues were all extensively informed about what we were to investigate.

A new island that has appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, coming out of the nothingness, before disappearing once again into gods knows where.

Professor Charles thinks that there may be some mutant involvement in it, hence our current involvement, but I can't help but find this mission extremely strange.

As if something inside me is telling me to restrain myself from going, or I will face heavy consequences. However, I end up dismissing my gut feelings.

Now ignoring my currently unfocused thoughts, I decide to simply trust in myself and my teammates and relax my mind for a bit. That proves itself to become difficult to do, as I have to try hard to ignore Scott's obvious looks.

And though I know he means no harm or anything negative with it, it's getting too harsh on myself every time I subconsciously enter his mind and see what he thinks of me. I know it's just a simple crush that he has on me, but his thoughts... impure and all of them lust-filled, they are getting on my nerves.

To the point of me having to tell him several times in the past week to stop doing it.

By now it just feels sick and I can't help but view it as harassment, every time he undresses me in his mind.

The worst of it all is that I sometimes and subconsciously, watch it all happen with my unruly and uncontrolled mind powers.

Even Logan had to step in once when he saw me in so much discomfort while I tried to ignore Scott's looks, but even that proved inefficient after a while.

And, as I currently try hard not to accidentally enter Scott's mind, as god knows what he is currently thinking, Colossus's voice spread throughout the plane. Not forgetting that as our chosen leader for this mission, it would be his calls that we would have to follow without doubt.

"We are getting near the coordinates the Professor gave us." He said with a deep and authoritarian voice, before allowing himself to continue: "In five or so, more minutes and we might reach our destination, so prepare yourselves and follow my lead." He ended his speech that came from the cockpit where he was seated and piloting the plane, looking straight ahead, while not even once looking back at us. His usually metal fingers, now turned to normal flesh working on some buttons and mechanisms that I knew nothing about.

After all, what kind of "normal" young adult woman would I be if I knew how to pilot a blackbird in 2012? Ha!


Regardless of that, when the order was given, me and the rest of the team started preparing ourselves for the supposed landing we would be soon doing.

And from suiting up some necessities or even eating something, in the case of my friend Kitty, everyone did their own thing.

In my case, I simply geared up some defensive suit, focused on agility and speed of movement, before walking near the ramp of the plane, not wanting to spend much time around Scott anymore than I needed to.

"Hey, are you alright Jean?" Asked a sweet voice from behind me, making me turn around. A small and tired smile made its way onto my face, as I looked at my approaching friend.

Katherine was her name and one of my only friends back at the Xavier Institute.

"Hey, Kat. I'm doing alright, a bit tired though but that's all." I told her, my left hand rubbing my right arm in discomfort. Which she unfortunately seemed to have noticed.

"Is it Scott again?" She murmured in my ears, her voice tense at the topic, worried for my well-being.

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing." I tried to ease her worries while letting a tired sigh escape my mouth, to which she simply gave me a "Are you for real?" look. Still, she decided to not pry in further, and I thanked her for it.

"Jean, if you need to talk, you know you can count on me right?" She said with a worried tone, "And even if you don't... at least tell the professor, he ought to do something about it!" She said in a resigned and hushed voice.

"Of course, don't worry a thing about it!" I ended the conversation there, as I noticed Scott and Anna coming over to us.

"What are you girls talking about so secretly?" Scott asked with a raised eyebrow while he made his way to where we both stood, his visage confused and curious.

"Nothing really, we were just discussing our anxieties over the mission." Katherine said very quickly, with her now awake purple dragon named Lockheed flying around her in glee.

Good save!

And I exhaled a mental sigh at that, this situation was getting too hard to deal with recently and as our team leader, besides this mission of course, Scott was not someone you could just talk back to and get no repercussions, as his reputation in school could make your life a living hell if you got in the wrong foot with him.

Though I knew he held no evil intentions with his growing obsessions with me, it would inevitably end up happening if I did say something harsh to him...

"Yeah, what she said." I quickly told him as well, his unnerving gaze sweeping through my face, before almost lowering down.

Seems that he was able to control himself with so many people around though, and yet I could only feel a slight shiver run down my spine as I once again, and against my will ended up seeing his mind and what he was currently thinking.

"Sure, if you guys say so..." He said, with an unconvinced voice. Then, another feminine voice sounded. "What do you guys think we will find there?" It was Anna who asked, mentioning the island that we should be currently approaching.

"Well, that's the thing, we don't know anything about it..." Was all I could say in a dejected voice, knowing that we all didn't have any clue about it.

"Yeah..." Were the combined answers of both Anna(Rogue) and Katherine(Kitty Pryde).

Scott looked anything but concerned about it, and Colossus had yet to land the plane, so he was not here right now.

Scott kept looking at me, and when I looked at him back, he didn't seem to notice me so he kept staring. Which made me shudder at the action once again. I swear I am going crazy with him and his lust-filled stares.



Moments later, Colossus's voice announced back from the cockpit.

"We are here." He said, as the plane shocked and trembled. We all looked out onto a window, and we could see a blue barrier break as we entered what I suppose it the aerial space of the disappeared island.

At that, we all took a breath in and prepared ourselves for the start of the mission, unaware of what might befall us during the time that we would end up spending outside of our plane.


After a quick landing with a loud and heavy thud, the ramp suddenly opened up to us, slowly going down as we waited for our mission leader to approach us.

Colossus made his way to us after a few moments, motioning us to follow his lead as his now turned metal feet touched the forest ground.

And so, we left the plane as well, climbing down from the plane with serious looks and defensive postures.

Well, all of us except Scott.

Anyways, in front of me stood Colossus and Scott acting as the first line of defense, behind the heavy hitters, and me were my friends Katherine and Anna.

We made our way out of the plane's reach, and its camouflage immediately turned on, making it invisible to the naked eye, as we eventually made a perimeter to secure the area.

We are in what I can easily describe as a beautiful green clearing, trees are all I can see around us, some mountains to the front of our group, and a beach I could see from afar from in between the tree line and to our left, and that was all that was visible to me right now.

As there are too many clouds in the sky, half of the island is covered in them, having made it necessary to land on the left part of the said island. (Uruk is to the right side, covered currently in natural clouds, or mostly known as mist, something like that.)

"Clear." Scott's voice sounded from our left, as he approached me and Kat. Then, Anna's voice reached us as well. "Clear." Was all she said, before standing next to us again.

Then, it was our leader's turn to come back.

"All clear I suppose?" He asked with a raised brow. "Yes, nothing sighted besides wildlife." Was Scott's curt answer.

Colossus nodded at that, and then proclaimed his orders, but was interrupted by me.

"Then we shall explore-..." He started, his intention of having us all together, exploring the area was clear, but I quickly interrupted him.

"We can't!" I almost shouted, my voice suddenly panicked. At this, everyone looked at me, tense, Anna looked at me as if I was an alien and Scott looked disapprovingly at my outburst, but Colossus's voice spread around again.

"Why do you say that we can't? What have you felt, Jean?" He asked me in a cautious tone.

"I... 'm not sure, but I felt something. A mind, a powerful one, and it's making its way towards us at this very moment!" I told them all, exposing what little I knew.

"Form a defensive positioning! Prepare yourselves to engage a possible enemy at any time's notice!" Colossus's voice thundered in our ears, barking orders left and right.

We all followed suit, Scott's eye special glasses glowing red, Anna's mutant powers leaving a white glow in the air around her, Katherine's dragon planting its feet on the dirt with a snarl, and Kat's intangible powers manifested through her body.

I could even hear Colossus metal muscles budge and strain themselves at the front of our small group. As I looked around, a small droplet of sweat made its way down my back, swaying through my skin and clothes, making its way down my body.

My eyes focused on the mind I felt before, and before I knew it, I subconsciously tried to enter it, and it was then that all I could see was the color black, passing out cold.

▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ End Of The Chapter.

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