39 Punisher's First Errand

Although Iron Monger was trying his best to maintain his flying posture, his severely damaged body could not carry out the system's instructions faithfully.

After swaying in the sky for a while, Iron Monger fell like a meteorite onto the street, creating an enormous crater.


The colossal crash attracted the attention of everyone around, including Tony, Pepper, and the others who had yet to leave.

Next to Tony and Pepper was Agent Coulson, whose hairline was a little high.

On the factory roof, Roger looked down at the completely ruined Iron Monger and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Suppose Rasengan could not successfully destroy Iron Monger's Arc Reactor when the defense armor was almost destroyed. In that case, he could do an attrition battle with Arc Reactor to see whose endurance was better.

Although Iron Monger was destroyed, Obadiah, who was in front of Iron Monger, did not receive too severe damage.

When he opened Iron Monger's cockpit, the first person to appear in front of him was Tony, wearing the Mark III.

Tony originally wanted to teach Obadiah a lesson, but before he made his move, he finally gave up on this idea.

After discovering that Tony had no plans to vent his anger, Coulson gestured to the S. H. I. E. L. D secret agent behind him.

After taking Obadiah into the car, these S. H. I. E. L. D secret agents returned.

And this time, they directly drove a truck that was enough to contain Iron Monger.

"What do you want to do?"

No matter how slow his reaction was, Tony realized something was wrong and immediately stopped the agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.

"S. H. I. E. L. D will temporarily keep Obadiah. As for this steel armor, this is the most direct evidence of his threat to ordinary citizens' safety, so we need to take it back!"

Coulson explained with a serious face.

"Are you trying to fool a three-year-old kid? You think you can come up with such a lame excuse!"

While answering Coulson, Tony used Mark III's scanning program to scan the current state of Iron Monger's combat suit.

"The degree of damage is 73! The core energy is destroyed! The power system is destroyed!"

"The body is in a state of severe damage. There is a risk of losing control of the internal weapon. It is recommended to stay away from it as far as possible!"

After seeing the system feedback, Tony did not continue to stop these S. H. I. E. L. D agents. He only said quietly, "If I were you, I would definitely stay away from that big guy!"

Although Tony did not say it explicitly, none of the people present were idiots, so they knew what he wanted to say.

After reminding him out of goodwill, Tony arrived in front of Pepper, grabbed Pepper by the waist, and flew away without looking back.

After Tony and Pepper left, Coulson considered whether he should arrange for other professionals to deal with this severely damaged Iron Monger.

However, before he could think of a result, the severely damaged Iron Monger made his own decision.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The missiles that had yet to be fired on Iron Monger exploded. Amidst the explosions and flames, Iron Monger completed the entire process from semi-destroyed to wholly destroyed.


After confirming that Iron Monger had completely lost the ability to move, Roger directly used Flying Thunder God Technique to return to the office and then went to the sofa.

The battle with Iron Monger did not make him feel any joy.

He had fought and won, but he was not happy at all.

When he was bored to death, Roger took out the commission scroll that Tony had written and wanted to see how much dollars he put on it.

Although no matter how many dollars it was, it would not affect the ninja coins award.

But he still wanted to see what kind of price Tony would write.

After opening the scroll, he saw a number that was not very shocking but definitely not a small number.

Fifty million dollars!

He did not know if Tony did it on purpose or if it was written casually. This time, the reward for his commission was precisely a thousand times that of the compensation that Coulson had entrusted to him last time.

It was still okay whether it was fifty thousand or fifty million dollars.

For him, it was just icing on the cake.

If it weren't for the ninja coins, who would want to earn this hard money in the wind and rain all day?

After a long tiring day, doesn't it feels good to play games?

Just as he put down the scroll in his hand, his mobile phone, which had never been with him, received a transfer message.

The amount of transfer was exactly 50 million USD.

When the transfer was completed, the mission in the system was immediately updated.

[Mission content: Defeat Obadiah. Mission status: complete. Mission reward: 20 ninja coins! ]

At this time, the Number of Available Ninja Coins in Roger inventory also returned to 25.

After ninja coins were received in the account, Sensing Technique used his magic to sense where the Punisher was and then sent it directly to him through Flying Thunder God's Formula, who was on the Punisher.

This Flying Thunder God's Formula was a new tactic he had left behind after the Punisher had completed the reincarnation of Edo Tensei.

It was not usual to leave Flying Thunder God's Formula on your own spiritual objects, but this was the best way for the current Roger.

Whose fault is it for him to not even know Summoning Technique right now?

After the Punisher was resurrected, Roger did not give him any task. He only checked the Punisher's condition from time to time to see if there would be any abnormalities or attracted some existences that he could not contend with right now.

Although Ninjutsu was very magical, many things were even more magical than Ninjutsu in this world.

Especially when it came to Ninjutsu like Edo Tensei, which involved life, death, and soul, who knew if it would cause any chain reaction?

Therefore, he decisively followed his heart's choice and first took out the Punisher Edo Tensei to explore.

If there weren't too much of an impact, he wouldn't mind carrying out his crazy plan!

According to the situation in the past few days, the Punisher, who had been reincarnated from Edo Tensei, had not encountered any unexpected problems. Everything seemed very calm, at least for now.

"I'll give you a mission now!"

"I want you to go to a country called Wakanda and bring out two things from this country!"

"One is a rare metal vibration metal unique to Wakanda, and the other is a plant called Heart-Shaped Herb!"

"Among these two things, Vibranium is the most important, and the weight can not be too small. At least it must satisfy the weight of the warrior knife. As for the heart-shaped herb, it's up to your destiny and luck, and if you're destined or lucky, bring back the heart-shaped herbs as well."

"If you can't find the Heart shaped Grass, it is fine. Just make sure don't go back without the Vibranium!"

Although Wakanda had high technology unknown to the outside world, Roger was not very worried about the Punisher's safety.

For the Punisher, who had an Edo-Tensei body, Wakanda was at most a country with more advanced weapons.

"No problem! I'll go now!"

The Punisher quickly agreed to Roger's order. To be precise, there was no such option in his mind to refuse.

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