4 The Goddess of Death

Ok, first things first." I said pinching the bridge of my nose, "Go take a shower Hela, you reek." I said to her.

"You don't tell me what to do mortal." She snarled at me.

"We are going in public soon." My lips quirked downward into a frown, "I can't have you going out in public like that."

"Why embarrassed?" She smirked mockingly.

I shrugged, "not really, just trying to help you out not really befitting for a princess of Asgard you know."

She put her hands on her knees and pushed herself up, "I will need a spare of the best clothes fit for a royal goddess."

"It will be ready by the time you get done." I replied blankly.

She scoffed and went off view, to where she assumed was the place I meant to clean herself.

"That is my bedroom." I replied amused.

"She immediately changed directions, coming back into view with a clear scowl on her face. "You peasant; point me in the direction of the cleaning room...what was it called"

"Bathroom." I replied, the amused smile never leaving my face. I pointed my thumb to the opposite direction.

She immediately went off in that direction, my eyes traveled downwards to her ass as I watched it Naturally sway as she walked, once she was out of view I whistled.



I sat down and meditated, it was because of this I managed too be able to use my Ikari in my human form, eventually after more mental training, I was able to completely control the Ozaru with only a mountain destroyed and a couple of craters formed.

I closed my eyes with a small sigh, "Super Saiyan...it seems so far off, maybe I should befriend Tony Stark and Ask him to build a Gravity chamber for me."

I took a pause before I continued, "Or maybe when it's the right time, steal the reality stone, so I can change the reality around me to increase the gravity on another planet."

"Midgaridan!" Hela's voice echoed throughout my room, " Where's the cleansing powder!"

"I..." I blinked, "What?"

"Cleansing Powder!" Hela repeated, "I don't see it here!"

"We don't have that here, we have soap!"

"Mortal, I do not know what this soap is, explain at once!"

"It's laying on the corner," I replied amused, It's that yellow block made of animal fat,."

There was silence...before a sound of swallowing followed by an even louder spitting

"Ugh, it takes nothing like what you just explained to me!"

I stiffled a laugh, "Did you just try to eat, the bar of soap?"

"Silence!" Hela's voice roared, "now tell me, you said that this was a replacement to the cleaning powder we have on Asgard, tell me how am I supposed to put this on!"

"You just put it on and rub it all over your body." I said with a deadpanned expression.

"Come here!"

"I..." I faultered for a second, "Excuse me?"

"I. said. Come. here!" She snarled, "You will show me at once, I refused to be humiliated like this any longer!"

"It's not even..." I sighed, "Fine whatever."

I walked over to Bathroom and opened it, and just like I thought, Hela was in the shower, in the nude, and yes...she was perfect in every sense, on every part.

She was looking at me with a raised eyebrow before she raised her hand with the bar of soap in hand

"Mortal..." She said, "How do I put this on?"

"You... you just hold it in place, and put it on...."

"I am still confused," Hela looked to her body then back to the soap, then back to me. "Well then Mortal, as your goddess, I command you to show me how it works, so then I would be able to know what you mean and do it by myself!"

I blinked, "I...what?"

"Are you an idiot?" Hela snarled, "I command you to show me how it works, so then I would be able to do it myself!"

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