Marvel: My Symbiote System

A 37 year old male named Randal Yaeger who has been a fan of Marvel since he was a kid; dies and then gets reincarnated into the world of Marvel as an original symbiote with an overpowered system.

Jack_Marrok · Anime & Comics
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2 Chs

Chapter 2: My Revival as a Symbiote

Right after I closed my eyes; the only thing that I felt was cold. So then I started to open my eyes, but then the only thing I could see was like heat vision. I started to move around, but something felt off. My body felt gooey or slimy. While I was dragging my gooey body I could feel something rough underneath me. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW?!


[User: Randal Yaeger Has Awoken as a Dark Green Marvel Symbiote named Malice] 

[OBJECTIVE: Find a Host]

WAIT WHAT, is this for real. Awesome; so basically I have reincarnated as a symbiote known as Malice. Now this is going to be fun, well as soon as find a host that is. The problem is I'm stuck on a rock in the middle of space. I just got to wait until a rocket ship swoops by and picks up me and my kind and be used for experiments, like lab rats.