36 Chapter 36: Spider-Woman Drifts Through New York City

Empire State University.

In Dr. Connors' laboratory, several biological experts hurriedly rushed inside.

As they arrived, they were immediately astounded by what they saw in front of them.

In the corner of the room, there seems to be a huge transparent lizard skin.

After a brief discussion with the several experts, Sheriff George was finally given an affirmative answer.

"Mr. Stacy, this is indeed the remains of a reptile, but we have never seen such a huge one before."

"On Earth, the largest shed skin was from a reptile: Komodo dragon."

George looked at the huge reptile skin in front of him.

If it was really like what the biologists said; If this thing is real, it means that there is an animal larger than a person nearby...

No, it should be a monster!

"It seems very likely that Dr. Connors' research created such a monster."

"Maybe the laboratory was destroyed by this same monster."

With the old man's experience in solving cases, George only roughly figured out the incident through the existing clues.

"Why did it leave a slough?"

Although he is a sheriff, when it comes to professional knowledge, George still humbly asked the professionals present.

"Mr. Stacy, there are generally two situations for this to happen."

"One is that this reptile is still growing, so the shedding of its size has peeled."

"The second is that it was seriously injured and took off its remains during the regeneration process."

"It's really hard for us to make a judgment if we only have this moulted epidermis in front of us."

The expert said with some embarrassment.

After listening, George immediately ordered to his subordinates.

"Block the scene and conduct a carpet search of the surroundings! Be sure to find this monster."

"And don't cause panic among the citizens."

Under George's arrangement, everyone was in full swing.

"On the school's side, I hope to cooperate with our actions and block the news..."

"Of course, we'll cooperate with you."


Rai and Gwen, who returned home, naturally didn't know what was going on at the school.

Even if they knew, they wouldn't tell George anything.

Because of this, it has gone beyond the scope of the New York Police Department's handling.

"Put it on quickly and try to see if it fits."

Rai took out two wrist web shooters from the package and handed them to her.

Gwen couldn't wait to put it on her wrists, and then installed the prepared spider fluids.


Gwen pressed her palms with two fingers, and a thick spider web shot out from her wrists, directly sticking to the wall.

"Rai, it's so cool!"

"Try to grab that thing."

Rai pointed to the barbell on the ground.

Gwen immediately shot a web of spider silk, sticking it to the barbell and pulled it lightly, and the barbell flew over.

Gwen, who successfully caught the barbell, grew her mouth which forming an "O".

She was really excited.

She even felt a little incoherent.

"Wow, Rai, do you know... This feeling is really wonderful..."

"It's as if... As if my arm was stretched out indefinitely..."

Gwen tried her best to describe how she felt. But the sensation she felt at this moment can no longer be described in words.

Rai naturally understood that feeling. The first time he flew into the sky wearing the Emperor's Armor was similar to how Gwen was feeling right now.

"Let's go, put on your spider costume and go to the rooftop!"

"To the rooftop?" Gwen didn't understand.

"Have you ever thought about drifting through the city using the spider web?"

Gwen's eyes suddenly gleamed…

On the rooftop.

Gwen put on her white spider suit and stood at the edge of the rooftop with Rai's encouragement.

"Are you ready, Gwen?"

"Ye-I'm… I'm ready..."

Although Gwen said this, she could not hide the tension she was feeling right now.

Seeing her like this, Rai couldn't help but smile.

Unexpectedly, all the skills of Spider-Man were not developed by her, but slowly being taught by him.

But it also made Rai happy...

"OK, Gwen put on your mask."

Gwen took a deep breath and put on a white mask.

Looking at the tall buildings below, her heartbeat quickened.

"I believe in Rai, he says I can do it..."

Taking another deep breath, Gwen started to run slowly on the edge of the rooftop according to what Rai taught her.

Then slowly increased her speed until she reached the edge.

Gwen jumped sharply and fired a thread of spider web at the opposite tall building at the same time.

The next moment, Gwen flew to the opposite tall building under the direction of the spider web.

When she was about to hit the tall building, Gwen let go of the silk thread in her hand. And because of the inertia, she was thrown on the exterior wall of the building.

Everything was so fast that Gwen — with rolling emotions — couldn't react, and watched with static electricity coursing through her body and struck on an exterior glass wall.

Good thing that the glass was sturdy enough since if it broke, she'd be helpless.

Through the glass, Gwen saw her reflection clearly.

The suit covered her whole body.

And with it, a feeling of indescribable excitement much stronger than before rose from the bottom of her heart.

Gwen started running along the glass wall in an unlady-like manner and shouted: "I really like this feeling! Have you seen it, Rai?"

"I almost feel like I'm flying!"

After the earlier experience, Gwen now had a preliminary understanding of how to use the web shooters.

And with that Gwen shot another web on a nearby building. She shook the spider thread in her hands and shuttled between the cities.

Seeing Gwen's happy appearance, Rai couldn't help but laugh.

At this moment, Gwen, the little white spider was completely born!

On this day, countless people in New York saw a white figure swaying through the steel jungle lined with high-rise buildings.

Many people took out their mobile phones to take pictures of this scene, and then posted them on Facebook and other social media apps.

Some say it's a "white angel", some say it's an alien invasion, and some say it's an evil mutant.

Only Rai knew that it was Gwen.

From now on, she will be the New Yorkers' friendly neighbourhood Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy!


Tony's R&D lab.

Tony, who somersaulted just after the flight experiment, was clutching an ice pack.

But suddenly, Jarvis' voice sounded: "Sir, please take a look at this!"

Jarvis then projected an image of Gwen shuttling through New York City using her new web slingers.

"What is this?" Asked Tony.

"It seems to be a human who covers her face and uses a substance similar to spider silk to achieve the effect of floating." Replied Jarvis.

Being a qualified butler of Tony Stark, Jarvis, the super intelligent AI directly magnified all the highlights of the video for Tony to see.

The same thing happened on the SHIELD mothership.

Nick Fury, who was sitting in his beloved director's chair, watched the scene in New York City in front of him.

Turning to look at Agent Hill.

"Aren't these mutants going to hide themselves now?" Nick complained.

"Director, I don't think this is someone from X Academy, there is no information about her in S.H.I.E.L.D...."

Nick Fury's eyes lit up.

Could it be that this is a mutant who has just awakened and has no previous convictions?

Then let's send someone to investigate to figure out her identity and directly recruit her.

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