1 Chapter 1: Hello, I'm Gwen Stacy

Marvel World.

Inside a luxurious residence.

"The frog cub is going on a trip~"

"The frog cub will send back travel photos from time to time, please pay attention to check it!"

"The return of the frog cub will bring back special products and special souvenirs during the trip, please remember to check it out."


Sitting on the high-end sofa, Rai couldn't help laughing when he heard the voice in his head: "Finally going out for a trip."

Two days ago, he transmigrated to this very dangerous Marvel World.

Although he inherited a considerable legacy as an orphan, he still has a luxurious residence in the heart of New York City.

But Rai, who is familiar with Marvel's plot, knows very well that if he doesn't have enough strength in the Marvel World this considerable legacy is really about to become a legacy.

Those goddamn superheroes fight, but they don't care about the safety of civilians' lives and property.

It's all done after the fight is over.

God knows if it will be that day when he is sleeping comfortably. And a man smashed in from the balcony killing him in the end.

Of course, he didn't want that to happen.

Fortunately, Rai, a traveler, also successfully awakened his golden finger.

But what Rai didn't expect was that his golden finger turned out to be a very popular mini-game "Traveling Frog" that he played in his previous life.

The gameplay is also very simple.

The player has a little frog who likes to travel and only needs to prepare the luggage for the frog.

The little frog will travel far and wide, and then bring back all kinds of souvenirs and special products as gifts for the owner.

But now that it has become a reality, the game has changed a lot.

The basic gameplay has not changed, but the place where the little frog travels has become the world of fictional worlds. [Tl/n: Can someone give me a better name? The original terms are [The Heaven and the World] and I changed it to [Fictional Worlds].

It can be the world in the novel, the movie universe, the anime world, etc...

That is to say, the special products and souvenirs brought back by the little frog will be the products of various dimensional worlds.

And more importantly, Rai could use these things directly!

This also made Rai look forward to what kind of gifts his frog cub could bring back to him on the first stop of his trip.

After a day of waiting, this is the little frog he named 'Frog Cub' finally going out for a trip.

"I don't know what kind of world he will travel to."

"But I hope he can bring back some items to enhance my strength."

"Otherwise, living in this 'peaceful' New York City would always feel a little apprehensive."

Looking at the game cabin in his mind, Rai muttered in his heart.

Just then, the alarm clock set aside rang.

Rai looked at the time.

Time to go to class.

Today is school day.

Although he is a transmigrator, he is essentially a college student who has just grown up.

Also a transfer student at Empire State University.

"I don't know if I will meet spider-man there?"

Rai muttered while holding his schoolbag.

But on second thought it seems unlikely.

In the past two days, in addition to waiting for his frog cub to travel.

Rai also read the information of several important people.

Now Tony is still working as an arms dealer, and he is in the dark.

Captain America is still in the historical record.

The Hulk has yet to appear in the public eye.

In other words, the plot of the Marvel Universe does not seem to have started yet.


Empire State University.

New York City's premier university.

Today is the school day, and a banner hangs at the school gate.

Many well-dressed female students in the student union welcomed new students at the door.

And Rai, who had just arrived, was naturally welcome.

Although he is familiar with Marvel's plot.

But that doesn't mean Rai is familiar with the environment.

In addition, his predecessor also just transferred to this university.

So he doesn't know anything about the school environment.

Although he knows what class he has today and which classroom to go to.

But he doesn't know how to get there.

Just when Rai was about to ask a student from the student union.

A young and beautiful voice sounded behind him: "Hey, this classmate, is there anything I can help you with?"

Rai turned his head to look and saw a blond girl with a good figure holding a stack of books.

"Hello, I'm Gwen Stacy!"

When Gwen saw Rai turn his head, her beautiful eyes moved when she saw this well-behaved classmate.

He is so handsome.

After hearing Gwen's self-introduction, Rai looks at Gwen again.

Rai immediately understood, isn't this Gwen Stacy, one of Spider-man's two girlfriends?


Is there something wrong with the timeline and the plot?

According to reason, Tony has not become Iron Man in this world.

Gwen and Peter Parker shouldn't be in college by now, right?

Although there were doubts in his mind, Rai politely stretched out a hand to shake Gwen.


Very soft and slippery.

"Hello, my name is Rai."


Gwen thought about it for a while, and then immediately said excitedly: "You are the new transfer student from our class, right?"

"The professor told me about your situation two days ago, and let me show you the school."

"I didn't expect to meet you here."

Rai also said with a smile, "It's a coincidence, so would you like to show me around the school and then take me to the class?"

It was a coincidence that even Rai himself did not expect to be in the same class as Gwen.


Gwen took advantage of Rai's courtesy and replied playfully.

Along the way, Gwen warmly introduced the environment of State University to Rai.

"There's the library over there, the gym over there..."

"I think we should continue to visit the campus next time. Because it's almost time for class."

Rai shook the watch in his hand.

Gwen said with a smile: "Don't worry, Rai, the direction we are going is the classroom. I'm just going to introduce you to the scenery along the way."

"Of course, if you want me to continue showing you next time, I'm still very happy to introduce it to you."

Rai also returned with a smile: "Really? Then it's a pleasure to have a beautiful tour guide."

This sentence is from Rai's heart, since Gwen is one of the few good-looking female characters in Marvel.

Gwen blushed: "Look, our classroom is just ahead."


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