9 Chapter 7

Honestly, it's like the moment I decided that I was going to leave the house, the universe itself had thought 'let me give you a hand'. Now I can't not leave.

"Well, are you gonna pay for it?" I growled down at Magneto, I had properly learned how to fly in my anger at the racist mutant's treatment of my roof. That shit is expensive!

Because of this bullshit I had even grew to a semi giant size for intimidation and ended up shredding my clothes. Not that they knew as shape shifting made it look like I was still wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans combo instead of shirtless shirt and jeans ripped into shorts combo. How do people like Reed Richards and Hank Pym never end up destroying their clothes with their powers while I do?

It doesn't happen to Kamala Khan either but that's probably for the best. I wouldn't even want to imagine the outcry from a underage muslim character having a wardrobe malfunction in comics. That shit sounded like a lawsuit.

"I'm waiting for an answer." I growled again and finally, dear old Magneto found his voice.

"Do not worry my young friend. For soon you won't have to worry about the laws of humans that force you to pay them in order to live, ever again." Huh, you had to hand it to the old man, he knew how to talk. Still…

"You could have just said 'no'." I deadpanned at him, my muscles tense in preparation to swing my arms at moments notice before I made a show of relaxing and shrunk just a little.

"Oh well, guess you are the other option. Might as well listen to you as well." I said with a shrug and saw interest in Magneto's eyes.

"Mister Owen, please step away..."

"How am I supposed to step? I'm flying." I yelled down at Xavier who was, to nobody's surprise, trying to interfere; only to stop with confusion at my words. The art of confusion, works great on stupid people.

"Yes, I guess you do need to hear the truth before you join the right side." Magneto said with a smirk, smug bastard.

The next few minutes were full of Magneto talking about how humans would never understand us, how they would try to end our race and that the only chance for the survival of mutantkind was for us to strike first. To claim the planet our own, as it was our right as the next step of evolution. Our superiority.

Honestly, those ideas were rather frightening to hear. Especially since they were coming out of the mouth of a Holocaust survivor, kinda hypocritical of him. Not that I would say that to his face, I wasn't Carol Danvers in one of the worst Marvel arcs in history. It is rather cool that she was still in her swimsuit with thigh high boots phase, less of an asshole.

"...so, do you understand now." Magneto said with his arms spread wide and pieces of metal swirling behind him. Xavier was right, this guy was a real drama queen.

"Yeah, you did say some pretty understandable things." I said with a nod, ignoring the worried look the X-Men were sending my way and Magneto's smirk as I continued.

"But honestly, it doesn't matter." I said with a shrug.

"...doesn't matter?" There was a dangerous note in the master of magnetism's voice.

"I don't need people to understand us or like us for what I really want. I don't really need to start raining fire on them either." Honestly, the best answer was already formed inside my head. Not that I would tell them about it.

"Honestly, I may have agreed to go with you if you had arrived just a bit earlier. It would be right after those guys had kicked my door down and tried to peek inside my head. But I was convinced by the pretty lady down there that they were actually a good choice just a moment ago, and then you ripped open my ceiling." I said with a chuckle as I cracked my knuckles while Magneto stared at me with wide eyes.

"...please tell me that you aren't rejecting my offer over a ceiling."

"I could do that but, unfortunately for you, I am a bit too petty." I said, it was always better to understand what you are after all.

"...a shame." With Magneto's words, the shards of metals around us flew at me and the X-Men and I burst into flames.


As Logan watched the sky be covered with metal and fire, he decided that he never should have gotten up from his bed this morning.

He really wanted to jump into the fight and try to stab Magneto in the throat, no matter how much Charles didn't want that, but throughout his former battles against the master of magnetism; he had learned something.

Man with metal bones going against the guy who could control magnetism wasn't exactly the smartest thing in history. Even he had learned that, eventually... after Magneto had magnetically thrown him away.

So, this time he would be away from the fight; he would let Storm and the new kid have the fun. And damn was the new kid a beast, even more so than the actual Beast they had back in the mansion. He knew there were some mutants who had scored real high in the power lottery, but this was the first time seeing someone get a seven slot jackpot.

Though not fighting Magneto didn't mean he wasn't getting into any action. No; it meant that he had to stop the girl, who may or may not be related to him, from jumping into a fight that was way above their pay grade.

"Move." She growled with her claws out and he had to breathe out with frustration. She was so fucking stubborn, was this how people felt when they had to deal with him?

"Look kid, the guy up there can control metals. Which your claws are made of. You go up there and join the fight, he'll just use you as a makeshift missile against your friend." He said with his hands out as he tried to calm her down.


She didn't stop growling or glaring but she had sheathed her claws back in so he would call it a win.

He would also do the same for the fight above them in the cloudy sky, courtesy of Storm. He knew that his white haired teammate was strong with her power over weather and the same about Magneto with all the times the bastard had plunged him around, but the kid was really surprising him.

Much like when he had stopped the girl, his arms were extending as if they were made of rubber all the while he turned them into different shapes like blades, sickles and even a giant paddle. Except unlike the time they met him, he was on fire.

He also had telepathy going by the way he had forced Charles out of his mind, something he would have to talk about with his friend.

The kid was a real beast, if they made it out of here alive; the school would never be the same with him in it.

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