182 182. Ten... Five... Zero Rings?

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"Wow wuwoooo..." Moony talked with his master, Ancient One, while she drank some tea.

"Oh, really?" She gave generic replies, albeit just trying to guess what he said.

~I want daddy to woo mom as fast as possible,~ Moony barked.

"Indeed," the Ancient One nodded.


The Freedom One reached orbit and flew above China's Hunan province. No human technology could detect them. As they were above the specified location, they decided to jump down.

Hector had no fall damage, while Diana could simply fly down. She offered him a ride, but he denied it. After all, his way of making an entrance was much cooler than hers.


He fell before Diana and looked around. The compound was in the middle of a forest in the mountainous region. It stuck out like a sore thumb, and most likely, the government was involved in its existence.

The men around started to shout in Chinese. They wondered if some missile had hit them, as all their cars were turned over. But no, it was worse. It was a bloody nuke.

"Bwahaha... Santa is here, kids. I heard you've been naughty,"

"I'm not your elf," Diana landed beside him.

He chuckled, "Of course not. You're the Missus Santa,"

Diana raised an eyebrow, "Missus?"

( ̄▽ ̄)"

"Ah, look, they took out their guns. Let's fight and end this mess, Diana," He quickly ran out of the cloud of dust, while internally cursing his tongue for being too slippery lately.

As soon as it was made clear that they were under attack, the men of Ten Rings started blasting their guns at them with no questions asked. Diana had also recently made headlines, so they probably knew her.

"So, you got a plan?" Diana asked.

Hector scoffed and held the two infinity stones in his fists. "The plan is simple, start blasting. But, be quick. We don't want their leader to run away now, do we?"

He pulled back his hand first. *BOOM* Then plunged it into the ground. It spread around a shockwave that made everyone around him fall. Now free to move around, he took out his pistol and started shooting. *BANG* *BANG*

The bullets pierced their heads or legs depending on the severity of the red marker on their foreheads. The deep red got instant death; the light red got amputated legs or arms. This was the best he could do.

"Are you going to kill them?" Diana was appalled by his actions.

Hector scoffed, "This is what they deserve, Diana. They are the scums of the Earth, and as long as even one of them lives, they will keep spreading their poison."

"But there have to be hundreds of people,"

"The way I see it, there are hundreds of demons. There can be no change without removing the pre-existing system that has allowed these demons to spawn in the first place. I am simply doing that," He argued and continued to kill them.

Sighing, Diana also flew around and started to use her fist and Hal's ring to smack them out of consciousness. She was not against killing, but killing this many people at once? This was something too much. In space, they were at war, but these were just some goons.

But even after Diana made them fall unconscious, Hector would shoot some of them in the head. She was enraged that he was meddling with her work as well. But she decided not to jeopardise the mission.

Hector kicked down the compound's entrance and mercilessly started killing the goons in no time. He cared not for any bullet or grenade they threw; all were useless against him.

The massacre did not stop until a ring flew to him and knocked his gun away out of nowhere. Hector smiled, "I was waiting for you,"

An East Asian man walked out of the inner buildings, wearing multiple rings around both his wrists. He looked enraged, "Why have you come here, American? You are supposed to be dead,"

"I am here to give you a gift," Hector took out a small bag from his Funhouse dimension and threw it at the man.

He opened it and looked inside. His eyes widened, "Raza? Did you kill him? I thought it was Obadiah,"

"Oh, that fool was just playing right into my hand. Who do you think revealed to me where your headquarters is? But I must say, it's underwhelming. The headquarters of the so-called Ten Rings is a simple block of concrete. Anyway, I am Hector King Washington; that woman is Wonder Woman."

"Xu Wenwu. What do you want?"

"Your demise, end of the Ten Rings." He exclaimed.

"Not possible. No one could defeat me in thousands of years, and none can defeat me in thousands to come," Xu Wenwu took his fighting stance. Then, the rings on his wrist shone in blue light, and some runes appeared on them.

"Fine, let's fight then." Hector didn't move and just raised his hands in a boxing formation.

"HA!" Xu Wenwu ran towards him and leaped in hair a few meters before. The rings came out of his wrist and created some sort of a whip. *BOOM* He struck him.

Hector just took a step back and dodged it. But the rings plunged into the ground and destroyed a big chunk of concrete. He then continued and started waving the rings.

"Ah, so they are some sort of energy weapons that work in unity," Hector was merely observing it all this time to see if it was worth his time. And his evaluation was.

"Such useless pathetic ornaments."


This time when Xu Wenwu tried to strike him, Hector caught one ring and didn't let it return to the man. He looked at it from up close to see what runes they were. "Hmm... such bland things. Don't mind if I don't deem them worthy of existing,"



Using the power stone's shining blue energy covering his hand, Hector pressed one ring in his fist. It first fought the force, but then it started bending, and eventually, with a loud noise, it broke in half. "Hah, it's also rather fragile,"

Xu Wenwu saw the ring break into two pieces and lose its blue shine. To him, it all felt like slow motion as these rings were his life. They made him immortal and powerful. Without them, he was nothing.

He quickly jumped back in fear, "How did you do that?"

Hector smirked, "You see, powers far stronger than those rings exist in this universe. And I just happen to be the possessor of such powers. Thinking about running now?"

He was. But then Diana landed behind him, "Not so fast,"

Hector walked toward him, "I don't understand it. Why is it that whenever most folks gain some power, they turn to a life of crime instead of a life of goodness? If money is all you want, why become a terrorist?"

"I was not a terrorist before. Only modern governments deem us one."

"Well, you do dream of creating as much violence as possible under your policy. It's pretty terrorizing to me," Hector argued.

Xu Wenwu sneered, "Yes, just like the CIA."

"T-That's a solid argument. I won't deny that. But you know, the CIA can be held accountable whenever I wish, but nobody sits above your head. Hence, I need to pop it off,"


He caught another ring and broke it in half, "That's eight rings now,"


"Seven now. It's a lucky number. Sadly, not for you."


Hector kept on catching each strike Xu Wenwu threw and destroyed the rings. He had no use for them, and neither did he want them to stay in this world. If such a pathetic weapon could create these monsters, he'd rather not have it.


Wenwu got his face punched for the first time. Let's just say the taste of the Fist of Freedom was not very pleasing to the tongue. It was salty and wet, but that was just blood.

"Don't you want to have him trialed?" Diana asked him.

"The justice system of the United States is a joke. They are slaves of the government and will let this man go on the grounds of lack of proof. Fist of Freedom will do fine with him," He didn't stop and kept beating the hell out of him while breaking the rings apart.


Xu Wenwu's face looked like a watermelon without its outer shell by the tenth punch. Swollen and bloodied, he spat on the ground and cursed, "You think you can rule this world without folks like us? The US government has been our client for years now,"


Hector caught his hair and lifted him in the air, "I know that already. Why else do you think I came here to eradicate you? I will destroy both the user and the instrument of war this time."

He pulled the last ring from Wenwu's wrist forcefully, ripping his wrist apart while doing so. "So proud of them, are you? Don't mind if I feed it to you as well,"


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