Marvel: Meta-Viltrumite

Something I wrote a while back during my haitus. MC goes through what many unfortunate mutants goes through being a lab rat because his cheats did not come at birth but unlike others, he did not die even though he wished to have died some times. Understandable, he does not come out of this unscared and normal. Once his cheats arrives, what will he do? Will he walk the path of Charles Xavier has walked? No he won't cuz Charles is in a wheelchair thus there is not a path he has walked recently. Will he follow the path of Magneto? Or... will you read the fan fiction and see for yourself?

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Chapter 3: To puppet or to be a puppet? That is the question.

[AN: I don't know what is your limit for dark so I will warn you guys that there is a tiny bit of gore in this chapter but it is a glossed type of gore. I hope this kind of gives you guys an idea of the MC.]

[Dr. Robert Windsor's point of View]

I underestimate subject PX-07. I had thought of him as a slightly above-intelligent experiment that had an interesting ability linked to Death and planned to mold him to my advantage since his abilities would be perfect to control the mass on an emotional level.

After my hypothesis of the drug hindering his abilities was proven right, I had already planned to start a cult with him at the center and the fools that could not get over the death of their loved one would come crawling into my hand.

My plan to mold him consisted of breaking his spirit piece by piece. Letting him try to escape only to hunt him down, drug him for a bit then proceed with painful experiments each and every time, and repeat the process.

This was why I turned a blind eye when he stole pieces of junk here and there. I have to admit that I was also curious how he would use them to escape but I was not worried about it since I had already placed dozens of trackers into him.

I am both angry and impressed every time I watch the security footage that managed to catch the pieces of his escape. He first summoned the dead experiments and used their powers to destroy the door to his cell.

He then froze the guards that came running at him and peculiarly smashed their frozen nether region with a small piece of the destroyed cell's door in a way that did not crack the rest of their bodies. He had quite a sadistic grin when he destroyed the security camera.

The next clear footage available was that of PX-07 reaching the nearest control center to his cell where he proceeded to destroy the security camera. From what I saw when I arrived, he must have used the dead experiments to viciously shred apart the scientists and guards that were there.

I have to say that I am impressed with his work. It is almost a work of art. With my long extensive knowledge of the human body, I can say with certainty that they were alive until the very end of this precise dissection.

After that the footage of him was non-existent. The personnel at that time were tricked into believing that PX-07 was heading to a certain location by leaving a trail of frozen bodies and a broken security camera.

It was only when I returned and received the full report that I realized that I had underestimated him. All our data on PX-07 and anything that had to do with him was erased from our server and the trackers I placed on him stopped working before he even left the building.

It seems our method of kidnapping has backfired since we already erased his existence, i.e. his information, from the world outside of our files. Hm? Oh right, my *scoff* modern colleagues seem to be on edge ever since he escaped since PX-07 did not just erase his information in the server of the Facility.

He also stole the personnel's information and left quite a parting gift. I am not worried since Dr. Robert Windsor is one of the many personas I have used over the course of my long life but the others do not share the same confidence.

{I had fun being your lab rat for so long but I think it is time for a nice change of pace. Let's play another game instead of Operation. Let's play PREY and PREDATOR! I can't decide who is going to be the first prey so I will give you guys some time to breathe, and enjoy your time with your families because I'll come knocking at all of your doors eventually.}

This was due to what his parting gift consisted of. A simple message from a teenager... made of the body parts of the personnel that was in that same control room. He also stole the information about the investors but that was kept a secret since we would lose our funding.

[Main Character's Point of View]

So a ROB mind controlled me into being Isekai in this verse but decided to change the backstory I had chosen by giving me an immunity-like perk... I am Azmuth enough to know that wanting revenge on the ROB is pointless yet Rick enough to still want my get back on those scientists.

Still, I could not remember what I wrote for the backstory. It means that I must have included specific events from this universe or multiverse. Still, I am happy that I got most of my hax with me right now but this makes all my plans for revenge obsolete.

Not getting it? I had made several intricate plans that would have gotten me my revenge but now all I needed to do was learn how to fly, and then locate my targets before ripping them with my bare hands.

It felt too... easy and too painless for my targets. After a quick review of my options, I decided to take my revenge as a hobby meaning I would go on with my life while getting my revenge as if I were going to play sports on the weekend with my imaginary buddies.

It took barely an hour to learn how to control my strength along with my other Viltrumite powers which was mostly super speed and flight. After that, I waited until it was dark to go into town use one of my self-made E.M.Ps and salvage whatever I needed to salvage from an electronic store without a security camera getting footage of me stealing in the closed store at Super Speed.

Compared to now, it felt like I had not been able to tap into the true potential of my intellect and knowledge. For Anime Fans, I was Ichigo before learning the name of his Zanpakuto and now I am him after the last Arc.

[AN: I can't say anything else or that might be counted as spoilers to those who have not caught up.]

I built an identity for myself, Alphonse 'Idris' Grayson, since I was in France I needed at the very least a French First name so I changed the name I picked. To those who would look into my past, I am an orphan who was abandoned at an orphanage and spent most of my time to myself.

I am currently going to a nearby high school where I will win a scholarship to a university abroad. I spent a week going around using the abilities of Number Three making my lies into reality. I noticed that I am still missing some of my hax.

Notable Number Five, Number Seven, All For One, and Aladin's abilities are the hax that I am missing for now. Still, I am not worried since I will get them eventually. I decided to major in biology specifically in genetics because it would be funny if I was recruited by the Facility.

Their face would be priceless if I told them who I truly was as I was dissecting them. The reason why I am treating my revenge as a Hobby is that with Number Five's ability, I can kill them any time I want and I am being literal about this.

With Azmuth and Rick's knowledge, I can create a time machine if the abilities take too much time to awaken. I also created a device that would mask my Mutant D.N.A. thanks to Azmuth's knowledge in genetics as well as Megamind and Rick's knowledge in engineering with scraps.

I hid my crimson eyes as well as my appearance with one of the gadgets I made and after attending a semester of high school, living at the orphanage where I 'was dropped', I 'graduated' and went to the United States of America to continue my education.

I can not wait to get All for One since it will become even more broken with Mahoraga's adaptability. Hm? You do not get it? Well here is how Mahoraga's adaptability works. Once Mahoraga has experienced phenomena – an attack, a defense, or anything in general– It begins the process of adaptation.

The speed of adaptation is slow but each time Mahoraga experiences the same phenomenon that is being adapted, the time required to adapt to it is shortened and his adaptability is aimed towards countering or nullifying the phenomena in question.

Now here comes the most broken part of it. The adaptation process is never truly done. This means that Mahoraga can adapt infinitely to any phenomenon he experiences. Hm? You still do not get why it would make All For One even more broken?

Long story short, it would allow me to steal anything since once I fail to steal something, for example not stealing the abilities of the ghost I can summon, Mahoraga's adaptability would work towards enabling me to steal that something. It does not stop there since All For One can also grant what it has stolen to others.

Meaning that once I grant powers to others, I will lose that ability... now remind me what is Mahoraga's adaptability do again? Yes, you got it, Mahoraga's adaptability would also work to improve All For One so that it can grant a copy of the stolen ability to others... eventually.

Sadly, Mahoraga's adaptability did not count my time as a lab rat as something it has already experienced though it is a shame, regular Viltrumite physiology already is enough to ensure that I would not be susceptible to most blades, poison or drugs so imagine Meta-Viltrumite physiology.

[AN: I figured if Mahoraga's adaptability also worked for the years of experiments then he would have no reason to be mental.]

Anyway, I went to America and had a pretty movie-worthy experience. What I mean by that is that I was adopted by a rich old guy named Sir Reginald Hargreeves. How did that happen? Oh well, you know the story. A young orphan boy gets a scholarship to study abroad.

He gets good grades and is quite the social butterfly. He gets a girlfriend but things do not work between them because he wants to focus primarily on his career as they break up, a rich old man just so happens to stumble upon them as he had just finished donating to the university.

Curious about the young man's drive, he goes and sits down to talk with the young man. As they discuss, the old man learns that during the young man's study of genetics, he had an epiphany to solve world hunger by transforming water molecules into food molecules thus converting water into food such as meatballs.

The old man is impressed with such drive and decides to fund the young man's research only to later adopt him after discovering that he was an orphan. That is a story that makes the headline which it did.

... Now that is what the world thinks happened, what truly happened was that I wanted money so I investigated which Investor of the Facility would make the best cash cow as well as a hand puppet.

Reginald Hargreeves was the best candidate and weirdly he looked and acted as his Umbrella Academy's counterpart. I snuck into his house and told him a funny rumor I had heard about his future.

You can not imagine my surprise when I rumored him into telling me why he was an investor in the Facility since he was neither into politics nor warfare so he should have no reason to have been a long-time investor of the Facility.

[AN: People down play Number 3's ability. Umbrella Academy comic book fans know how OP her powers are.]

Turns out that Reginald is the Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club. If you are like me then you do not know what the Hellfire Club is, which is why I rumored him into telling me what it was. With that, he sang like a canary for me.

According to Reginald, the Hellfire Club, formerly Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe, began in 18th century England as a social club for the British social elite and wealthy, as a way to provide its members with pleasures that often defied the moral standards of the time and to allow members to consolidate their influence over economic and political matters.

The club's purpose is to obtain and exert power through politics and economic influence instead of outward conquest and domination. Since its foundation, they have been involved in wars and assassinations.

The organization is run by the Inner Circle, this secret group assumed the titles of chess pieces, with the leaders being the respective Black King/White King and Black Queen/White Queen, followed by Black Bishop/White Bishop and Black Knight/White Knight.

Membership is hereditary, meaning many of the world's elite are members by birth but many do not accept the formal membership or just attend their lavish parties. As for the position of Lord Imperial, it oversees and manages all the Hellfire Club's branches all over the world and each of the members must report to him/ her.

This position is occupied by the owner of the Hellfire Club organization and this person if not inside the Lords Cardinal is rarely if not seen. If not able to see everything or visit/ be present at a specific Branch which is in most cases, the Lord Imperial can and will appoint someone as to act as his/her eyes and ears.

I then asked what that had to do with the Facility, turns out that the Inner Circle has been secretly dominated by Mutants. The Inner Circle was not always mutant-dominated, but very few members in several generations were not mutants. The Inner Circle is currently starting to dominate the club and secretly influences the club's activities in order to achieve even more power and wealth.

Reginald acted oblivious to it so that they remained content with the position they were seeking and did not aim for his head while secretly trying to create the perfect Mutant puppets to regain control over the Hellfire Club.

The good news for me and the bad news for him was that Reginald kept most of his actions a secret but showed the image of an eccentric rich old man so there was no one who could distinguish between him prior to becoming my puppet and now.

I learned everything he knew about the Hellfire Club, about Mutants, about every secret organization that was in this world that he knew of, and proceeded to use him as my puppet. I continue to play the adoptive grandson's part just like he continues to play the role of an adoptive grandfather.

Reginald was the puppet and I was the one with a hand up his ass... That might have come out wrong. Anyway, I portrayed myself as a caring man who wished to solve the world's problems one by one cuz... shit and giggles.

Plus I wanted to wait until my targets stopped being afraid of my revenge to kill them. Like, imagine in a horror movie when the victim thinks that it is safe only to turn their head and see the monster lunging at them.

That is how you instill terror so while I waited, I figured I would start making the other investors my puppets as well. I made sure to not be seen as the smartest man in the world because that would give me more hassle than it was worth it.

I knew that being the smartest was not a good thing in this world since the secret organizations that Reginald told me about were always looking for hire. With Reginald's influence, I could join the Facility any time I wanted but I did not want to be known as the smartest as that would ruin the whole mystery killer persona I am planning on making to drive the terror into the bones of my targets. They will be shitting themselves away with every kill I make hoping that they are not the next target.

[AN: I figured also post this one instead of posting it after I return to this work. Again the schedule will be determined when I get back to this work.

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