1 Start [Edited]

A Blank world, that's what I see.

I find myself pure white space stretching everywhere in every direction seemingly endless.

"Where the fuck am I " I can't help but ask out loud.

"In the void." I quickly turn around to see and old man whit white hair and a long ass white beard.

"What the.." I start just to be interrupted

"Okey, speed run!!"

"Soul number 'blah blah blah "

"Did you just say bl.." I barely said anything before I was interrupted

"Yes I did, NOW SHUT UP!" the old man yells out and immediately continues "The randomizer has chosen that you will be sent in Grant Ward's body with the Meditation System, it will be a somewhat AU MCU. Good Luck, Bye"

The old man spoke so fast I didn't even have time to say anything before I started to disappear as soon as he said Bye. The last thing I heard before I completely faded away was

"Damn it, missed it by 1.3 seconds, why can't people just shut up. I will never get the bonus at this rate.."

And I'm gone.

-(Scene Break)-

Marvel 2015- The Playground- Vault D

Ugh, my head. Having 30 years' worth of memories shoved into your head is not a pleasant experience, I feel like someone took a swing at my brain with every blunt weapon possible.

"I see you are awake Ward" I hear a calm voice on my left

Fuck! Even my ears hurt, I turn my head and see Agent Chill(Phill) Coulson.

"The only reason your still alive is because you have important information about HYDRA. Do you think you can take the easy way out after all you've done?" asks Coulson with a neutral tone, his face completely unreadable

Heh, what a hypocrite, always playing the good guy, he and Fury risked the lives of god knows how many people.

Fury played with alien technology because of his inferiority complex and that came back to bite him in the ass, he is one the main reasons why the Invasion in New York even happened.

"Still not talking. You said you would only speak to Sky but that's not going to happen Ward, there is no way that I'm going to let Sky come anywhere near you" he sands up and comes close to the edge of the barrier to stare me down

Ugh, man, he's annoying, isn't he done yet. I need to check the system, that crazy old man probably didn't even check what he gave me, all he was focused on was his speed run. I refuse to call that imbecile a god.

"Well if you don't talk you'll just be stuck here until you prove to be useless then we decide in what hellhole to put you in, and trust me it isn't going to be as nice as this place" he stands up

*click* *PZzzzzz*

And he turns the Barrier screen back to being one way, which leaves me to stare at a gray screen.

Asshole, though he is probably right if I don't give them anything, things will get more difficult for me. I'll just follow the plot for now, keep quiet until Sky comes here, if things go like they did in the series I will eventually escape though that's a couple of months away.

Ohh almost forgot, mental note, make sure to tell them to keep Fitz away from me, that idiot will probably kill me, he stopped himself in the show but I can't take that risk.

Well, now that I'm alone and can gather my thoughts let's see the system, might be better to sit up. Up we go, Fuck! My body is fine but the headache is killing me, this fool really ran into the wall.

Huff, huff,

There we go, now let's try it, I call out in my mind.


[ Welcome to the Meditation System, you get points by meditating, a good enough mastery and you can take in energy from your surroundings into yourself, though that would be stupid since it can kill you, so I suggest you use your points in the 'definitely not expensive shop', which you can call by thinking 'Shop'.

There is also an 'Inventory' and a 'Skills' function, it takes a long time to get enough points to be useful, it's 1 point per hour, it can be increased but I'm not going to tell you how. There is also a function that doubles the points when you enter deep meditation, not that shit that people do to relax, I'm talking about the one where monks and cultivators try to do so they reach enlightenment. It's stupidly hard to reach and it will be hilarious to see you fail. Good Luck 😁

This message and system were made by the great me: *Touch Me-Sama*]

..Are all the Gods idiots? I can't help but wonder.

Never mind that now.

So I need to meditate to gather points, that actually works for me in this situation, but 1p per hour, I haven't even seen the shop and I know that's too little. There is also the issue of what to meditate on, some people think of specific phrases or focus on a certain type of energy, if I mess up turning to stone is a possibility if I take in nature energy, I'm sure the idiot was hinting at this.



Name: Grant Ward

Age: 32






Points: 0 - 1p per hour


[Definitely not expensive shop]





Yep, expensive but manageable, food and stuff are pretty cheap, you can even buy skills and weapons from different worlds, though it's extremely expensive.

Hmm, there is a sell option, I can use that steal one of Iron Mans Suits or cores and sell it. There's an idea.

Okay from the top, basic things i was able to figure out from a quick look into Wards memories and rough plans for the future.

1. I'm in Marvel the year 2015 so Ultron is a couple of months to a year away, and the events of Winter Solider never happened.

2. I am stuck in a box which works for me since I'm pretty safe in here and can quietly gather points.

3. If I follow the plot, there will be a chance to escape just like Ward did in the transport van. I can steal and sell stuff after escaping.

4. Look into Kamar-Taj. A chance to learn Magic is too good to pass up, in exchange for future knowledge, I will ask the Bald One teach me magic personally or just let me join Kamar-Taj, doesn't matter which.

5. I got info for Tony and Thor. Information on who killed Tony's parents, and on Ragnarök and Loki.

Maybe I could use them for an early escape... or not, I'd rather get some benefits from them like Asgardian magic and Tony's suits.

On that topic I know Sky's name and the location of her parents, depending on the situation I can make it work, but my acting skills are pretty bad even with Ward's skills. Meh I'll wait and see.

6. Meditate every day for as much as possible, gather points and buy useful skills. The shop is ridiculously expensive, its like it was designed to make my life harder.

7. In the time I'm not meditating work out, letting this body get weaker than it already is, is suicide in this world.

Hmmm Thanos...

He is not something I need to worry about right now. That's a few years away, but the god did say it was an AU world, but I assume the big events won't change. Proceed with caution then.

Yep, this looks pretty good. If I think of something I'll add it to the mental list, this guy's memory is no joke, all that spy training pays off.

Wait I forgot about Skills. Let's see 'Skills'


Firearms Mastery- Expert

Hand to hand combat- Expert (Military)

Espionage- Expert

Pain Tolerance- Intermediate

Poison resistance- Minor

Stealth- Intermediate

Deception (Bluffing and Disguises)- Expert

Athletics (Running, Climbing, Swimming, Balancing)- Expert


Damn as expected from a specialist, he lives up the name of "being the best spy after Romanoff"

He has almost all of the skills possible that can be gained by training, well they are all mine now, I'll be sure to put them to good use.

Well, let's get started. Meditation Grind for the win.

Word Count 1400 words

(A/N Colson sat every day for 3 ½ weeks, ward didn't say a word, then a month later give or take he escaped in the transport van.

There are small changes here and there, I will be doing this to all of them I hope, making them better little by little.

I have been writing for about a month and a half and I think I am getting better.

'2x01 Skye and Grant Ward scenes' in the end of this youtube video is the sound of the Barrier)

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