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Marvel: l am the Mother of Existence.


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The being known as the Mother of Existence is the creator of the Marvel and universe. There is no being greater than she, and her powers seem limitless. She is known as the Mother to her children, of which there are more than there are numbers, but she is neither male or female. In fact, she often appears as female's if the situation suits her. She has appeared as many forms throughout the ages and can appear differently to different people simultaneously. Of her countless children, her two greatest disappointments were entrusted with the planet Earth. These two beings, whom we know as the Hera and Baihu, have squabbled and fought for ages. Their incessant bickering developed into complete hatred for one another and eventually all out war. Ordinary, the Mother of Existence would have allowed them to continue fighting as they saw fit as she rarely gets involved with the affairs of her children, however, despite their never ending feud managed to create something beautiful and wholly in the universe- mankind.