7 Chapter 7: Night

Kian enjoys reading fan fiction, imagining himself as a protagonist with a "golden finger" who has been transported to World War II. He envisions making great contributions during the war, rising to the rank of a high-ranking officer, and even running for president someday

Once the war is over, Kian plans to use his "golden finger" to accumulate wealth easily. He dreams of sleeping in and waking up naturally, counting his money until his hand cramp, and having relationships with beautiful women while doing so. Although he realizes that his goals are somewhat shallow, he believes that this is what men want in life.

The three things that men pursue in life are money, power, and women. In his past life, he didn't have any of them, so he swore to have at least two of them in this life.


Kian was shocked to see Peggy Carter, whom he knows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially as the lover of Captain America. He realizes he has time-traveled to this universe, and his plans for his new life have now changed. Instead of pursuing money, power, and women, he now has a new goal to escape this fucking universe.

Even though it's still World War II and decades away from the arrival of Thanos, Kian worries about his lifespan and considers finding a treasure that could extend his age. Despite the odds, he is determined to salvage treasure and increase his chances of survival.

Kian doesn't want to die early and wants to make the most of his new life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kian was feeling weighed down by the situation. He was hesitant about the plan and what it might need. Meanwhile, Carter suggested they give the plan a chance, arguing that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. Colonel Alex remained silent, but he eventually agreed with Carter's logic.

Given their dire situation, they didn't have any better alternatives.

At this point, Alex looked at Kian and asked, after some thinking, "What kind of soldier support do you need?"

Upon hearing this, Kian's heart settled down. He looked at Carter and Alex, ready to share his plan.


The shadow was Kian, who had successfully infiltrated the enemy lines to carry out his mission. He had requested a small group of soldiers to follow him, and they had managed to slip through undetected.

Kian took a deep breath and looked around carefully. He was in the enemy's camp, surrounded by enemy soldiers. He could hear their whispers and feel their breath on his skin. His heart was pounding, and his mind was racing, but he knew he had to remain calm and focused.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. It was a detonator that he had made himself, using the knowledge from his past life. He had planted bombs all around the enemy's ammunition depot, and now all he had to do was press the button.

Kian hesitated momentarily, taking one last look around before pressing the button. A loud explosion rocked the battlefield, followed by a series of smaller explosions. The enemy's ammunition depot had been destroyed, leaving their soldiers without supplies.

Kian and his team quickly retreated, running back to their own lines as the chaos of the explosions covered their escape. When they finally reached safety, Kian collapsed on the ground, exhausted but relieved. He had completed his mission, and now it was up to the soldiers on the front lines to take advantage of the enemy's weakened state.

As he lay there, Kian realized that he had found a new purpose in this world. He may not have money, power, or women, but he had something far more valuable: the ability to make a difference and save lives.

A Shadow leaned against a shell hole in the trench, almost blending into the surroundings. Several people passed by without noticing him; the closest one was less than a meter away!

The shadow remained still, waiting for something.

This shadow was naturally Kian, who inherited all of the abilities of the Cross, including his stealth abilities. As a master assassin, sneaking in was not a difficult task. He remained unnoticed due to his expertise. As an assassin, his mission was to eliminate the enemy's key figure, which he was prepared to carry out.

In reality, Kian's abilities should be no problem escaping the battlefield. He had initially thought about this, but his plans may have changed upon realizing that he had come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kian curled up in the corner like he didn't exist, with his breathing and even his heartbeat slowing down a lot. No one could find him in the darkness unless someone were face to face with him!

At a certain moment, Kian suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a whistling sound in the sky, followed by a sudden explosion of fire in the nearby enemy camp!

After walking for a while, Kian finally arrived at his destination, a heavily guarded enemy bunker. He observed the area and quickly found an unguarded spot. He took out his dagger, climbed over the wall, and silently took down the two guards inside the bunker.

Inside the bunker, he overheard a conversation between two soldiers mentioning a secret laboratory where the enemy was developing a new weapon. Kian realized this could be crucial information, so he decided to investigate further.

He snuck into the laboratory and found a group of scientists working on a mysterious device. He observed them from the shadows and realized that they were developing a powerful weapon that could turn the tide of the war.

Kian knew that he had to stop this weapon from being developed, but he was outnumbered and outgunned. He thought about his options and decided to take a risk.

He waited until the scientists took a break and quickly planted a small explosive device on the prototype weapon. He then snuck out of the laboratory undetected and detonated the explosive from a safe distance.

The laboratory was destroyed, and the weapon's development was halted. Kian had successfully completed his mission and returned to his own lines without being detected.

As the chaos of the battle intensified, Kian's figure stood out as he ran towards the rear. However, his sprint was cut short when he was confronted by several clean and tidy soldiers from the German army, who stopped him and accused him of cowardice.

Kian quickly came up with a cover story, claiming that he had important intelligence to report to the colonel. Speaking fluent German with a native Berlin accent, he manages to convince the suspicious soldiers to let him pass. They led him to their colonel, who was in charge of the defense against the Allied forces.

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