2 Ability Card Draws

Ability cards can be drawn?

Is this my cheat as a transmigrated...?

Lu Ming did not delve into it and immediately extracted the [Basic English Proficiency] from the skinny young man.

'Will it work?'

Just as I started thinking about it, the three-second extraction time was over, and the words of the young man beside my bed could be heard in my ears, "Are you okay? Your face looks like crap, do you want to go to the military doctor's room to check?"

"Uh, I'm fine. I just haven't fully woken up yet." Lu Ming tried to reply, English instantly felt like his native language, and he spoke it with a local accent.

"It's fine." The blond man was relieved and handed over a cup of water and pill in his hand, and said with a smile, "Let's take the medicine first."

Lu Ming nodded, swallowed the pills, took a few sips of water, and breathed a sigh of relief, "Huh, I feel alive. By the way, my head is still a little dizzy now, I want to confirm something with you, I am here, but where is this?"

Seeing Lu Ming's serious expression, the young man was surprised for a moment, and quickly replied with a joke: "Kyle, you only got dizzy, right? This is the training base of the US military."

'Kyle, the military training base?' Lu Ming pondered, knowing that the original body's name was Kyle, and he also decided to take Kyle as his new name by default.

From now on, there will be no Lu Ming; there is only a brand new Kyle.

After all, no matter how cruel reality is, life must go on...

The young man continued, "Yeah, the training base. As recruits, we can only come to train once a day. Maybe the weather is too hot, and you fainted from heatstroke during the high-load running training."

'Heatstroke, it seems that this body's physique is not good.'

Kyle secretly complained, as if he suddenly remembered something, Kyle quickly put his hands on the thin shoulders of the young blond man and hurriedly asked, "By the way, let me ask you one more question, have you heard of 'Avengers'? This is very important, tell me quickly."

Confirming whether this is the Marvel world is a top priority.

"Kyle, don't shake me so hard." The young man felt his body was being shaken apart because of his thin body.

After Kyle stopped, the young man answered slowly, "I don't know what you just said, what alliance were you talking about?"

"Don't you know..." Kyle frowned, and soon seemed to remember something, and asked with wide eyes, "Wait, what time is it? I'm asking about the date."

"Kyle, did you hit your head on a rock?" The young man said in surprise.

"Tell me now."

"It's September 1943."

'1943, it is the Second World War...' Kyle fell silent. Even in the Marvel world, the Avengers didn't exist during World War II.

Oh, but there was one iconic character.

"Last question." Kyle took a deep breath and asked anxiously, "Is there a person named 'Steve' in the training camp here?"

"Steve?" The young man's expression became strange.

"Yes, Steve Rogers." Kyle quickly confirmed that during World War II in the Marvel world, there existed the first heroes of the world.

Captain America, should also be Marvel's first Avenger.

"Kyle, what are you saying? We don't just know that person." The young man blinked, and under Kyle's suspicious eyes, he pointed to his nose and said with a smile, "I am Steve. Rogers."

Hearing this, Kyle opened his eyes in shock and looked at the young man in front of him from head to toe again.

Compared to normal young people, he looks thin, with simple blond hair and a face that looks weak. Well, no wonder he feels a little familiar, isn't this Captain America before he was injected with the super-soldier serum

Since he is here, this is indeed Marvel.

Kyle was not in the mood to pay attention to the legend in front of him. He didn't know whether he was happy or scared. He was very excited when he thought of getting in touch with the crazy technology of superheroes living in the movie. But when I think of the powerful villains in the Marvel world, I have a headache.

However, this is Marvel during World War II. It is difficult to say whether he can survive in his new life which is so many years before the 21st century. It is way too early for worrying about Thanos snapping his fingers.

Still, Captain America is right next to him, so how he grabs his thighs for future benefits.

Kyle thought of this, and his eyes changed when he stared at Steve, which made Steve shudder and take a half step back subconsciously.

"By the way." Steve seemed to remember something important, and said worriedly, "Sir Brandt asked me to inform you that when waking up, you must go see him."

'Oh, the officer who trains recruits?' Kyle nodded. After watching the first Captain America movie, he was still a little impressed with the training officer's role.

I remember that before Steve became Captain America, he was targeted by his superiors and comrades because of his frail body.

Maybe the original owner of the body could cause him trouble also. As a recruit, he fainted from heatstroke on the first day of training, which probably gave the officer a very bad impression.

Kyle pondered for a moment, and said calmly, "I don't quite remember the direction to the chief's office. Can you take me there?"

"Okay, come with me." Steve nodded.

Steve took Kyle out of the barracks dormitory, and the two walked on the inner road of the base.

The sun was shining outside the door, and on the training ground of the huge base, teams of young soldiers in white shorts and bare arms were running under the slogan.

"Hey. Look, isn't this Kyle and Steve."

"He suffered from heatstroke on the first day of training. Just a weakling."

"A small white mouse and a thin corn stalk, these two are impressive recruits."

A team of recruits whistled past the two of them while laughing they were training teammates who lived in the same dormitory.

"Kyle, you don't need to pay attention to them." Steve turned back to comfort but saw that Kyle's face was not at all resentful, but with a faint smile.

Of course, Kyle ignored the recruits. For him, who had his card-drawing ability, only Steve, who soon became Captain America, was qualified to be his comrade-in-arms.

On the way to the chief's office, Kyle was constantly testing his card-drawing ability.

Soon, he came to a small conclusion:

First of all, as long as he is within three meters of a body, he can obtain card information of the target.

Classification is currently divided simply into item cards and ability cards. Item cards cannot be extracted, and ability cards can be copied and extracted freely.

Ability cards are a person's skills and abilities. Common skills such as English basics, car driving, and other ability cards are all white cards. Those who reach a certain level of professional proficiency, such as English proficiency and pistol proficiency, can become green cards.

"Green ability cards can also be drawn, but the time for extracting is longer than white..." Kyle was still feeling greedy with his ability to draw cards, and Steve suddenly reminded him to pat him on the shoulder and lead him to a room.

"Report sir! Recruit Steve Rogers, I brought Kyle here."

"Uh, recruit Kyle, come and report!"

Kyle followed Steve, and the two stood at the door of the office with a standard salute.

"Come in!" In a dignified and calm voice, the two walked into the office side by side. The inside was simple and neat in the style of a military camp, with a desk in the middle.

A middle-aged man in an officer's uniform was sitting on an office chair, and he seemed to be Chief Brandt. In addition, there was a female detective in a small wrap skirt and military uniform standing beside the desk, holding a recorded document.

"Soldier, how is your health?" Chief Brandt looked at Kyle coldly, and Kyle immediately replied, "Report, sir, my body has recovered, and you can continue training immediately."

"Oh?" Chief Brandt frowned and said calmly, "You don't need to train. You can go back and pack your things, and someone will take you home tomorrow morning."

Steve's face changed slightly, and this sentence was undoubtedly announcing the death sentence for Kyle's career as a soldier.

The female detective did not say a word and lowered her head to record something on the document.

Only the person involved, Kyle, had a calm face, as if it wasn't him, and said calmly, "Report sir, I insist on staying and continuing training as a soldier."

Chief Brandt snorted coldly, "Training? What training is there? Fainting from heatstroke on the first day, your willpower is not good enough. It's a shame for our US military!"

"What qualifications and abilities do you have as a soldier to defend your family and the country?" Speaking of which, Chief Brandt glanced at Steve, apparently scolding him as well.

Faced with doubts, Kyle took a deep breath, took a few steps forward, and answered confidently within 3 meters of Chief Brandt, "Give me a chance, I will show my abilities and qualifications to the chief."

When stepping such a distance, Kyle was within the radius of ability extraction, he concentrated his thoughts, and more than 30 cards ranging from white and green came into view.

Good guy, worthy of being an officer who trains recruits, there are nine green cards alone!

[Pistol Mastery], [Rifle Mastery], [Military Auxiliary Equipment Mastery], [Military Boxing Fighting Mastery], [Training Soldiers and Coaching Mastery]...

"That is not a small tone, tell me about it, how do you want to show me?" Chief Brandt snorted and smiled. It is understandable if a talented person can say this with self-confidence, but having a lack of talent is being conceited.

On the first day of training, a recruit faints from heatstroke while running, what talents can he have?

The female detective next to the desk also shook her head secretly, and her thoughts of Kyle were getting worse. Although the recruit in front of her could be ranked in the top three of the entire training camp in terms of appearance, the willpower and self-knowledge even Steve possessed can't be compared to him.

"If you don't believe me, sir, do you want to compete with me, a soldier." After seeing Sir Brandt's card, Kyle felt more confident and calmly said, "If I win, then I will continue to stay in the barracks. If I lose, I don't need to cause any trouble with the boss to fire me, I'll pack up and leave by myself."

"Competition? Just you? You don't want to play cards or flip coins, do you?" Chief Brandt looked at Kyle like he was looking at an idiot.

"Of course not, I want to compete with Chief Brandt, as a soldier!" Kyle said with a deep breath.

"Enough! Soldier, don't be too presumptuous!" Chief Brandt patted the table and stood up and said angrily, "What qualifications do you have to compete with me? You are humiliating an officer, and I can completely file a complaint against you to the military. You can go to court!"

Kyle knew that he had no way out, so he could only insist: "Of course, I didn't mean to insult the commander, I was serious and wanted to take this opportunity to show my talent as a soldier."

"You!" Chief Brandt was about to say something when the female detective next to him interjected and asked, "Soldier, what do you want to compare with Chief Brandt?"

"We can compete in marksmanship. Any gun will do." Kyle replied firmly.

The female detective stared straight at Kyle as if trying to find something from his face and finally said, "I think we can give him a chance.", and returned to the original silence.

"If you want to compare your marksmanship with me, I don't know if you are too confident or have given up on yourself." Chief Brandt sneered, sat back in his chair silently, and said, "Then I will send you home and be convinced of it. Point in the range, then a fifty-meter target of a rifle."

"Okay." Kyle secretly sighed, everything was expected, and his attention was now on the female detective.

If you can influence the chief, this female detective seems to have a big background. Let's see if she has any ability card that will come in handy next.

Kyle did what he wanted, and his thoughts immediately fell on the female detective. The next moment, he was almost stunned.

Far more than the thirty or so of the chief, more than seventy cards of ability jumped out from the female detective's body. The white and green cards were intertwined, almost covering her entire mature and slim body.

[Psychology Mastery], [Medical Aid Mastery], [Morse Code Mastery], [Assassination Mastery], [True Rifle Mastery], [Etiquette Mastery]...

There are no less than twenty green ability cards alone!

And among them, there is a card that is even more emerald green than the ordinary green card, that card is dazzling...

"Since this is a bet, it is best to have a paper certificate of the agent as a witness of it," Kyle suggested with a smile, of course, he was going to close the distance to gain an extra advantage.

It takes three minutes to extract a green ability card, and the distance to draw it must be within one meter.

However, with his appearance of victory everyone in the office, including Steve, became silent.

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