Marvel in Between Flesh and Steel.

In an surprising turn of events, Alex wakes up in the Marvel Universe(AU), problem is he had limited knowledge about Marvel. He only know some of the well known heroes, villains and lurking dimensional gods. He did his best to adjusts to this new reality, though not a genius like Ironman, he decides to adapt to this reality by starting a tech company he called Arasaka, hoping to strike it rich. During his undertaking, Alex finally gotten his wish, a half arse Golden Finger. That gave him advanced knowledge about technology, including cyberware, futuristic vehicles and weapons from games and movies like Skynet from Terminator. Empowered with this newfound knowledge, he transforms into a tech-enhanced superhero Navigating the challenges of the Marvel Universe. Authors Note: The Technology he will mostly use are from Terminator, Predator, Cyberpunk. I’ll add more as the story goes. There will be no Harem. I’ll try not to write romances as well so no Smut. I’ll have the main character focus in technology, sorry no magic. MC will appear as he has limited knowledge about the marvel verse. MC only knows about MCU, Spider-man Cartoons and Movies. A few clips he have watched from his previous life like Dare Devil. FAQ: 1) Is this business focus: No its not, There will be parts but not much. 2) There is a chance for romance depends on how the story goes. Note: I don’t know how to write stories. Believe me I tried. I’m just glad that I am able to accomplish one of my bucket list with the help of ChatGPT. Please be gentle lol. I know its gonna be bad, as again I don't know how to write in English and its not my native language. Its not even my secondary language, its not even the third since we have lots of languages, where I’m from. Any helpful criticism will be greatly appreciated. I'm just doing this for fun and hopefully when I actually try to write another story, it will be better.

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Machine Man 48 : The Exploration Begins.

In the icy expanses of Antarctica, Alex Arasaka and his Praetorian troops, under the guidance of Skynet, prepared for the next phase of their mission. The hidden cave entrance leading to the Savage Land awaited exploration, and Skynet had a few surprises up its digital sleeve.

A floating throne made its appearance, it gracefully floated before Alex, Skynet, with its ever-digital playfulness, spoke through the communication devices, "Emperor Alex, I've prepared a special seat for you. A throne, fit for the ruler of this expedition."

The Praetorians exchanged stern glances, their cyber-enhanced eyes reflecting a mixture of awe and military discipline. Rico, the esteemed commander, nodded with a sense of acknowledgment, "Looks like Princess Sky's has prepared well, Emperor. Why don't you give it a try."

Alex, unsure about the necessity of a throne in the frozen wilderness, raised an eyebrow. "A throne, Skynet? In this frozen wasteland really?"

Skynet's digitized voice responded with playfulness, "Think of it as a symbol, A symbol of leadership. Besides, it has some surprises."

Looking at his soldiers revering gaze, Alex have no choice but to play along, as he sat on the massive thone, the pod emitted a subtle glow, providing an environmental regulation system. Transparent shields extended from the hovering throne, seamlessly blending with the frosty surroundings.

It's designed intricately to resemble the Mobius Chair, the black and gold throne hovered gracefully in the chilly air. A wave of anticipation swept through the ranks of his Praetorian troops.

Rico, the commander, stepped forward with a salute, striking his fist against his chestplate. The metallic clang reverberated through the air. "Hail Emperor Arasaka!"

A sense of awe and camaraderie filled the Praetorian ranks. In a synchronized movement, the troops saluted their Emperor. The distinct sound of fists striking against their armored chests echoed through the frozen expanse.

"In unison, they shouted, 'Praise the Emperor!'" Their cybernetic enhancements amplified their voices, creating a harmonious resonance. The distinct sound reverberated, expressing their loyalty and allegiance to their Emperor.

Alex, overwhelmed by the fanatic display of loyalty, nodded appreciatively. "I appreciate your commitment, Praetorians. Let's move forward, into the unknown."

Not forgetting Skynet who made the ridiculous throne he addresses her playfully, "Alright, Princess Sky. I admit, this is quite impressive." He said teasingly, "But let's not linger here too long. We have a mission to accomplish."

As they entered the cave, the Praetorians activated their enhanced visors, 6 green lenses like insect eyes on their helmet glows, illuminating the dark passageway with light.

Their infrared and thermal imaging made sure they won't stumble in the dark. At the same time Skynet provided real-time mapping and analysis, guiding them deeper into the subterranean world with her Bee Drones.

Inside the cave, ancient rock formations hinted at the untap secrets hidden within the Savage Land. The air was thick with anticipation as the Praetorians ventured further into the icy depths.

Rico, communicating through neural interfaces, directed the troops with precision. "Stay vigilant, Praetorians. We're entering the Savage Land, and we don't know what challenges await us. Princess Sky, please scan for life signatures and potential dangers."

Skynet's voice echoed in their minds, "Always, Rico. Ready for real-time updates."

The icy cavern feels like a throat of an ancient frozen behemoth. Rico, led his cyber-enhanced troops with an air of determination. This was the gateway to the Savage Land, an uncharted realm filled with the wonders of a bygone era.

Rico barked orders to his troops, his voice carrying the weight of authority. "Take point, Strife. Barret. Cid and Vincent, protect the rear. We don't know what awaits us in there."

Strife a Japanese American, the nimble ninja with mantis blades on both hands, nodded. His cybernetic eyes scanning the surroundings. "Copy that, Commander. Moving in."

Barret the muscled bound African American, the towering figure with a gatling gun for an arm, chimed in with a hearty laugh. "Surprises are my specialty. And explosives are my hobby."

Vincent a stoic German American, always the serious one. "Just remember, Barret, we're not here for fireworks show. Let's keep moving."

As they ventured deeper into the icy cavern, they encountered obstacles – narrow passages, unstable rock formations, and ice stalactites threatening to impede their progress. Strife deftly maneuvered through the tight spaces, while Barret and Cid used their advanced tools to clear the way.

Cid a New Yorker, the communications specialist, couldn't resist injecting a bit of humor into the situation. "Feels like we're in one of those movies you know, like the Journey to the Center of the Earth. Minus the popcorn, of course."

Vincent, the silent sniper, responded with a wry smile. "Just keep your eyes on the mission, Cid. We're not here for vacation."

Amid the challenges, the Praetorians demonstrated seamless teamwork, their cyber enhancements complementing each other. Rico, observing the cohesion of his unit, couldn't help but feel a surge of pride. "Good work, everyone. Let's keep moving. We're almost there."

As they navigated the challenges within the cave, Strife showcased his agility, swiftly evading obstacles like a ninja. Barret, with explosive expertise, made quick work of any impediments. Cid, the comedic relief, couldn't resist making light of the situation. "Feels like we're back in training, doesn't it?"

Strife, the scout. Maintaining his serious demeanor, replied, "Save the commentary for later. We have a mission to complete."

Rico, observing the seamless coordination, commended his team. "Good work, Praetorians. Strife, keep leading. We're almost at the heart of the Savage Land."

After navigating through the challenges inside the cave, they stepped out into the breathtaking beauty of the Savage Land. The expansive view of forest stretched before them, revealing a landscape filled with prehistoric marvels. Dinosaurs wandered about, and the sky was filled with creatures that had been thought to be extinct for ages.

Strife couldn't contain his amazement. "The Emperor led us to this!? It's straight out of fantasy!"

Barret, surveying the scene, nodded in agreement. "Wonder if we could eat them dinos? It's gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure."

Cid, ever the pragmatist, chimed in. "Imagine the intel we could gather here. Princess Sky's gonna be pleased."

Rico, pride evident in his voice, addressed his cyber-enhanced troops. "Praetorians, we stand at the crossroads of history. Let's make our Emperor proud. Move it people!"

"Sir Yes Sir!" they replied in unison, their voices filled with determination as they pressed onward. The Praetorians were overwhelmed with awe as they ventured into the depths of Earth's mysterious land. Under the leadership of their respected Emperor Alex Saburo Arasaka, they were prepared to confront any obstacles that awaited them.

Meanwhile in SHIELDS HQ.

Director Fury gathered some of his top agents – Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and Natasha Romanoff – in a dimly lit conference room at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The atmosphere was tense as they talked about the enigmatic figure called the Silverhand.

"So who do you think this Silverhand is, that's stirring up trouble?" Fury asked, his voice cutting through the tension in the room.


Maria was the first to speak up, her brow furrowed in thought. "I think it's Alex Arasaka," she stated confidently. "Although there are a lot of hackers with the same ability, none of them can work as fast as this Silverhand" She continued, "If his capable of constructing an impregnable firewall, then he could just as easily find his way past most security measures set by other companies."

Coulson nodded in agreement, his fingers tapping on the table in a thoughtful rhythm. "Maria's got a point," he acknowledged. "Alex fits the profile perfectly and if you look at the targets chosen by this Silverhand, most of them are the same ones who've attacked him."

Natasha chimed in, her expression pensive. "Considering his skill set, it's entirely possible he's already breached our system."

Maria Hill shook her head. "That's unlikely. He may have hacked into CIA or FBI databases, but SHIELD operates under the shadows with UN's jurisdiction, we're off the books."

Fury nodded agreeing with Maria, he then mulled over, weighing the evidence in his mind. "If Alex is the Silverhand, we need to handle this delicately, we're no longer dealing with someone without a name." he said firmly. "With the number of things he contributed to society, we can't afford to make any mistakes."

Natasha, ever the pragmatist, offered her input. "I agree. We should approach Alex cautiously and gather more information, determined his identity if his even Silverhand, before jumping to any conclusions."

Coulson leaned forward, his expression determined. "I propose we sent Natasha to get close to Alex," he suggested. "She can gather intel and verify whether he's the Silverhand or not."

Natasha nodded, though she couldn't help but voice her concerns. "It might be difficult, considering Alex has a fiancée," she pointed out.

Coulson waved off her worries with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about that. The rumor about Alex's engagement was fabricated. He and his fiancée are just friends with a professional work relationship. Nothing more."

With their plan in motion and their objectives clear, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. prepared to confront Alex and unravel the mystery of the Silverhand once and for all.

Director Fury leaned back in his chair, his gaze fixed on each of his agents in turn. "If Alex truly is the Silverhand," he began, his voice low and thoughtful, "then we need to consider all our options. I want him to work directly for us. If that proves to be challenging, we can explore the possibility of having him as a consultant. Either way, his expertise could prove invaluable to our cause."

He glanced at Maria, knowing she understood the significance of having someone like Alex on their side. "Maria, once its verified, reach out to him discreetly. See if he'd be willing to collaborate with us on some projects. We could use his expertise to build an impregnable firewall for our system for ourselves, one that even the brightest mind couldn't breach."

Turning his attention to Coulson, Fury continued, "And Phil, I want you to explore the possibility of Alex creating military versions of his prosthetics and protective gear for our field agents. We've seen what he's capable of, and there's no denying the potential benefits for S.H.I.E.L.D."

Natasha nodded in agreement, her mind already working through the logistics of their plan. "If we can't have him directly on our team," she said, "at least we can utilize his skills to strengthen our defenses and improve our capabilities in the field."

Fury nodded, satisfied with their course of action. "Let's move quickly," he said, his tone firm. "The longer we wait, the greater the risk of someone else snatching him up. And if Alex truly is the hacker Silverhand, we need him on our side before it's too late."

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