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Transmigrated into the body of Peter Parker (MCU). Naruto Uzumaki Takes on his new life in becoming Marvel's web slinger. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Spider-man. I do NOT own Naruto. the cover is ai generated with a few filters added. if you would like to give me pointers and suggestions... let me now in the comments/reviews. Q&A: 1.) Will I be writing Naruto the same as in cannon? - No. I will keep some of the traits he had like his willingness to help people and do the right thing... maybe even keep his verbal tick but I will not be spamming it like in some fanfictions. This will be the story of Peter Parker as spider-man, taking on the role of the smart scientists/Inventor. And since Peter knows that this world will have trials, his role is to become Overpowered to overcome any outcome. 2.) Will this be a harem? - Not 100% Sure. I know that there is at least one pairing that I have decided on at the creation of this story, but if I do choose to go that path there will only be 3-5. No Massive harems here. 3.) Will there be "lemons" - Yes. And if don't go down the path of the harem then I'll make this happen. Not promising that it will be good... I'll do my best. I don't really know what I'm doing so will try to take this day-by-day, and hopefully I'll create a story that will stick with a few people... even though the beginning looks like its all filler. Update: I've been using a free A.I. to help lengthen the story from my prompted ideas. however it seems to be too guided to hopeful/happy endings... with is nice but spider-man stories aren't as joyous as it wants to guide the story. if I can't give this a finished product, I'll go back and refine the story. Same With some of my other creations

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Opening Untapped Potential. Chakra Controlled?

Next Morning. 7AM.

Peter awoke to the ringing of his alarm clock that stood atop the nightstand next to his bed. Getting up... he naturally commenced with doing his morning rituals. Bath, get his clothes on, have breakfast with aunt may and uncle Ben, return to the bathroom to floss and brush his teeth.

Today, he will attempt to unlock his chakra then proceed to do his chakra control exercises.

Walking out into the backyard of their house, peter gets comfortable by sitting at the foot of a tree then he closed his eyes, crossed his legs, took a deep breath in and as he let the air leave his body... he focused on his abdomen, in search for a point in his core. Being that he was used to the situation it didn't take him long to find his chakra. Making his chakra pulse throughout his body, he gained a sense of bliss, like whenever a person's skin is cold and they feel the warmth from the showers hot water spread throughout their body.

Opening his eyes, he was lucky to see that there was a small batch of leaves that had fallen relatively close to where he was sitting. Grabbing a handful, peter places one of the leaves against his forehead as he attempts the leaf sticking chakra exercise. It took about an hour for peter to get the leaf to stick, afterwards he started adding leafs to his shoulders and the back of his palms for good measure.


Choosing to move onto the tree walking exercise, Peter had to come up with a way to make this training look as discreet as possible... eventually coming up with the "push-up method". Lining his feet up against the bark of the tree then slowly sending chakra through his soles into the tree... while at the same time he commenced doing push-ups. Eventually sticking. / A.N: throughout all of the naruto fanfictions I've listened to over a few years, none of them came up with this method. (Just thought of it) I'll be using this method from this day on. That is all/

Getting the right sense of measurement on how much chakra he should output. He made the decision to complete the exercise in the secrecy of his room, and on an area directly above his bed. Eventually gaining partial mastery over the technique.

Choosing to not be wasteful of water, peter chose to wait for a couple of years until he is able to take baths by himself before trying to attempt to do the water walking exercise. "Don't want uncle Ben and aunt may to mistake me for the second coming of jesus if they managed to catch me walking on my bath water."


"Alright. Now that I've gotten a decent handle on my chakra control, I'll summon some shadow clones to take care of the small tasks and day-to-day jutsu." Creating 3 clones, peter details their orders of the remaining time of the day.

"Clone 1: your job for today is to get as close as possible to mastering the hinge technique, this way if anyone walks in we can keep them from discovering up to 5 of me doing whatever we have going on at the time.

Clone 2: Your main focus will be on improving our skills on writing. It will benefit us to keep our old calligraphy style, especially if there isn't many who know of the language.

Clone 3: You're the lookout. Listen out for any possible interruptions and give the group silent warnings.

Alright guys, we'll get these tasks done as quickly as possible and make it as discreet as possible." Receiving nods from his clones, peter started his journey to the living room when clone 3 asked. "What are you're plans?"

"I'm going to sit in the living room to watch cartoons." Receiving the deadpan look from the others, he felt that he needed to explain.

"I'm a kid... so I'll need to act like one, and while I'm searching through the cartoon shows I might be able to find one or two about fighting or superheroes. This will lead to the opportunity of training, I can't just instantly get into starting my body training without something or someone who inspired me, otherwise uncle ben or aunt may might start asking questions that I as a 6 year old won't have the answers to."

Getting looks that showed that his clones understood... peter left his room.


Channel searching hadn't led to much but some reruns of shows like looney tunes and tom and jerry, they were good but not the superhero/crime fighting cartoons that peter had hoped for. Or at least that was the case until peter witnessed the reruns of a series titled "Dragon Ball", the TV was showcasing its first and second episodes.

Dragon Ball was just the show he seemed to be looking for, after all... its not normal for a child of his size to be to toss what looks like a thick slice of a tree's trunk and be able to brake it into firewood with a single punch.

Walking over to uncle Ben, peter kindly ask to use his computer to watch more dragon ball episodes. Giving him a smile, uncle Ben placed peter exactly on the website and series that he needed... and since he had already watched the first two episodes he skipped to the third.

From then on peter had sat there upon hours until hearing aunt May's announcement of dinner being ready. Over the course of dinner, peter expressed how he wishes to train like goku and how he is going to train his body to become stronger to protect his precious people. Naturally uncle Ben and aunt may saw this as adorable childlike imagination and promised to help him reach his goal.

With dinner being over, peter returns to his bedroom.

8PM. Inside Peter's room.

Closing the door behind himself, peter walks over to each of his clones on standby. Giving the order to dispell, peter closes his eyes while filtering through his clone's memories. "Perfect." Through the eyes of clone 3, peter watched as clone 1 was shifting his body to look as iruka, kakashi, old man hokage, tsunade, Hinata, Boruto, and lastly into his former 12 year old body. From the memories of clone 2, peter watched as his clone struggled and made mistakes... which was natural being that his clone was only six, peter had the idea to hinge his clone then try to improve his calligraphy. But that was for later.

Hearing a knock at his door, he get the okay for whoever to come inside his room. Stepping in... may gave her greeting then proceeded to pull out set of pajamas for after Peter's bath, then took Peter's hand as they walked to the bathroom.

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