Marvel: Impact From The Maelstrom's Web

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What is Marvel: Impact From The Maelstrom's Web

Read ‘Marvel: Impact From The Maelstrom's Web’ Online for Free, written by the author FanFic_Listener, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering R18 Fanfiction, HAREM Fan Fiction, SUPERPOWERS Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Transmigrated into the body of Peter Parker (MCU). Naruto Uzumaki Takes on his new life in becoming Marvel's web slinger...


Transmigrated into the body of Peter Parker (MCU). Naruto Uzumaki Takes on his new life in becoming Marvel's web slinger. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Spider-man. I do NOT own Naruto. the cover is ai generated with a few filters added. if you would like to give me pointers and suggestions... let me now in the comments/reviews. Q&A: 1.) Will I be writing Naruto the same as in cannon? - No. I will keep some of the traits he had like his willingness to help people and do the right thing... maybe even keep his verbal tick but I will not be spamming it like in some fanfictions. This will be the story of Peter Parker as spider-man, taking on the role of the smart scientists/Inventor. And since Peter knows that this world will have trials, his role is to become Overpowered to overcome any outcome. 2.) Will this be a harem? - Not 100% Sure. I know that there is at least one pairing that I have decided on at the creation of this story, but if I do choose to go that path there will only be 3-5. No Massive harems here. 3.) Will there be "lemons" - Yes. And if don't go down the path of the harem then I'll make this happen. Not promising that it will be good... I'll do my best. I don't really know what I'm doing so will try to take this day-by-day, and hopefully I'll create a story that will stick with a few people... even though the beginning looks like its all filler. Update: I've been using a free A.I. to help lengthen the story from my prompted ideas. however it seems to be too guided to hopeful/happy endings... with is nice but spider-man stories aren't as joyous as it wants to guide the story. if I can't give this a finished product, I'll go back and refine the story. Same With some of my other creations

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hm for an hardcore marvel fan as me this is not good , small things that just annoys me , like anne marie naming her self rogue at age 6 when she took that name cuz her powers in her teenage years , stuff like that , then we have naruto he died at age 206, gets transmigrated into a 6 year old peter parker and he is fidgeting when he talks to a 6 year old rogue ? he acts like he is 6 with his personality , the man have been a military leader for over 150 years there is to much difference in character between the naruto author built up in the prologue and the peter parker at age 6 , it vould have been tons better if peter parker just got chakra with basic knowledge instead , this fanfic dont do well on the small details and it just keeps popping up everywhere its an annoyence for people like me who nitpic whatever we read


Pretty sure black cat got raped in this story it was implied a Harem member was raped hence this is a warning


giving a shameless review to help push the story out into untreaded waters, but I look forward to see what you think


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