275 Chapter 275 Formidable enemy [Edited]

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Sullivan felt really good. His divine power was now running smoothly.

As for his servants. They were now checking the divine power that he granted to them.

Morgan smiled at him. He knew that she knew that he purposely gave her the divinity of protection rather than destruction.

He just whistled like it had nothing to do with him.

Morgan shook her head. He could feel that she wasn't really upset about it and she felt excited.

'He is much better than I expected. This would be much more fun to conquer him'

Jeanne looked at him in reverence as he bestowed her the power she lacked. Now with her flag she would be an unstoppable force.

"Thank you my lord for the power of destruction. I will use it wisely."

Jeanne prayed to him like a devote saint she once was.

Sullivan nodded. He knew about her past so he couldn't help but want to help her. If being her god would help her out. Even though he hated to be one. He would tolerate it for her.

"I believe you will use it responsibly. I will be in your care from now on."

Sullivan smiled. His smile was very warm and touched her heart.

Jeanne swore upon her life that she would protect him at all cost. and those that oppose him shall be the heretics that would be purged.

Sullivan didn't know that with the power of destruction. She would become something more.

As for Scathach. She smiled at him sweetly as she swung her spear masterfully.

She walked closer to him. Jeanne who saw her walking closer while swung her spear.

She became vigilant and bought out her sword La Pucelle or known as the crimson holy maiden.

When Sullivan saw her brought out such a sword. He immediately acted.

"Stop! What the hell are you thinking bringing out such a weapon!"

Sullivan confiscated her weapon. This sword wasn't something she should use casually.

With just one swing of it and she might die. No she would definitely die!

This sword was the suicide type phatasm. It costs the user life to use it.

Jeanne looked at Sullivan and smiled lovely before she told him it would be okay to use it.

With her new power. She could bypass it and forcefully use it as she saw fit.

"Really, But how?"

Sullivan asked curiously. His power of destruction could help her bypass the cost?

"With your divine power of destruction, My lord. I could wield it and when it tried to consume my life. It will be denied by your divine power."

Sullivan nodded in understanding but it was still too much.

"I still think that you should be more careful from now on. And Scathach. I know that you want to fight me but not right now. I am still not used to my divine power and I might kill you accidentally."

"Ho, How can you be so sure?"

Scathach believed what he said but she wanted to know how.

Sullivan thought about it and sent the image he could see in the future about releasing his power.

His power was no joke right now.

"You could erase the whole country if you were not careful."

Scathach knew that his power was strong but she didn't think it would be that strong.

Now Sullivan had a problem even with his three servants. His power was still too high. He wanted to summon more servants but the problem would be that if he summoned more.

Alaya or Gaia might make their move.

Three servants could be considered their generosity toward him.

'I need to find a way to control my power. I can't let it slip if I don't want to wipe out a whole country.'

Sullivan sighed. He had the power to fight with those brother gods now but he still didn't have control over it.

He could wipe the floor with them but it might affect the entirety of the remnant world.

He needed to find a way to contain it.

'I need someone who could use divinity to teach me how to control it.'

Sullivan thought. And it not took an expert to know what he was thinking.

Scathach shook her head. And spoke to him. She might have something that could help her a bit.

"Do you want to go inside the shadow realm? In there you could wreak havoc as much as you want. As for my safety. You don't need to be worried about it. Inside the shadow realm I become immortal."

Unless he destroyed the whole realm which he couldn't in his current strength.

"You still want to fight me?"

"Of course. Don't tell me that you forgot that I also have your divine power. Even though it was much less than yours."

She could not teach him what she didn't know but it doesn't mean they could not learn to use it together.

Jeanne and Morgan looked at each other.

They knew that Scathach had made a score with Sullivan without even trying.

'What a formidable enemy.'


15 More chapter on www.p a t r e o n.com/phelio

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