168 Chapter 168 Traveling through multiverse is a normal thing [Edited]

Sullivan now looked at the sorcerer supreme as he called himself that. He didn't seem to be shocked or anything.

It was like he knew some kind of situation like this would happen.

"Well, That the gist of it. We tried to run away from the scarlet witch."


"No, Not you, Not now, maybe later."

The Sorcerer Supreme or Dr.Strange. then looked at Sullivan he knew that if it was not for the young Nephalem. The Older Wanda would have been successful in invading this universe with her darkhold.

Nephalem is the creation of the Angel and Devil. Something that couldn't be done by normal means. Because its very existence was against the law of the universe, No, The Multiverse or even the Omniverse. only those above them could bypass the law.

'He might be the son of that man. The one who falls…and the grandson of… Well I can't even mention his name in my mind otherwise I would cease to exist… If it was this universe then. Scarlet Witch would never dare to step in in fear of the oblivion'

Strange let out a sigh of relief. He didn't need to run for dear life if he was inside this universe. and the young girl named America would be safe here too.

With Nephalem here. The Oblivion will protect this universe. for his daughter was his betrothal.

As for how Strange knew all of this. It was just a problem he had with the eyes of Agamotto.

"So you want to stay here with her. Cool, then just pick the room in that building."

Sullivan said that and was ready to leave. But before he could, the young girl, who had been silent all this time, spoke to him.

"That's it? Don't you want to know anything more? Like, how can we come here? We are from another universe, you know."

America said. It felt like she tried to test Sullivan if he wanted her power or not.

Sullivan when heard that he just shrugged.

"Not really, Traveling through the multiverse is good but normal to me to be honest."

Multiverse? Heh. She didn't know what it meant to be traveling through the Multiverse. He is the real deal here girl.

Strage knew about Sullivan being the son and grandson of the big shots but he could not disclose it. Otherwise forget about dying. He will be tortured and punished till the end of time.

"Thank you for the hospitality. If you have any problem we will help you without hesitation."

Strange needed to have a good relationship with him if he wanted his help in dealing with Wanda The Scarlet Witch. She might not try to invade this universe but he was sure that she would find another means to come here.

She was broken. He knew that a broken woman could do anything if it meant she could fix herself.


Sullivan felt that he would be at the center of a headache situation in the future. So now he needed to let out some steam.

Jean, Hermione and Wanda watched as Strange and America went to a building that had been fully furnished to be a 5 star hotel base operation of Metas and Spiders.

He called it Avalon. A nice name to be honest.

"I think we need to do something about it. Sol, have done too much in the past several days. He need rest."

Hermione said to which Jean and Wanda nodded. If they could help they would.

"You know that we have literally an army of supernatural people here. You as the executive of the guild could issue an order. I think everyone love Sol and ready to do anything for him"

Jean said she even knew who would even sacrifice themselves in order to protect Sullivan.

"She's right. I don't know but it felt like it was my fault…"

Wanda felt guilty. and while she was about to speak anything further. Hermione cut her before she could.

"That stupid. Don't let Sullivan hear you or you will be scolded badly. He doesn't like people to blame themselves for something they didn't do. Like Peter over there."

She pointed to Peter[II] who was now living his life better.

Wanda felt better now. She's right, Sullivan would scold her badly if she blamed herself for what she didn't do.


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