163 Chapter 163 I am very superior [Edited]

Fighting between mutants was really disastrous. Their power could destroy many things in an instant. Sullivan had to use a very drastic measure. He used magic to make everything indestructible. at least physically.

Which was very helpful to avoid casualty.

Now in front of him. The Iron can was lying down broken. He was beaten up very badly.

Magneto couldn't believe himself that he was actually losing. He can't do sh*t to the young man he once told that they were different in power.

He was right but was at the end of scale. Not the young man.

"Impossible. I will not lose! For my people's life is in my hands."

Magneto tried to stand up but.

Sullivan shoved him down with his foot. In his hand Yamato was ready to sever his head from his body.

"You made too many mistakes, Iron can. You are a sinner who shoulders the responsibility of the destruction of many unforgivable causes."

Sullivan's voice was very powerful. His eyes shone brightly in an orange hue. He was now judging Magneto for his sin which was very large. He was the cause of many unnecessary destruction.

"Creation and destruction go hand in hand. Your destruction only brings sorrow and an undesirable future. A world only for metas exists and not humans? Don't be ridiculous. You try to erase your origins. You try to deny where you come from. How stupid can you be to deny the truth."

Every word of his piece through Magneto's heart. It was like what he said. Everything that came out of his mouth was the truth that he buried deep inside his heart. Not even Charles could find it. but the young man can easily.

"No, I will never admit to you. Everything I did was for my people. They have every right to stand above those homosapien! We are Homo Superior!"

Magneto then was smacked hard in the face with the yamato's sheath.

"Then I am superior to Homo Superior then what. I am not a meta to tell you the truth, I am Naphalem. A half angel half demon If you want to talk about the superiority of genes? I think I deserve the right to rule over your weak Homo Superior right? Because I am Homo Superior's Superior Heh."

Sullivan unfolded his wings. It was black and white.

Magneto wanted to refute that he was just another mutant but.

"You think I am meta? But why couldn't your Cerebro do anything to me? You became an idiot just because you were smacked in the head?"

Magneto gritted his teeth hard. He tried to use his power but his power was sealed!

"Useless. I already sealed your ability with my chain…"

Sullivan then showed his Nen chains to Magneto. It was similar to Kullarpika but his chain was black.

The chain linked to Magneto's heart. If he used his mutated genes his heart would be destroyed immediately.

Magneto felt his body drained of power. He lost completely.

And while he was going to admit defeat, someone attacked Sullivan.


Sullivan dodged the attack coming from someone who moved at a lightning speed. He didn't dodge when he was attacked but before he was attacked.

If he dodged when he was attacked then he would not be able to dodge in time.

The attacker wanted to attack him again but when Sullivan wasn't even ready he could dodge his attack. right now that he knew he was being attacked. He could predict where the attacker would attack easily.

Sullivan used his Nen chain to interrupt the attacker's movement. then chained him. His fate wasn't different from Magneto.

"You should escape with him rather than try to beat me. You could buy sometime before I went to beat the two of you."

Sullivan wasn't afraid If Magneto were to escape from him. Because even he escaped successfully. He will know where he is. and he will not be able to use his power because if he used it forcefully. His heart would be pieced by his chain.

And the two people he had mentioned. Wasn't Magneto and him but her.

'Oh a witch… This world has a witch. Does that mean there may be Hogwarts out there somewhere?'


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