144 Chapter 144 Love is war [Edited]

After Tsunade and Ai accepted Sullivan's invitation to join the guild.

He exhaled deeply with a sigh. His entire body was ablaze with fever.

"What the heck happened to my physical form? Why is it that I am unable to acknowledge something like that?

When Sullivan first started watching sad anime, he probably didn't have any problems. But things are different now. All of the anime that he has ever seen at any point in time. It's what actually happened. Despite the fact that it does not exist in his world

"Those who have been accepted into guilds and chats have this as their ultimate objective. Someone is rooting for us to have a different outcome."

Sullivan makes an effort to quiet his racing thoughts by employing his occult abilities. It was really successful, thanks to the efforts of his lovely sister in teaching him.

When he talked about Hermione, he experienced an emotion. During their journey through the world of Hunter together, he had the impression that she was making a concerted effort to become more personal with him.

And now, she has made the decision to move into his world and live with him. even if she didn't divulge any information regarding Jean. But he was aware that she was making an effort to prevent him from engaging in strange behavior with her.

Not at all; stating that would most likely not be accurate. To be more accurate, it seemed as though she was attempting to prevent Jean or Phe from doing anything to him.

And at that very second, he was considering what course of action to take with Ai. Someone had approached him from behind in a stealthy manner.

She appeared to be holding a fantasy novel in her hand. Once she was within striking distance of Sullivan, she immediately attacked him.

"Luna, I don't understand why you jumped up on me."

It turned out that the Princess of the Moon was the one who initially approached Sullivan. She puffed her cheeks at him before speaking up in her dreamy voice.

"My Pudding… Sol gave her my pudding. It is not fair. I want to eat it while I'm sitting here with you reading this book."

A puppy dog eyes jutsu. It turns out that Luna is a ninja and not a witch.

A very cute ninja, by the way!

"I am sorry, I didn't know it was yours."

Sullivan thought the pudding belonged to him. He recalled that if it had been Luna's, then she had to have consumed the entirety of it. Luna couldn't bear to see Pudding. She has a very low tolerance for it.

For a brief moment, Luna displayed her displeasure toward Sullivan by pouting. Despite this, she made the decision to forgive her knight.

He might have made a mistake. Despite this, she continued to love him. He is destined to become her king in the future. Therefore, her anger toward him wouldn't last very long, even if he gave Ai the last box of pudding.

Ten seconds is more than sufficient. She had no doubt that he would make amends. He will once again take on the role of her knight.

"You are forgiven, but you are going to have to read this book with me."

Even with her tantrum. She was still the cutest witch for him.

The phrase "Love is war..." That was mentioned by someone in the past.

Hermione held the same viewpoint regarding the matter.

"I am going to win this war. I am going to be his first wife.'

Hermione's face flushed with embarrassment as she considered the possibility of participating in such nefarious activities alongside her cherished brother in all but blood. In spite of this, it continues to be something that fascinates her.

"How can I be this shameless, but I really want him."

Hermione decides. She will do whatever her heart desires.

"I can do it, and I will do it now."

With that said, she went to Sullivan's room.


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