143 Chapter 143 The dance and the treason [Edited]

Tsunade could do nothing but watch the unfolding events. She was in disbelief. The explosion had left her little brother reduced to a pile of flesh, but he had miraculously come back to life.

Sullivan's gift of a divine bird feather proved to be the deciding factor.

It's official now that the deal has been completed. And from this point forward, he has her undivided allegiance and devotion.

She has every reason to feel regret for signing away her rights under this deal. but she felt as though the weight of her animosity had been lifted off her shoulders. Perhaps life under Sullivan might not be so bad after all.

If nothing else, it was an improvement over life in the village, where she had lost nearly everything. She got her brother back. But that didn't absolve her teacher of responsibility. together with her teammate, Orochimaru.

It was selfish to blame her brother's death on her teacher and her teammate. But at this point, she just didn't care anymore.

"Nee-san, where am I? I thought that I was already dead…"

Nawaki asked his big sister. He was aware that he had been killed in the explosion. But for some reason, he just woke up outside in the pouring rain.

Tsunade didn't utter a single word; instead, she just wrapped her arms around her brother and hugged him. She shed tears of happiness. It is true that her brother has returned from the dead.

"It's okay now. This time, I will make sure you are safe. There is no way that anyone can take you away from me."

Tsunade's self-assurance stemmed from the realization that she was about to enter a period in which her prowess would significantly improve. together with the guild, with Sullivan serving as the master of the guild.

They will help her develop to the point where no one in this world can harm her or her brother, and they will do this by bringing her along on any missions that the worlds' will assign.

And at that moment, Tsunade was hugging her brother, Nawaki. She noticed that someone had written her a message and had sent it to her. However, Sullivan did not send out that particular message.

Hermione/Jean: Welcome to the Guild, Tsunade!

Tsunade looked at the message sent at the same time by the two of them, Jean and Hermione.

Tsunade let go of her brother before giving him something to wear. then replied to the message in the chat. She had no idea who they were, but she suspected that they were connected to her master in some way.

'My master. It's really nice for a ninja to have a master they can serve.'

Tsunade: Thank you, Please allow me to inquire as to the identities of the two of you.

She needed to be polite. and tried to fish out every piece of information she could.

Jean: My name is Jean Grey and I am Sullivan's girlfriend.

'Nailed it. I need to tread carefully around this woman because she has the potential to become my mistress in the future.'

Hermione: As for me, my name is Hermione Granger. I am his big sister.

'And this one also. Now that I know who they are, I can avoid provoking them by finding a solution that works for me.'

As they did so, the three of them danced around one another and attempted to glean information from one another regarding the circumstances surrounding their master, little brother, and boyfriend.

But as everything had occurred. He was actually taking care of a young girl.

If only they had known. They might ask the FBI to help them capture Sullivan.

While this is going on,

When Luna looked inside the refrigerator, she couldn't believe what she saw. Betrayed, she felt the pain.

"My valor... My love... My honor… You are a traitor, because you actually give her the last of my pudding... This constitutes high treason, and as a result, I am declaring war!"


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