141 Chapter 141 Ai Hoshino [Edited]

Sullivan leaned back. His sofa was very soft.

It would take Tsunade some time for her to believe what he said. but he understands. Tsunade, as a ninja, naturally has a different mindset than ordinary people. and with little knowledge and beliefs about other worlds or parallel worlds in the Ninja World.

It's hard to believe whatever he told her.

if she was from the church. He was sure that he would be hunted and called a devil devotee or whatever.

"Next, another one. Hmm. Who should I invite?"

Sullivan tries to figure out who to take next. He tried to invite the people he wanted, but

No one accepted his invitation!

"Da*n, this is too much. Why didn't anyone accept my invitation?"

Sullivan was in great pain. However, all he could do was accept the truth. as he continued to think about who to invite that he hadn't yet invited. He saw an anime that was just updated on his favorite website.

"Oshi no ko, hmm, interesting name. Let me take a look at it first. Then I will continue with blood and tears later."

Sullivan didn't know what he was going through until

"Nooooooooo, why, why, why did she have to die?"

Sullivan felt even more pain. He could feel his anger toward the character who had killed her. His angelic blood told him to help that bright, cheery, lovely girl, even though it was a lie. but at that time, when she said she loved Ruby and Aqua, It was the truth.

She loved her children with a genuine form of love, free from impurity and dishonesty. She was relieved and satisfied at finally being able to experience her true feelings.

The light in her eyes slowly faded after she told them that she loved them. It had awakened something dark within him.

His demonic blood calls for murder. And he knew that what he watched was not just anime but something that was real in another universe.

"That's why I don't like the tragedy genre. No, I absolutely hate it."

Sullivan made up his mind. He did what he wanted to do.


[Invitation Accepted]

[Ai Hoshino, the Future Idol of Tragedy, has joined the chat group.]

Ai: Eh, um, is this some kind of prank? If so, then after you finish it, can you give me something to eat, please?

His heart trembled when he saw the message from Ai. He didn't know what situation she was in. She might be in the same state as Tsunade.

Sullivan: This isn't a prank or anything. I will give you something to eat, but can you tell me how old you are now and where you are?

Ai: I am in a police station. and I am twelve years old.

'She is the same age as Luna. So she isn't an idol right now.'

It was good and bad at the same time. It was good because she hadn't met the tragedy of her death yet. but it was bad because the twin that made her feel loved wasn't born.

Ai: Can I have some food, please. The police said that I can't eat yet because Mama is a bad woman and they have to send her to jail.

Sullivan was shocked that someone said that to a twelve years old girl. He needed to do something right now, but he couldn't go to where she was right now. He needed a month before he could use the world travel function again.

Sullivan thought of a way that he could help her temporarily.

Sullivan: I'll give it to you, but please find a place where no one is present first. I'm going to do some magic, and it has to be kept a secret.

Ai: Okay

Sullivan then sent her food, snacks, drinks, and whatever she wanted.


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