Marvel: I am Sukuna

"If I want to eat, I eat. If I see an eyesore, I kill it. And if it entertains me, I throw it a bone." After a hopeless accident, Kai awakens his waited system alongside a revelation of his purpose in this new world. ===================== A/N: It has a gritty start alongside a mellow tuning of his character. Stick around to find out more! Join in my patreon for additional chapters! https://www.patreon.com/broskiii

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Inside a sleek black sedan parked on a dimly lit street, two goons sat impatiently, their expressions tense with anticipation. One of them, Tony, drummed his fingers on the dashboard, his gaze flicking between the dashboard clock and the entrance of the building they were parked in front of.

"Where the hell is he?" Tony grumbled, his voice laced with frustration. "The boss said he'd only be a few minutes. It's been over an hour."

Beside him, Steve, his companion, leaned back in his seat, his arms crossed over his chest. "Relax, Tony. The boss knows what he's doing. He probably just got held up with something. You know how he is."

Tony scowled, but a flicker of doubt crossed his features. "Yeah, but it's not like him to keep us waiting like this. What if something's gone wrong?"

Steve shrugged dismissively. "Look, even if there's trouble, the boss can handle himself. And besides, we're here to watch his back, not interfere every time he's a few minutes late."

Tony opened his mouth to retort, but before he could a loud thud reverberated through the air, followed by the sound of something heavy landing on the hood of their car. Both men froze, their eyes widening in alarm as they exchanged a look of disbelief.

Kai crouched down, his markings visible for everyone to see alongside the opening of his second set of eyes as he stared at the two men shaking inside their car, he used the cut-off arm of their boss to wave at them, "Hello there, gentlemen."

"Shh!" Kai gestured with a finger pressed against his lips, his eyes gleaming with an eerie intensity, as he made his way towards the back seat of the car forcefully ripping the door open.

He sat inside the car with a relaxed demeanor like he owned the car crossing his legs, while his hands stretched out casually on either side of the seat, throwing the arm to one of the goons. The two goons stared at him, frozen in fear, their mouths agape.

"Are you seriously showing me your crucifix?" Kai asked in an amused tone at the goon who was holding up his crucifix necklace at him, "Do you take me as the devil?"

The man shook his head in a hurry as he let go of his necklace, "You are-"

"Correct!" Kai nodded, "The man up there was your boss, right?"

The goons nodded.

"Good! He just happened to ruin my apartment, so I want you guys to go clean up my place and make some arrangements for me to meet up with this Kingpin. He owes me a new apartment."

Tony and Steve exchanged nervous glances, uncertain of how to respond to Kai's unexpected demands. "Um... Mr- Sir... is our boss-"

"Dead? Yeah... you can go ahead and check for yourself. You what's your name?"

Kai's tone was calm, but there was an underlying edge to it that made Tony and Steve shift uncomfortably in their seats. Tony cleared his throat nervously before answering.

"I'm Tony, and this is Steve," he replied, his voice shaky as he stared at the severed hand, "And, uh, we... we don't need to check. We believe you."

Kai raised an eyebrow, his gaze lingering on Tony for a moment before turning to Steve. "Tony and Steve, huh? That's an interesting name combo. Well, Tony and Steve, you two have a job to do, don't you?"

"Tony, go ahead and clean. Steve... drive me to the Kingpin, I would rather have him come and see me, but that guy had to run his mouth."

"But sir-"

Kai's eyes narrowed as he leaned forward, his second set of eyes blinking in unison. "But what, Steve?" he asked, his tone icy. "You have something better to do?"

Steve swallowed hard, shaking his head. "No, sir. I just..."

"Shut up and drive you idiot," Tony whispered nudging him as he got out with a frank smile, "I'll tidy up your place better than it was ever before."

Kai nodded as he settled back while Steve began driving without further hesitation.


Tony watched the car disappear around the corner, his mind racing with a mixture of fear and disbelief. He shook his head, trying to clear the image of Kai's second set of eyes from his mind. "What the hell did we get ourselves into?" he muttered under his breath.

Taking a deep breath, he turned his attention back to the task at hand. He needed to clean up Kai's apartment and fast. He glanced at the building, the window from which Kai had jumped out of still open on the fifth floor. "Better get this over with," he sighed.

As Tony made his way inside the building, he opened the door to his apartment only to be greeted by the severed head of his late boss glaring at him with a distorted look.


Inside the car, Steve drove with his knuckles white on the steering wheel, stealing nervous glances at Kai through the rearview mirror. Kai sat with an air of casual dominance, his eyes scanning the passing scenery as if he were on a leisurely drive rather than en route to confront one of the city's most notorious crime lords.

"Sir," Steve began cautiously, "How do you plan to... uh, approach Kingpin?"

Kai's lips curled into a predatory smile. "Don't worry about that, Steve. I have my ways. Just focus on getting me there quickly and without any interruptions."

Steve nodded, swallowing hard. "Yes, sir."

The rest of the drive was silent, the tension in the car palpable. When they finally pulled up to the towering building that served as the Kingpin's headquarters, Steve parked the car and turned to face Kai, his heart pounding in his chest.

"We're here, sir," he said quietly.

Kai stepped out of the car, his movements fluid and deliberate. The towering building in front of him loomed ominously, a fortress that signaled the immense power and influence of its occupant. Kai adjusted his jacket, his demeanor unfazed by the imposing structure.

"Wait here," he instructed Steve, who nodded nervously, still gripping the steering wheel as if it were his lifeline.

Kai walked confidently towards the entrance, the security guards at the door watching him with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. As he approached, one of the guards stepped forward, blocking his path.

"Who the hell are you?" the guard with a huge gash on his face asked, his tone gruff as he stared at him from head to toe.

"I'm here to see the King- No, It must be Wilson Fisk, bring that guy here," Kai replied coolly, his gaze steady and unyielding.

"Listen here, brat, do you think the boss is someone you can see whenever you please? Get an appointment." the guard challenged, clearly not impressed.

"Sigh! Maybe it's time I farm some points..." Kai stared at the guard looking at him from head to toe, "You look more like a thug than a guard, but since you willingly work for Fisk, I don't take it that you're innocent... not that I care regardless."

"Huh! What the fuck did you just say to me punk-"

Kai swiped his finger decapitating the man before he could move as he entered the building when red lights started blaring all around as armed men began rushing towards the entrance.

Kai stretched his hands as if he were orchestrating a symphony, he waved his hands left and right slicing through the oncoming guards with a precision and speed that left them no chance to react. Each movement was deliberate, almost graceful, as he weaved through the chaos, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. The corridor leading to Wilson Fisk's office became a scene of carnage, blood splattering the walls and floor.

Kai moved with an eerie calmness, his second set of eyes giving him an almost supernatural awareness of his surroundings. He didn't miss a single detail, every movement and sound processed instantly as he dispatched his attackers with ruthless efficiency.

In the security control room, panic erupted among the remaining guards as they watched the surveillance footage. One of them grabbed a radio, his voice shaking. "Sir! we've got a situation here! Some guy is cutting through our men like they're nothing! My best guess is that he's a mutant."

On the top floor, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, watched the security feed with a mixture of fascination and irritation. He pressed a button on his desk, activating a hidden intercom. "Deploy the special unit," he ordered, his voice cold. "And prepare my office. This intruder will be here shortly."

As Kai reached the elevator, he was met with a squad of heavily armed men, who immediately opened fire without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

Jumping back a couple of meters with pure strength alone, Kai evaded the initial barrage of bullets. His second set of eyes blinked in perfect synchronization, tracking every movement around him.

The moment he landed, he created a hand sign, "Cleave!"

Even without the hand sign his technique was already fatal enough to destroy everything around him, but when used with the hand sign and the enunciation of his technique name, it created an effect akin to strengthening his focus and cursed energy to its maximum potential.

The air around Kai seemed to ripple with raw power as he unleashed the technique. A wave of energy exploded from his position, as a cleaving force in a checker pattern sliced through the squad of heavily armed men. The energy cut through their armor and weapons as if they were made of paper, leaving them no chance to retaliate. The walls and floor of the hallway bore the marks of his devastating attack, etched with deep gashes and scorch marks.

The soldiers who were full of life just a second ago, were reduced to nothing but chunks of meat perfectly cut into cubes.

Kai took a deep breath processing the slaughter in front of him, his eyes cold and calculating as he stepped over the remains. Each step was a reminder of his relentless resolve, and his refusal to be intimidated or swayed.

The elevator doors opened with a soft chime, and Kai stepped inside, calmly pressing the button for the top floor.