Marvel: I am Sukuna

"If I want to eat, I eat. If I see an eyesore, I kill it. And if it entertains me, I throw it a bone." After a hopeless accident, Kai awakens his waited system alongside a revelation of his purpose in this new world. ===================== A/N: It has a gritty start alongside a mellow tuning of his character. Stick around to find out more! Join in my patreon for additional chapters! https://www.patreon.com/broskiii

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Favourite Rug

Three months later...

The old factory was a remnant of a bygone era, its crumbling walls and rusted machinery a testament to decades of neglect. Kai stood in the center of the dilapidated structure, his body radiating a dark, potent energy. Over the past three months, he had honed his skills relentlessly, pushing himself to the brink and beyond.

His body was a testament to his dedication. Months of intense physical training had transformed him. Muscles rippled under his skin, and his physique was now lean and powerful, a perfect balance of strength and agility. Each morning, he would wake before dawn, running miles through the city, lifting weights, and practicing martial arts until his muscles screamed in protest. His relentless regimen had not only strengthened his body but had also sharpened his mind, enhancing his focus and discipline.

Although, self-taught, with his mastery over his physical strength and decent form of fighting style he had picked up here and there, he was confident enough to take someone head-on in a fight.

His mastery over cursed energy had grown exponentially. He could now control his emotions with precision, using them to fuel his techniques without losing himself to the darkness within. Cleave and Dismantle had become second nature to him, each movement fluid and lethal.

With a deep breath, Kai focused on the task at hand. The factory would be his final test, a demonstration of his progress. He extended his hand, feeling the cursed energy surge through his veins. The dark aura around his fingers flared, flickering like black flames.

"Dismantle," he whispered, swiping his fingers through the air.

A burst of cursed energy shot forward, striking a support beam. The metal was severed cleanly, the structure groaning as it began to collapse. Kai moved swiftly, using Cleave to slice through other critical points. The factory crumbled around him, the sound of destruction echoing through the empty space.

As the dust settled, Kai stood amidst the ruins, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He had done it. His control over cursed energy was precise, his techniques powerful. He was ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.

Satisfied with his progress, Kai made his way back to his apartment. The walk gave him time to reflect on his journey. The system's guidance had been invaluable, but it was his determination and resolve that had brought him this far.

When he reached his apartment, he sensed something was off. The door was slightly ajar, a faint scent of cigar smoke wafting through the air. Cautiously, he entered, his senses alert. As he stepped into the living room, he froze.

A man was sitting on his sofa, casually smoking a cigar. He was tall and lean, dressed in a tailored suit that spoke of wealth and power. His eyes, sharp and piercing, locked onto Kai with a predatory intensity.

"Nice place you got here," the man said, exhaling a cloud of smoke. "I hope you don't mind the intrusion."

Kai walked in without a care in the world, sitting across from the man as he crossed his legs, "Who are you and why should I let you leave here alive?"

"Hahaha... Leo told me his brother was different but I didn't take you to be so arrogant." The man smirked, "You're a hard man to find, I didn't know your brother would be so secretive about the apartment he was renting."

The man's gaze followed him head to toe, with his gaze being primarily stuck on his leg.

Kai, expressionless, swiped his finger as the small burst of cursed energy cleanly cut the man's cigar in half, the burning end dropping to the floor, "If you make me ask again, It'll be your neck next time."

The man gulped as he let out a little cough, wiping away the sweat dripping from his forehead, but the opportunistic gleam from his eyes was hard to hide, "I am Dominic... I worked with Leo for a while. The records didn't mention but are you one of those freaks- no, I mean a mutant?"

The defeating silence from Kai made Dominic awkwardly chuckle, "I am here to collect the debt. Your brother took a few months of advances before he passed- my condolences on that."

"I had been investigating you for a minute as you had somehow disappeared from your hospital with an amputated leg of all things but here you are." Dominic gestured at his leg, "My members had previously dealt with the mutant named Wolverine, so I figured your abilities were similar but I didn't think it would be so... interesting."

"So here's the proposition... Since the payment is done, instead of your brother, you come to work for the boss, obviously with your 'talent' your salary would be much higher than his, so you should be able to finish your debt in about... 6 months give or take." Dominic rubbed his hands together akin to a fly, his smile letting off the greasy slimy feeling.

Kai's eyes remained cold and unreadable as he listened to Dominic's proposition. The mention of his brother and the debt was not unexpected, but the audacity of this man to come into his home and make demands was infuriating. "Who's the boss?"

"Oh did I not mention it?" Dominic let out a cocky laugh as he lit his cigar once again, "He's the Kingpin, now you may not know who he is but the one thing you should know is that he doesn't take kindly to refusals."

"No police can help you if you go against him and while I do value your ability more, how many bullets do you think you could take before you- Ah!!!"

Having enough of the bullshit villain monologue, Kai with a single swipe from his finger cut off Dominic's hand in a flash, with the cigar he was holding still in his hand, now falling to the ground.

Dominic let out a scream of pain, clutching his bleeding stump as he writhed in agony on the sofa. Kai remained stoic, his expression unchanged as he watched the scene unfold.

"You talk too much," Kai said calmly, his voice cold and devoid of emotion, "Go and tell that Kingpin of yours, that if he wants me to work for him, he better get that bald head of his here himself."


"Do you not get it?" Kai interrupted him as he lazily looked down at the man, "Next time, well-I'll kill you before there is a next time, so choose your next words very carefully."

Dominic's eyes widened in fear as he struggled to stem the bleeding from his severed hand. 

"Do you think you'll get away with this, you'll die an ugly death like your brot-"

Before the words could leave Dominic's mouth, Kai's hand shot out a strike slitting his throat in an instant. Kai watched as Dominic's head slowly slipped away from his body, blood gushing from the wound and pooling on the floor. The room fell silent, save for the sound of Dominic's lifeless body hitting the ground.

Kill Point: 1/100

Kai stared at the effect of his cut that imprinted the slash onto the walls as he shook his head, "I thought I used just enough cursed energy but it seems I overestimated my shot by a lot."

Standing up, he watched as the pool of blood slowly made its way over to his shoes as he turned his head towards the window, "That was my favourite rug..."