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What is Marvel: I am Sukuna

Read ‘Marvel: I am Sukuna’ Online for Free, written by the author Andrew_Basnet, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: "If I want to eat, I eat. If I see an eyesore, I kill it. And if it entertains me, I throw it a bone."After a hopeless a...


"If I want to eat, I eat. If I see an eyesore, I kill it. And if it entertains me, I throw it a bone." After a hopeless accident, Kai awakens his waited system alongside a revelation of his purpose in this new world. ===================== A/N: It has a gritty start alongside a mellow tuning of his character. Stick around to find out more! Join in my patreon for additional chapters! https://www.patreon.com/broskiii

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fanfic writers had enough with gojo, now they're going for sukuna lol, I counted atleast 5 sukuna fic rn including this, it made me remember the Andy toy story meme ' I don't wanna play with you anymore ' being gojo haha 😅😂😂


A lot of forced plot, so he goes to learn sorcery from the sorcerers but they say no because “he doesn’t have any magic potential” witch is so wrong anyone can learn sorcery from them. I am guessing the aurther is making him get rejected by everyone (no really just Reed, Tony & the Ancient one) to make us sympathetic to his plight.then magnito fight around him and his brother dies, we get like a chapter of him just praising his brother for taking care of him instead of his mother. Then instead of blaming magnito he blames the marvel world and is going down the madra path where he is ganna probably rewrite the laws of the universe to stop that idk?


Made for people who love edgy teen lords fantasy with good dose of cringe writing also sprinkle with diabolical dialogue. MC is simply a cheap knockoff Walmart version cosplay sukuna with sad tragic backstory as every MC does, to make him little bit close to sukuna villainy.


Thought that this fanfic might be to my liking because it has a MC with Sukuna abilities but the Author does not know the proper power level of other Marvel characters as he made other characters which should not stand a chance against Sukuna survive the fight just because Author want to stretch the story longer Overall Not worth your time (my opinion)


He is artificially elongating the fight scenes and nerfing the MC so that the story and conflict goes on longer than is necessary. ...............


This story has a great build up and concept, with a lot of potential. Hopefully u don't drop it. Also don't make the mc a reckless genocide fool but a intelligent one who keeps his track clean till he gets stronger to face shield or xmen or avengers


Nerf …………….


The author is probably a new one or...a bad one, im saying this because he breake one of the sacred laws about writting fanfictions, what law? the next one -Nerfs (the MC get nerfed or the author makes X power nerfed for "plot" convenience or bad aplication/underperformance of said power)


It's not that bad, but it has a forced plot, as well as dragging out plots for the silliest things, just because it was easy for the MC, so it gets more and more boring when the drama doesn't end.


The plot is overly drawn out, and nonsensical. The mc killed juggernaut (aka one of the most resilient, durable characters in Marvel) but struggles against Magneto...yeah right. The MC is pretty much a worse version of Sukuna, with none of the charm. The most accurate way I can describe him is "Emo" "Teenager" and whatever else comes with that. And that "Emo" aspect isn't even remotely appealing, as it was done poorly. The story has stalled drastically as of around 15-20 chapters in, and has fallen off horribly. It was a good read in the beginning, but not anymore. And for that, I'm giving it a 2.0 out 5. I hope the author actually pays attention to the feedback and improves, but I somehow doubt that will happen.


i look forward to this eagerly there are legit 0 sukuna fanfics and even when you find one they are either dropped or super confusing (like that one where the mc is a murderer and a god??) in conclusion my opinion can not be trusted on this matter seeing as i am biased and for that i apologies


Well, I would have given it more if it was in the past. But, the arthur started to drag the chapters with useless moments and what not. Jjk is mostly about fighting and killing. Sukuna is the main villain of the series. If you going to make a fic about Sukuna and give that kind of background, you have to make the story more interesting not to drag the story. If you do that, than you should stop cooking.


great potential but completly wasted... mc is just edgy sukuna wanabe with no charisma, his mentality just suddenly completly changed moment he got his powers (and even after that), he completly dont mind killing tens of ppl in brutal way (and even plays with some) even tho he didnt killed anyone before... he act dumb and ilogocal as well. Writing is pretty good grammer vise but he use unusual words to point it even looks like ai wrote it (or at least helped him)... overall very unoroginal story with mid writing and bad main character... nothing i can praise author for


Lots of unnecessary drama, the author keeps dragging the plot[img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted]


This is so insane. A bunch of people have left reviews saying the power scaling is off or the characters behave weird or the plot is forced but the real problem is that it is all ChatGPT. I skimmed through all the chaps posted so far and it pretty obvious that ChatGPT is doing all the plot and dialogue. every character is just ChatGPT in a different disguise which is why every character is dumb as rocks and nobodies actions/motivations make any sense. The fact that so many people are reading this and don’t even realize is genuinely terrifying




We started out Sukuna fics on the same day. Same premise. Same verse but you’re winning I wondered to myself why does he have more readers, stones reviews and comments than me but now I’m done wondering Andrew my rival let’s see who becomes the Sukuna in marvel kage of webnovel me or you? I’m challenging you my rival.


too forced. The author just doesn't want to kill important characters. he could have easily killed all the mutants but no that author had to go cliche.


Reveal spoiler


need more chapter


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