Duke, a young man awakened his X Gene to become the conduit of the Speed Force, a multiversal cosmic concept in the Marvel Multiverse

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A/N: [ So some of you are wondering how are and why Bruce Banner had knowledge of the speed force. So I'm here to answer that; how did he know?; Because I freaking said so😏 ..... just kidding... sort of... you guys forget he was a scientist before he became the Hulk and a fugitive. The fact that I've introduced the speed force to the marvel universe means that there will be some characters who will know about it, and others won't. Like how most characters did not even know about the infinity stones though it was present in the universe and yet some did, like Thanos😏.

Anyway, you guys should just ignore it, in fact I'll make up for it by updating as many chapters as I can today, do we have a deal? Also the Loki in the ff will be different from the wimp in avengers. He'd have access to a whole plethora of magic and shit, so stay tuned. ]


New York City.....

Inside an abandoned warehouse, several figures were gathered around a machine, as they made experiments upon experiments on it.

"Dr. Selvig. Tell me how's our little machine doing?" Suddenly, a man in a black suit and an overcoat walked in, holding unto a long scepter which had a blue gem at the top.

"We're doing great Sir. We're on the brink of an unprecedented scientific breakthrough." The man named Dr. Selvic, a renowned scientist, a middle aged man with blonde hair, wearing unto a red shirt spoke with a smile.

"Good. When the machine is finally completed, I will open a portal to outer space and allow the chitauri army to enter and purge Midgard of the scourge and sins." The man in the three piece suit, Loki said with a small smile, as he sat on a chair that resembled a throne.

"Loki of Asgard!! We have completely surrounded the perimeter. Come out slowly with your men and surrender. I repeat, walk out slowly with your men and surrender."

Suddenly just as they were working on what they were building, they heard the sound of multiple vehicles, before a loud voice enhanced by a microphone sounded out.

"Hahaha! Midgardians never cease to amaze me. Get the vehicle. And place the machine in it, I'll go entertain them for a while." Loki smiled and ordered his men, before walking out with a gleeful smile.

As he walked outside, he saw several trucks parked, with armed military personnel and SHIELD agents pointing their weapons towards him.

"Drop the weapon and surrender." The military commander glared at him, as he let out a small chuckle.

"Fine. If that's what you want." He gently lowered himself and dropped the scepter, as Natasha and Clint who were among the SHIELD agents looked at each other with frowns.

"Now raise your hands, turn around and kneel." The commander spoke with a frown, as Loki gave a small smile, however he didn't turn around.

Instead, he brought his palms together to form a hand seal before muttering;" ~Ou fer akbeth~!" Suddenly a reddish black magic circle appeared before him, before wave of reddish black flames exploded, sending everyone flying.

"Infernal magic always does the trick." He smiled and said, as a small truck pulled up beside him, which he immediately got in and sat with a smile.

"Target is escaping. Requesting backup, I repeat. Requesting backup!!" The commander who shockingly wasn't dead, picked up his walkie talkie before speaking. After that, he jumped into one of the trucks which hadn't been destroyed and sat in.

"Let's go!" He then picked up the uninjured soldiers and SHIELD agents, including Natasha and Clint and drove off in a chase across the city.


Meanwhile, within the homeless people's home, Duke was sitting and enjoying a meal with his family. He had bought them a huge number of foodstuff for them to have a little party to celebrate the birthdays of the kids around there...

"Happy birthday to you~ " Duke joined them as they sang aloud and clapped happily.

"Hooray!!" He shouted after the sang the song and carried two of the kids in his back as he run around with them on his back.

"Sometimes I feel sorry for the him." Seeing Duke play with the kids, the women around gathered and sat down as they ate and watched him.

"Yeah, since young he was introduced to the crime world and has become quite the reputable figure." An old man chimed in, as he sat beside the women.

"I just want him to settle down, get married, and have kids, but he doesn't listen." Nella, who was sort of Duke's foster mom smiled as she watched him.

"He's a good kid Nella. If others had gotten to his level of wealth, they would've long forgotten about us, but he's offered us the opportunity to move out of here severally which you lot have refused. Even still, he makes sure to visit us at least twice a week. We're blessed to have him." The old man could see seen groaning as he spoke.

"I know, could be good to have a nice house and all that, but what about the homeless children and orphans, who'll take care of them?" Nella interjected with a small smile.

"Uncle Duke, I want cake!!"" Yeah me too." Soon the kids Duke was playing with began to pull on his shirt as he smiled and caressed their heads.

"You guys want cake? Alright. Let's go eat cake!" He began to run around with the kids and took them to the women who fed them happily.

"Nella, how's the party? Did you like the food?" He asked as he sat with Nella who was sewing a scarf.

"Thanks for giving the kids this gift Duke. It's very appreciated. You know, these kids all aspire to be like you." Nella said with a smile, as she patted his head.

"It's alright. I just wanted to let them enjoy their childhood." He smiled and said.

"It's alright child." Nella patted his back lovingly. "Here." She placed a small black scarf in his hand. "Wow, it's beautiful, really beautiful. Is it for the kids?" Duke asked as he examined the scarf.

"No silly. I made it for you." She said with a chuckle. "You made it for me? I love it." He smiled and hugged her, as she hugged him back.


"You humans are relentless aren't you!" Loki opened the roof of the car he was in and jumped to the back as he chuckled at the armored truck chasing him relentlessly.

"Clint you with me?" Natasha took out her guns, as she lowered the window and pushed half of her body out, and began to fire at Loki, as Clint nodded and did same. Arrows after arrows were fired by him with accurate precision.

"~Kalos sto nidhog~" Loki smiled before performing a hand seal, as a huge screen of thick viscous water formed before him, completely blocking the bullet and arrow rain that was aiming for him.

"Such incredible marksmanship." Loki smiled and observed, seeing how Clint's arrows were hitting the same area on his water shield with frightening precision.

"He's blocking all of our attacks with whatever magic he's using." Natasha roared out. "We have RPG's in the trunk of you want something heavy." The commander who was driving said, as she raised an eyebrow.

"Uhhh guys hold on!!" The commander suddenly saw Loki take out his scepter, before as he fired out an energy blast from the blue gem on top of it."

"Boom!" The armored truck dodged by a closed shave as a nearby building exploded, killing several innocents.

"Shit! We gotta take him out fast!!" Natasha roared out as she kept firing.

"Fuck! Clint! Take the RPG!" The commander bellowed. "Are you fucking crazy?!"

Clint roared out in shock. "We gotta stop him fast, do it!!" The commander bellowed as Clint reluctantly took it and aimed it towards Loki's truck.

"Oh? A heavy artillery?" Loki laughed and made another hand seal.

"~Ou les mestrof~" The moment he murmured, a reddish black magic circle appeared, before a huge reddish black orb of flames materialized.

"Holy Shit!!! Clint fire now!! The rest of you, jump!!" The commander roared out, as the agents and soldiers jumped out of the truck immediately.


"Beep Beep!" Suddenly Duke's phone began to beep, as he left the shelter with a smile and zoomed a couple of meters away.

"Samantha? What is it?" Suddenly noticing the IP address on the phone, he picked and asked. "Sir, you are in danger." The AI said, as Duke instantly turned around and saw two trucks in a wild goose chase.

He suddenly saw a figure fire an RPG from the second truck, as a huge fire ball was blasted from the first truck which completely eradicated the second truck, causing an explosion which destroyed multiple blocks.

The RPG however was deflected by the figure on the first truck by unconventional means and the next moment, the RPG was flying towards the shelter.

Duke's eyes suddenly widened, as he lightning crackled all around his body, and sparks flew all around.

Immediately, time slowed down to a crawl, as he took a step forward, which created a sonic boom so large, the glass windows on city blocks behind him exploded in slow motion form,

However even though everything had slowed down, the RPG was still moving closer and closer towards the shelter with every passing second as he rushed forward with full speed and tears began to pool in his eyes.

However, no one could escape the shackles of fate and destiny. The RPG being already so close to the shelter exploded, as time back to normal and massive shockwave exploded forth sending him flying a couple of meters backwards as he smashed into a building behind him.

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