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Stark Tower,...

"Vroom! Vroom!" A few blocks away from the Stark tower a black van was moving beyond the speed limit as it rapidly approached the huge skyscraper in the distance.

A few meters away from the huge tower, behind a small apartment, the van stopped and parked, as several men walked out.

"Before we go, there are 2 precautions you need to take. The first and most important precaution is make sure to listen to every single word I say, down to the last letter." As the men walked out, the man in lead, a young man who was dressed in completely black outfit spoke.

He wore dark leather jacket, a dark inner shirt and pants, a dark cap and black nose mask, with a pair of glasses.

He looked at each and every man behind him as he said, smirking underneath the mask, as

the men trembled. Each and everyone was aware of the reputation of Azazel, the only person who had risen to the top of the villain world, as a criminal mastermind within a span of a few months, as such they dared not go against his words, else not even their boss could save them.

"Yes Sir." They responded in unison, as they strapped their weapons to their bodies. "The second thing is, try not to die." He added, as the men nodded, they knew what they were getting themselves into, but the reward was greater than the risk, so they had to take it, some could even argue that a good death is its own reward.

"Bullseye" He called out, as a man dressed in black, holding unto a bow and arrow appeared immediately.

"I heard you're the best marksman in the world, a world class assassin, as I've heard also." The man, Duke, spoke as he looked at the bald man with a bullseye mark on his forehead. "You underestimate me." Bullseye slowly spoke, as he looked Duke in the eye without flinching.

"Tssstt!" Duke's eyeballs flickered with lightning, as he glared back at the bald headed assassin. "What do you want me to do?" Bullseye immediately took a step back, as he cleared his throat and asked.

" Take care of Hawkeye." Duke said before turning around. "Okay people, pick up the EMP and let's get this done." He smashed his palm on the van and said, as the men picked out a round device and rushed out.


The Stark Tower was unusually quiet today, as three men in black suits stood at the entrance.

"Swoosh!" Suddenly, several swooshing sounds could be heard, before three long arrows pierced through their heads as they fell to the ground, dead in own pool of blood.

Immediately, several armed men in black masks and clothes appeared, holding unto a strange round device.

Placing the device in front of Stark Tower, the men took a few meters back.

" Boom!!" One man holding unto a remote immediately pressed a button, before a large magnetic pulse blasted towards the building in a shockwave form. Immediately all lights, cameras and drones in and out of the building shut down completely .

"You guys came after all, I was beginning to get bored waiting." Suddenly, a thud was heard, before a man in a futuristic robotic suit landed on the ground.

The next moment, a familiar figure dressed in her usual sexy skin tight black suit, appeared with a flip. "You don't wanna this Duke, don't go down this path." She said as she pulled out two guns from their holsters and pointed them at the man in the lead of the black clothed men.

" Natasha Romanoff, we meet again." Duke said as he walked forward fearlessly with both hands in his pocket.

Suddenly, Duke tilted his head to the left, and caught an arrow with his right hand as he smirked underneath the mask.

"Lousy." He said, as he looked at the newly appeared figure, the Robin Hood of SHIELD, Clint Barton or Hawkeye.

"Is this your lineup? If so then you're going to lose." Duke said confidently, as he took a step forward. "Bullseye, take care of Barton, the rest of you complete the mission. I'll handle these two." He signaled to the men who began rushing into the tower fearlessly.

"Not on my watch." Tony Stark immediately said, before he engaged his thrusters and flew towards the men, as he fired several blasts from his repulsors.

However, Duke appeared before him immediately in a burst of yellow lightning, and grabbed him by the arm, before flinging him towards Natasha within a tenth of a second.

"Fuck!" Natasha groaned in pain, as she pushed Stark off her body.

"Samantha, assist them."" Right away Sir.." He converged with the AI, before turning his head to his opponents who had already risen to their feet.


A few meters away from them, an epic battle between one of the most well known mercenaries on the planet, and the deadliest assassin. They shot arrows, darts and knives towards each other with frightening accuracy, while trying to dodge the attacks from one another.

Jumping straight towards Clint, Bullseye unleashed consecutive punches which Hawkeye dodged gracefully, before a spinning heel kick which pushed him a few meters back. "Bam!" The two once clashed again shooting several arrows and attacks, as they tried to take each other down.

Backflipping, Clint took out two darts, before throwing them towards Bullseye who dodged immediately, however, before he could react, an arrow shot right through his back, as he immediately fell to his knees.

"Sometimes, it's not always about the accuracy." Clint chuckled as he knocked Bullseye out with a heavy kick, before rushing to the other side of the battlefield.


Duke dodged a bullet from Natasha, before he appeared right in front of her and unleashed multiple kicks which sent her a few steps back, as she puked out blood.

"Sigh. How can I enjoy a battle when my opponents can't land a single hit, neither can they take a single hit from me." Duke sighed as he sidestepped and dodged a blast from Tony Stark. He instantly sped up his perception which caused everything around him to slow down as he instantly appeared before Tony and began to run around him.

Tony couldn't even see the opponent, all he could see was a yellowish lightning streaks and sparks circling around his body.

"Jarvis! How fast is he moving?" He panicked and instantly began to fire energy blasts from his repulsors.

"Sir, he's close to Mach 3.8, the chance of winning this fight is negative." The AI replied.

" Thanks Jarvis. I really needed that." He added sarcastically as he tried to fly in the air, however before he could even move, a bolt of lightning struck him point blank which sent him flying a couple of meters.

"Stark!!" Natasha And Clint rushed to Stark, however before they could even get to him, a figure appeared before them in a burst of yellow lightning and smashed his palms towards their chests, which sent them flying and rendered them unconscious.

"Hey speedy, why don't you take on someone your own size!" Suddenly he heard a voice which made him turn around, and the next thing he saw was a blue and red metal shield flying towards him which he caught with his left hand.

" And who might you be?" Duke asked as he tossed the shield back to where it came from, as the figure caught it with relative ease.

"Santa Claus" Captain America chuckled, before he rushed at Duke who only stood there with an amused expression.

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