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Why did Apocalypse die naked on the street? Why did Iron Man scream miserably in the middle of the night? Why does Wakanda repeatedly fall into the wrong hands? Why is Asgard frequently targeted by thefts? Why couldn't Thanos snap his fingers, and who was behind it? What lies behind the Avengers' worried faces? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality? Stay tuned to this book as we follow the protagonist into their inner world... . . . . . . . . Not my story. Translation If you want to support me you. My pat*eon Id is--> pat*eon.com/Lord_Immortal_0170 Or you feel like tipping me for my hardwork you can do so on Ko*fi --> ko-fi.com/lord_immortal_0170

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Black Widow

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After summarizing his shortcomings, the next step for Zane is to find solutions. Currently, Zane can only address the first three points: increase his combat experience, learn some martial arts skills, and add weapons to the [King's Treasury] similar to crowd-clearing nuclear bombs.

As for the movement skill, Zane can only hope to acquire something useful in the future.

Upon returning home, Zane immediately hired a private martial arts coach who provides home services. Luckily, Zane's villa has a spacious gym, which had been unused until now.

It's worth mentioning that the coach turns out to be a woman. Observing Lorna pretending not to notice but occasionally casting glances in his direction, Zane suddenly feels a strange sense of guilt.

"I swear on my personality, I didn't know the coach was a woman," Zane says, looking at Lorna, trying to convey sincerity through his eyes.

Oddly enough, Lorna seems to understand. She rolls her eyes at Zane and comments, "Keep making things up. Men are all big blockheads."

Zane, facing the majestic and fit beauty of a coach who exudes an aura of charm, realizes he might have sensed a hint of flirtation from her, given her smile and the natural allure in her eyes.

"Introduce yourself; after all, you will be teaching a rookie like me. If possible, I'd like my girlfriend to undergo training as well, and money is not an issue," Zane says. "Oh, by the way, you can call me boss or Zane."

The beautiful coach smiles slightly, and whether it's Zane's imagination or not, he feels like she's trying to enchant him naturally.

"Sure, I'll call you Zane. Let me introduce myself; I'm Natasha."

"Natasha? You said your name is Natasha?" Zane's expression becomes strange.

"Yes, what's wrong, Zane?" Natasha asks, puzzled.

Zane doesn't answer her question but instead carefully scrutinizes her appearance. With auburn waves, deep emerald eyes, and a face that's 70% similar to the famous actress Scarlett from his previous life but more refined, Zane has a pretty good idea. However, he needs confirmation.

Suddenly, Zane smirks, and a small golden portal appears above his hand, dropping a handgun. Without hesitation, he aims at Natasha's head and fires a shot.


Natasha's pupils contract sharply. Without caring about her mission or disguise, she instinctively tilts her head, avoiding the gunshot. Then, her delicate hands quickly grip Zane's wrist, attempting to dislocate it.

Unfortunately, she can't budge it. Zane's current physical capabilities surpass even Captain America's, and although he lacks combat skills, Natasha can't move him.

Not far away, Lorna, who had been listening to the commotion, also sensed that something was wrong. She immediately activated her ability, and kitchen utensils flew out of the kitchen, surrounding Zane and Natasha. However, she didn't dare to approach, as she wasn't proficient enough in controlling her powers and was afraid of hurting Zane.

Seeing the floating knives and forks around him, Zane turned around and smiled at Lorna.

"Don't worry, I can handle this."

Lorna nodded, controlling the knives and forks to return to their original positions. However, her eyes remained fixed on Natasha, who was sweating profusely. If she made any suspicious move, Lorna wouldn't mind letting her experience the piercing pain with her powers.

Zane turned his head with a playful smile, looking at Natasha, who stood frozen in place, seemingly planning her escape.

"Should I call you Natasha, or Black Widow? Tell me, Agent Romanoff."

Now Natasha's cold sweat was pouring down. Without a word, she rushed towards a nearby French window, apparently planning to escape by breaking it. But how could Zane allow his prey to escape?

As Natasha took her first step, several golden ripples appeared around her, and titanium alloy chains extended from the treasury, instantly binding Natasha into a human-sized dumpling. The golden teleportation portal hadn't closed yet, and the chains swiftly retracted, suspending Natasha in mid-air.

"So, what is Nick Fury's black egg planning by sending you here?" Zane asked.

Natasha struggled for a moment, realizing she couldn't break free. Instead, the chains tightened as she struggled, making it difficult for her to breathe. She had to give up struggling and accept her fate.

Now, she didn't believe Zane would show mercy. How many soft-hearted people would shoot a beautiful girl in the head as soon as she revealed her name? If she hadn't dodged quickly, she would probably be a corpse now.

However, being a professional agent, she wouldn't reveal any secrets easily.

Seeing Natasha remaining silent, Zane smiled.

"Do you think I can't do anything to you? Do you think I'm afraid to kill you?"

Natasha was terrified by Zane's smile. She had no doubt that if she didn't say anything, this seemingly sunny teenager would kill her without hesitation.

The fact that Zane could mention Nick Fury's name meant he knew about her background. Moreover, he dared to take action against her, showing that he wasn't afraid of S.H.I.E.L.D.

While Natasha was analyzing Zane's behavior and hesitating whether to confess, the miniature communicator in her ear suddenly rang.

"Agent Romanoff, tell him to come to S.H.I.E.L.D. and see me."

Upon hearing the director's command, Natasha instinctively breathed a sigh of relief and quickly relayed Nick Fury's words to Zane.

Zane raised an eyebrow and smirked disdainfully. He retracted some of the chains, leaving Natasha exposed, bound only by the limbs and neck. He then raised his gun and fired at Natasha's thigh without hesitation.


Natasha grunted, her brows tightly furrowed, but she gritted her teeth and didn't let out a scream.

"Well, you can endure quite a bit," Zane taunted, his demeanor as if he were joking with an old friend, as if he hadn't just fired a shot.

Facing Zane's sudden change in attitude, Natasha glanced at Lorna, who had unknowingly walked to Zane's side.

"Is it really okay to do this in front of your girlfriend?"


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