Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. Tony Stark: Son of a bitch, I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing? Hulk: HULK HATES DARK SOULS!!! HULK SMASH DARK SOUS ARRRHHHHGGG!!! Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield! A world of superheroes, but who controls everything is "only" a game developer. ----- Discord server: https://discord.gg/ky35Kv7GHr Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself.

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91 - Fortnite Release

The idea of ​​a Fortnite pre-order was very tempting, but Alex gave up on it after seeing how Minecraft was growing in sales, which generated a lot of Gaming Points for him.

Although he could still pre-order like this, Alex thought it would be better for Mojang's image around the world if he curbed his instinct a bit to do predatory tactics like EA did in his previous world.

After all, with games as invasive as Mojang's, where players practically had their minds ripped out to another world, the ideal was to have the best possible public image.

So Alex just spent a few more days finishing up Fortnite setup while enjoying his free time playing video games with Bee.

"Hey Bee, I plan to launch Fortnite today, would you play with me?" Alex asked Bee while they were playing It Takes Two on Playstation 5.

"Really? Hell yeah! I've been dying to play Fortnite for a long time… Although Minecraft is really cool too." Bee admitted.

He had also tried Minecraft, and having his skin feel organic instead of metallic as it actually was was very strange, let alone interacting with humans who were the same height as him, it was initially a slightly strange experience, but that he soon got used to it.

Ironically or not, the first group of friends Bee made was the X-Men group, who saw that his Nick was [BumbleBee], and combined with the yellow outfit he was wearing, they made Scott and Kurt bond. remember Alex's car.

Bee obviously pretended that he hadn't even heard of a Yellow Nissan GTR when Scott and Kurt commented on it, and that the color of his outfit with the nickname was just because of the color of the bees, which he liked a lot.

But despite Minecraft being quite interesting, Bee still didn't feel the game was made for him, so much so that he still preferred playing some of the games Alex bought for otherworldly GP on the PS5 than playing Minecraft for most of the day.

Only Fortnite was different, Fortnite was much more interesting to him. As a robot that has been at war for so long, Bee was much more interested in that than breaking blocks, and in Fortnite he could finally fulfill his dream of driving a car himself.

"Okay, I start launching the game in a few minutes, when I finish everything I'll call you so we can play together." Alex said smiling as he saved the game they were playing and went back to his hut.

The hut was already very different from how it originally was.

When Alex first came to this world, this hut was very simple, being just made of wood with very simple furniture made from the cheapest materials, but now Alex had updated it to have much more comfortable furniture.

For someone who previously had to rationalize spending 10 GP to eat, he now had no qualms about spending 1,000 GP to furnish his entire hut with the most comfortable and beautiful furniture he could find in the System store.

There were still more expensive furniture, but Alex felt that it was a bit over the top, as he was already quite satisfied with his current comfort.

In the future he still intended to improve the hut even more, adding a swimming pool, a sauna, and everything he could buy with GP, even if everything spent more than 100k GP, as the rate he would gain GP in the future would only increase, so he wasn't in such a hurry these days.

Looking at what he had planned for the release of Fortnite, Alex smiled and decided to make it available.

At that time there were approximately 63 million players Online in Minecraft. Not because anything special was going on, but rather because most players were just on the Hypixel talking to distant friends and family over coffee and cookies.

This has become part of the routine of most people around the world, after work, people would enter Minecraft to be able to talk to people around the world, both to find out about news from friends, and to get to know new cultures from other places. , because of Minecraft's automatic translation, which allowed for much easier cultural exchange.

Even some international business was being discussed in Minecraft, as this way the two parties could meet in person without the need for an interpreter, which greatly facilitated the work of managers of large companies.

But to the players' surprise, a message appeared floating in front of all 60+ million people at the same time.

[Fortnite is Available! Gather your friends and try Mojang's new game! This game is free.]

Seeing the message, several players' hearts raced. Even some deals that were supposed to go through in a few minutes were delayed because neither party was thinking about it anymore.

Everyone had already experienced how magical the world of Minecraft was, so knowing that a new world is available made Minecraft players even more excited.

Not only Minecraft players, but also people who had never played Minecraft, when they saw the news that Fortnite would be free they decided to go to the Mojang website and download the game to see what it was like.

Looking at the amount of users online on the Mojang website clicking to download Fortnite, Alex's smile got even bigger.

[Online Users on Site: 80,000,000]

"Eighty million potential players in the first hour alone!" Alex had to control himself not to laugh maniacally at the sight of this.

Even knowing that not all players would make money for him, as most of them just wanted to try the game, this didn't shake Alex a bit, as he could already imagine the potential income that this would generate for him.

"Let's see the livestream of someone trying out Fortnite for the first time, I want to see how those players react to the Battle Pass and Store Skins." Alex said excitedly as he opened Twitch. "Wait, did Tony enjoy livestreaming?"


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