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110 - The Elder Scrolls: Warcraft

Alex was looking at the nearly finished game quite proudly.

Initially he was very doubtful about which RPG he was going to do.

In his mind, there were three games with great potential to make that were guaranteed to be enjoyed by most players.

Those games were Skyrim, which despite being singleplayer, had a very vast, extensive and immersive world, with a wide variety of ways to play and a lot of magic and battle skills to develop, something that Alex loved very much, since being able to play as a knight who summoned swords of magic, but who also knew how to make potions, enchantment, forge, and several other things at the same time was incredible.

Another game was World Of Warcraft, which despite being a game that had existed for almost 20 years in Alex's previous world, was still a game that managed to remain very current, especially with the idea of ​​two factions that are enemies and can kill each other at any time, but it has a great and deep story, and it was completely designed to support millions of players playing simultaneously and interacting with each other, but it was very limited on the powers, which forced the player to create multiple characters if he wanted to try everything that the game had to offer.

And the last game was Dark Souls, which after some consideration, Alex understood that this game was the most limited of the three, that despite being quite fun and challenging, the biggest focus and point of enjoyment that Alex felt from the game was in the fights against the bosses, which were a lot of fun, but for a multiplayer issue as he planned it, made everything a little more complicated than he imagined.

So Alex's idea was that he would first focus on making an MMORPG and then release Dark Souls as a SinglePlayer game like his previous world, with the option to invite friends to help play in the form of souls, as he felt that this system was a lot of fun and was sure to be a hit.

For the actual game, Alex was quite confused between Skyrim or World of Warcraft. On the one hand it was a game with total freedom for the player, with mechanics so incredible that it would be a waste to waste, but that had a limited history and that would not support millions of players simultaneously in the same world, on the other hand, there was WoW, which it had an incredible world, with an extremely fun story, very challenging dungeons and raids that induced players to form groups, guilds and social interaction itself, but that sinned in the freedom that the player had, limiting players to so many things that it became a bit boring for a more casual player who didn't want to have multiple characters.

So, after much consideration, Alex finally decided to just merge the two games together.

He intended to use the history and world of Azeroth in WoW, with the two factions, being the Alliance and the Horde, but with some changes in the classes, where the players would still have to choose some specific classes, but that these players would not be as limited as they progressed, being able to make several changes to their classes through deeper specs and more freedom with player creations in professions, just like Skyrim.

If there is a player who wants to make a stealth mage who uses magic for assassinations he can, if a player wants to use the holy power of a priest to make any player very tanky he can.

Alex decided to increase the limits of each class, but of course, with great balance.

With these ideas he had, if he wanted this to be implemented without any balancing, probably in a few days someone would be able to make a class that could kill a max level character in less than a second, so Alex spent another million GP to buy the best artificial intelligence to be the GM of Azeroth.

This artificial intelligence was not only responsible for 99% of the game's balance, but it would also be responsible for helping players with any problems they had through a ticket, and for monitoring players doing Boosting or selling Gold, since for more that Alex felt it would be interesting to let players earn money by selling Gold in the game, this would make the experience for players who could not afford to buy it very bad.

So, Alex commanded GM intelligence to prohibit any kind of sale of Gold for anything other than something in-game, still looking to see if the transaction price is fair or if players are pretending to be trading but actually are. selling Gold and warning these players not to do this with a warning, if the player does it again, the player will be banned from WoW and Oasis for 3 days, and so the time will increase just like Oasis.

That way Alex intends to prevent this kind of thing from happening. But he won't be like Blizzard in his previous world, which prohibited players from buying Gold, but also sold WoW Token that could be bought with real money and sold for Gold in-game. Alex didn't want any real money to interfere with ES: Warcraft's economy.

Alex intended to make ES: Warcraft a game with a monthly fee, just like World of Warcraft was in his previous world, with a relative price for each country.

First world countries would have a monthly fee of $15 just like the United States in his previous world, emerging countries would have a monthly fee of $10 and poor countries would have a monthly fee of $5.

This was the pricing split Blizzard used in Alex's previous world, which he felt was fairly fair and he intended to adopt that in this world as well, so the game would average $10 per month for each subscriber.

If players wanted to spend more money on the game, which Alex knows they would, he had developed a shop for cosmetic items, such as cute gear for players to use as Transmogs, a skin for their armor, and other really nice mounts. , of course, these things could also be obtained within the game, but through a very difficult process, so any player would have the opportunity to have whatever he wanted, having money or not.

The story that Alex decided to follow would be the same as Wow Classic, starting with only 4 races for each faction, where in the future new races would arrive.

But of course, as this game was in Virtual Reality, as well as the Novels that Alex had read in his previous world, he felt that making a more immersive system was also fundamental, so like the NPCs in Oasis, each NPC in Elder Scrolls: Warcraft would have their own artificial intelligence, making it seem like they were real people!

The game world was also being expanded, so the size of the world would be much more realistic, with the cities also being larger than in the game for more immersion.

For the new buildings, Alex decided that players could buy their houses in the large cities or small towns that were expanded, an idea he got from Final Fantasy XIV, which he had played in the previous world.

When he played this Final Fantasy, Alex got tired of playing the game one day, but for fear of losing his house for being inactive for 45 days, Alex still paid 3 more months of monthly fee even without playing, just because he liked the game so much. house he had decorated.

So the house system was also something that Alex integrated into the world.

While increasing the size of the game is an issue if players get bored, Alex has also added two systems for players to use to speed up that time.

Players could hire a chariot to go from one city to another every 10 minutes for a low amount of copper and get off halfway, or they could pay a few silver coins to hire a hippogriff to fly from one city to another, if the distance was greater, the price would also be greater, just like in WoW.

Another thing Alex did was an optimization of the graphics in his game memory. While Skyrim with several mods and WoW in the last expansions had a very beautiful graphic, Skyrim Vanilla and WoW Classic were terribly ugly.

So Alex decided to use realistic graphics as the basis for this game, much like the WoW movie that had been released in his previous world.

As for the world, Alex used System to enhance that as much as possible while focusing on developing Quests, Raids, Dungeons, NPCs, and the more important stuff.

This was the biggest reason why Elder Scrolls: Warcraft was the game that Alex spent the most time developing, thus taking over 2 months and still being in the production process.

But when this game was ready, Alex was sure the reaction from the players would be priceless!


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