Marvel Gacha System

I am not able to see my novel in the fresh stories section for now so I am trying to see if this one stays longer The real name of the novel is Gacha in Marvel and Multiverse and it’s also present on webnovel

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39 Chs

Chapter 2

Ch 2

"Status?!" Tom called out in hopes that his only supposed cheat does work and isn't some shabby thing, fortunately for him, the things are working as fine as a horse on a race track.

[Ding! welcome to the Gacha system! Daily sign in reward is being provided.]

[Sign in reward! Hundred Gacha points(GP) has been added to your total]

[Gacha system][LvL 1]



[Gacha roll]

"Would you please explain the use of your various functions," Tom asked as he noted the tone of the system, to find if it was one of those faulty tsundere ones.

[Ding! Positive]

[GP: Used to buy Gachas]

[Missions: Complete missions to earn GP, Rewards and Level up for system to unlock more features.]

[Gacha Roll: Use GP to buy Gacha,Roll ten Gachas to have a better chance of getting items.]

"Sweet! The system wants to make me a gambler, I am not going to kick a gift horse in the mouth."

Tom thought as he quietly decided on what to do, "System! Do I have any missions?"


"Alright! How do I get a them?" Tom asked.


"I guess I will find out eventually," Tom didn't stay down as he decided to hope for the best and gave the order that will determine his next step in this new world.

"Alright! Give me a common roll."

[100 GP used to do a common Gacha roll, all items are non refundable and the user is responsible for any damage to himself and others.]

Tom couldn't help but feel like the system was being weird with the several red flags.

What do you mean by danger to oneself?

What do you mean by danger to others?

What do you mean no refunds? don't give me that trash saleman talk.

Tom couldn't help but grumble as the sound of a roulette being rolled sounded in his head, after a while the sound slowed down and stopped.

[Congratulations on rolling a common skill]

[Common skill: Persuasion: The ability to persuade a target to achieve desired goals-Depends on the skill level.]

"hmm! This will come in handy in the near future." Tom continuously tapped the table as he looked at the skill.

"How do I use this skill though, do I say the word or do I just ask someone to do something I want and voila!"

Just as Tom was thinking about how to use the skill, his apartment that was more like a small room burst open and a slim fugured black haired girl who looked to be in her teen walked in.

"Tom! You drunken bastard! When are you going to pay up," The rude girl walked in,though she stopped abruptly as she noticed Tom's new looks.

In fact the first thing Tom did after the waking up was take a shower and give himself a shave, though he regretted he couldn't shave his hairs as they were unkempt but the black locks that washed over his eyes seemed to add a charm to his face, or maybe this was the effect of Persuasion.

"Hi, I am so sorry, I forgot, I will make sure to give it to you by tomorrow," Tom have a sweet smile as he thought about the skill coming into effect and to his surprise the stubborn girl that he newly dumbly nodded her head as he felt her stutter and blush

"A-alright! Don't you dare be late again," She warned as she scurried away much faster then she came in.

"Well! I guess that was a success, Although I still need to pay the bills," Tom didn't get to sigh in relief as he still needed to pay, and he was recently kicked out of a job and his personal account was also depleted because of the previous owners own drinking habits.

As Tom was about to worry about a way to earn he remembered a certain email he received, quickly Tom pulled out a phone from his drawer that broke upon forceful pulling due to the rusted roller, though Tom had no time to worry about that as he quickly looked for a specific email.

"Here it is!" Tom jumped in excitement as he looked at the email, It seemed the man previously did a good deed and left a letter from a rather reputed school for him before he died, or was it himself but without the foreign memories, Tom shrugged off the random thoughts and read the contents of the letter.

"It seems I have been hired by the midtown science high school for teaching purposes, I wonder what I am going to be teaching since the email didn't specify it, as long as I can get myself some cash, I don't care even if I have to round up kids and teach them PE." Tom thought as he started looking around the apartment for some fresh clothes in preparation of his job as a teacher, though he could only try and style his messy long hair into a neat form with some grievances.