Marvel : Eternal Blazing Sun

In the perilous Marvel multiverse, reincarnated as Phoebus Apollo, the God of the Sun and Light. Follow him on his new path as a God. Will he be able to crave his own legend or fade away into obscurity in this infinite multiverse?

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Light and Dark Magic

The silvery light of stars filtered through swaying purple curtains, illuminating a mystical room.

The room was large and circular, and it was blanketed in ethereal magic. A number of silvery instruments whirled and emitted small puffs of smoke from spider-legged tables. The walls were strewn with notes and parchment enclosing esoteric knowledge. An iron bench with straps was surrounded on the left side of the room by numerous stands hung on the wall, each of which held glass jars containing organs and specimens from various species, including humans. And on the right side of the room, there were stacks of thick, large books teeming with magic.

Hecate sat in the middle of it all, holding a quill and leafing through the parchment on the table. Her ethereal figure was shrouded in silver moonlight.

Her brows furrowed as she erased a few lines with her quill from the parchment. Then she started rewriting it.

Her research on humanity and magic was documented on the parchment. It contained all of their information and knowledge. And she was going over it one last time in preparation for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, she would begin creating her race from humans created by her love.

She named her race the Wizards, beings of magic and mystery.

And Magic is ever-present through the infinity of time. She isn't the first god to claim control over it, and she won't be the last. It was the epitome of mystery, opposing everything that represented materialism.

Throughout the long history of the cosmos, Oshutur was the first to harness the power of magic, and thus she was honoured as Mother Magic. Chthon, her brother, was the second to unearth the mysteries of magic.

But, the magic they harnessed was totally different from each other's. Before becoming the Mother Magic, Oshutur was the Elder Goddess of Dawn, and Chthon was the Elder God of Darkness before becoming the True God of Chaos.

As a result, the magic they harnessed was influenced by their will and divinities.

It wouldn't be wrong to say they tainted "Magic" itself.

Oshutur's magic was bright, representing an aspect of light, and Chthon's magic was red, representing an aspect of darkness.

This was how the light and dark magic of the cosmos were born.

And they were diametrically opposed, like light and darkness. Their differences made it impossible for them to coexist.

And the fact that Oshutur and Chthon were at odds only served to exacerbate matters. Their wills influenced magic and its users, pitting dark and light sorcerers against one another.

Light and darkness. Good and Evil. With the passage of time, their war and conflict had almost become eternal.

Hecate, on the other hand, had a different take on magic. She didn't think magic was light or dark, good or evil; she just thought it was magic.

A power that allowed her will and imagination to bend reality to her whim.

Above all, as Apollo stated, magic was the epitome of 'Mystery.'

Magic was a mystery, one that not even she, the Goddess of Magic, couldn't fully comprehend.

Magic is infinite and unbounded, beyond the notion of light and darkness, good and evil.

This was her belief and her path.

Reining in her thoughts, Hecate put aside the quill and looked at her research. It was perfect.

This research was also an important step in her path. She was going to grant humans her magic, her magic that was free of light and darkness.

Hecate folded the parchment and sealed it in her bag. Then she walked over to the windows and stared silently at the stars, her thoughts racing once more.

In his first settlement, Apollo had already granted her permission to create her wizards. And, obviously, creating a race is not easy. Tomorrow is only the start of a lengthy process that could take years to complete.

She had to pick the best of the best among humans, those who could actually bear her blessings. Her magical abilities are extremely volatile and chaotic. It is not something that a regular human could bear within them.

Apollo had assigned Anastasia, his Angel of Judgment, to assist her in finding suitable candidates, and he had also stated that she had his and Delphi's full support.


Hecate smiled.

He was her sun.

A warm and scorching figure suddenly hugged her from behind.

'Speak of the devil,' she reflected, her smile widening.

Hecate, still wrapped in her embrace, turned to face Apollo. Their faces were inches apart, and his lips were set in that unique smile.

He asked with a light kiss. "Are you all set for tomorrow?"

Hecate nodded and dragged him to her bag. She pulled out her research and gave it to him.

"Do you remember what I told you when I first showed you this?"

"You wanted my opinion." Apollo said.

"I still want it," Hecate said, continuing without giving him a chance to respond. "I know this is my path, and I should forge ahead on my own, but I still want your opinion."

Apollo nodded, accepting her research and studying it while she waited, gazing at his stupid face.

"Are you having difficulties on your path, Hecate?" he inquired, his gaze fixed on the parchment.

"I won't call it a problem," Hecate sighed, recalling her every failure. She then sighed again. "Actually, I'm not sure..."

Apollo didn't say anything to that, still going through her parchment solemnly. After a few moments, he handed it back to her, solemnly saying.

"I think I understand your predicament; it's similar to my order, isn't it?"

Hecate instinctively repeated the words that she said to him a few days ago.

"Order is similar to magic in that it appears all-encompassing, but the truth is completely different."

"And I responded," Apollo stated. "Magic and Order. Every path has its limits, Hecate, a stumbling block that must be overcome in order to advance."

"Limits," Hecate murmured.

Her divine magic is, at its core, conceptual magic. And it has limitations. She can manipulate light, but never as well or as powerfully as Apollo. This also applies to all other concepts. So, while magic appears to be all-encompassing and all-powerful, the truth is far more cruel.

The irony is that she had no idea why her magic had such a limit. Even her desperate attempts to find a reason and break free were met with despair and hopelessness.

She considered giving up entirely at one point. It was becoming too painful and agonising, and she would have done it if it hadn't been for her mother, who had supported her throughout her entire path and life.

Hecate then tried a different approach, hoping to keep the dwindling hope in her heart alive.

And that approach was her research into humanity and magic.

Apollo took her hand in his and looked her in the eyes. "Indeed, you are approaching a limit, a stumbling block in your magical path; I could tell you that if you gave it your all, you could get through it; but, my love..."

He exhaled a sigh. "Life isn't fair."

"So it really is," Hecate muttered, tears welling up in her eyes. "This is the end of my path, ah…"

"No, you silly..." Apollo wiped her tears away, "Let me finish."

Hecate nodded, lying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, which always calmed her emotions.

Apollo kept going, lightly patting her back. "Some limits cannot be broken, no matter how hard we try."

"So, my advice is, fuck it!"

Hecate looked at him in shock, while he continued, chuckling. "Fuck it, Hecate! Life isn't fair, remember? So stop trying to play it in the fair and right way."

He suddenly asked. "What is the end of any path?"

"Source," Hecate replied.

Apollo gave a nod. "Rather than attempting to reach the source through the path, Hecate, become the source itself, and it will crush all limitations placed upon you."

"Become the source?" Hecate's eyes widened. She simply couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Yes, source," Apollo replied, pointing to her research. "And you are already on the path to achieving it."

"My research..." Hecate muttered, as realisation filled her eyes. "Through it, I will become a source of magic for humans."

Apollo said, "It is your magic, Hecate. It contains your will and divinity. Use that to connect all of your magic, no matter how large or small, back to you. This also ensures that you have absolute control over everything."

The words of Desire passed subconsciously through Hecate's mind as she listened.

'Hecate, the Goddess of Magic, the future creator and ruler of Weave…'

"You mean like a weave?" Hecate inquired.

"Yes," Apollo replied, surprised. "Like a weave, Hecate, weave it all together and become the true source of magic."

'The source of all magic…' The words of Desire continued to ring in Hecate's head.

That's it. This could really work.

However, this revelation didn't bring her any happiness or elation. On the contrary, only worry filled her heart.

Desire was right, right about everything. Their words are becoming reality right before her eyes.

And the prophecy of Desire.

'Darkness stirs, Hecate. They will come for the head of your love.'

Her heart tightened in fear and dread as she considered the bleak future.

She desperately wanted to tell Apollo about the prophecy of Desire, but she had a absurd feeling he already knew. He knows about the coming darkness.

Nonetheless, rather than worrying herself into despair, she still wanted to inform and ask him about everything. This also means that she would have told him of her encounter with desire and her acceptance of their sigil.

Her heart was filled with trepidation, as it always was. She was afraid, terribly afraid of what Apollo would do after knowing the truth.

"What happened?" Apollo inquired, noticing her pale complexion. "Is there a problem? I realise this is just a hypothesis with many unknowns, but I'll be there..."

"No, Apollo, your advice is everything," Hecate stated, shaking her head. "It is just…." she drawled, looking into his golden eyes. "I am worried about you."

Apollo chuckled and kissed her on the cheek. "Tonight isn't about me; it's about you, Hecate, so put your worries aside and join me in celebrating your eventual ascension."

He waved his hand, and two cups of ambrosia materialised nearby. And they grabbed hold of it.

Hecate took a deep breath, temporarily suppressing her worries and focusing on Apollo. However, a spark of resolve emerged silently in her heart.

She smiled as she raised her cup and clung to it with Apollo.

They drank it all in one gulp, together.

"Thank you, Apollo," Hecate whispered. "Thank you for everything."

"Don't thank me just yet; the celebration is just getting started," Apollo smiled.

He dragged her to her table while waving his hands. In a flash of light, an array of books appeared.

"Remember what I said before; I will teach you science and other related knowledge." He sat in a chair and motioned for her to take the seat opposite him.

"So, let's get started," he said, brightly smiling.

"This is the rest of the celebration?" Hecate asked, flabbergasted.

Apollo nodded briskly. "What did you expect?" he smirked, his scorching eyes trailing across her body, answering his own question. "That I would tear your clothes apart and take you there and then."

"Pretty much," Hecate said, sitting in his lap.

"Oh..." Apollo laughed before luring her in for a long kiss under the stars.

Then, they separated. Apollo said, quite reluctantly. "Come on, let's get started with our lessons."

Hecate asked, her fingers trailing across his chiselled body. "We are totally going to do it afterwards, don't we?"

"Yeah," Apollo grumbled. "Now, please stop tempting me."

Hecate laughed brilliantly, while Apollo raised his brows, as if finally noticing something. "You've become quite lustful, my love."

"No," Hecate said softly, "I just couldn't get enough of you."

The stars lit a glow on them, between their smiles and studies, between their moans and grunts.

The night is still young.


The end of the year. The twilight sun shimmered, illuminating a rising amphitheatre in the sky of the Atlantic Ocean.

The battle is nigh.