56 Dyson Swarm

Alpha Centauri.

Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to Earth, located 5 light years away. It was a three-star system with three planets. It was barren of any life, as the existence of three stars destroyed the possibilities of the natural birth of organic life all together.

Apollo floated near one of those stars, four massive light wings emerging from his back, along with his Angel of Light, Cynthia, and Angel of Dawn, Castor.

He was holding parchment with an illustration of three stars surrounded by white rings and a plethora of complicated formulas and equations. On top of that, there was a drawing of a ring bathed in the light of hope.

"Go to the focal points and position yourself." Apollo spoke as his hands emitted a gentle light.

He asked, "Are you fully prepared?"

"Yes." Cynthia answered for both of them.

Castor added, his excitement palpable. "We will not let you down, milord."

Apollo gave a nod. "Then go."

Cynthia and Castor flew with blazing light towards the other stars, their speed steadily approaching that of the light.

Apollo looked at the large parchment with his plans, and he gave it one last thorough inspection, his eyes as poignant as ever. This was a Dyson swarm. It was a vital part of one of his larger plans. And he was going to create it.

Creation. He could create with light, as it was the source of all things. But it is not without restrictions. He is not the Almighty, who can create whatever he wants, even if it defies logic and the laws of the multiverse, as he is above them all.

Before attempting to create them, he must have extensive knowledge of and a solid foundation in the subject matter.

However, it would still be difficult. He had to put everything he had into it, because a single mistake could potentially ruin and collapse everything.

There were, however, ways to mitigate the difficulties of creation. With his first true creation, he tried one of those. He combined the divinity of music with the authority of light. He attempted to simulate the sound "Om" using music, which was considered by Hindu ancient texts to be the essence of supreme, absolute consciousness and the cosmos. And, obviously, he wasn't completely successful in his endeavour; with his music, he only managed to produce a sound that could only considered as a offshoot to "Om." However, this was more than enough to assist with creation.

Then he successfully combined light and music, crafting his first true creation.


Apollo's bright eyes dimmed for a moment before regaining their brilliance. He restrained his thoughts and placed the parchment in his personal dimension, just as Castor and Cynthia had arrived to this destination, near the other two stars, and they nodded to him.

Apollo immediately raised his hands, and light erupted.

The Creation began.

He thrust his hand toward his sides, erupting in beams and columns of light that walloped into space.

His thoughts were fixed on the knowledge and information about Dyson swarms he had gleaned from his research. A near-infinite number of mathematical formulas and theorems flashed through his mind as he swayed his brilliant hands.

And light moved, like a bright river cascading through the dark ocean of space, surging and piercing forward with tremendous force. The light rivers grew and grew, nearly enough to submerge thirty Jupiters within them. Then it bashed towards Castor and Cynthia as its speed increased and increased, approaching the speed of light and transforming into colossal and gargantuan light beams.

Castor and Cynthia were hovering near the other two stars in the Alpha Centauri. The stars were positioned in a triangle, offsetting each other's terrifying gravitational field, bringing a delicate balance to Alpha Centauri.

Apollo, Castor, and Cynthia stood next to each of the stars in a triangular formation. As such, the beams of light discharged by Apollo were surging towards them from their sides.

Castor and Cynthia took deep breaths and raised their hands to receive the massive light beam that was coming their way. It was too massive—in comparison, they were nothing more than dust, barely visible speck in the darkness of space.

Their Lord has asked for their assistance in the construction of the megastructures, believing in them, and they do not want to disappoint him. Though their lord has been more than generous in assisting them on their path, even bestowing artefacts and personally instructing them, he also has expectations for each of them. And guess what? He really hates disappointments.

Castor and Cynthia began studying the fundamentals to prepare for this: basic science, mathematics, and physics. Their Lord gave them all the books about it. They began to prepare by studying and studying until they reached the level of understanding needed to analyse his research.

It almost took them a week to finish everything. Even so, when they got their hands on the research, it perturbed them greatly.

However, their Lord personally assisted them this time, teaching them and clearing away all of their doubts. They were finally ready, having followed the darkness of space to a nearby star system.

As their hearts swayed in nervousness and tension, Castor and Cynthia's visions were filled with beams of light. It was too large—countless times larger than their earth. It was the first time in their lives that they had seen such power and might, and something within their hearts told them that it wouldn't be the last time.

Slowly but surely, their eyes became firm and resolute, recognising their duty. Their Lord directed them to steer the light emanating from him to each of them, thus connecting the focal points of the star system.

They will fulfil it. With the same thought, Castor and Cynthia raised their hands to their sides to receive the beams of light.

Finally, the beams struck them, submerging their entire figures. Power. Infinite Power. They felt it immediately coursing through their bodies, instilling delusions and fantasies in their minds. They didn't, however, lose themselves in this endless ocean of power; their strenuous training and trials of mind and will finally paid off.

Castor and Cynthia accurately pointed their other hands at each other despite being in an expanse of light, acting on instinct.

They yelled at the top of their lungs, willing the colossal beams of light on them to bend towards each other with all of their might and power.

Immediately, the massive beams of light bent in the darkness of space, like a river abruptly changing course midstream, turning and blazing towards each other in the darkness of space.


The light beams collided in a massive explosion of light, illuminating the entire Alpha Centauri system in blinding brilliance.

There it was: a perfect cosmic light triangle encompassing triple stars of alpha centauri. The foundation for the Dyson Swarms was completed successfully.

After a few minutes, the explosion subsided. Castor and Cynthia emerged from the cosmic triangle, their hands still partially submerged in it. Their faces were as pale as the moon, and their figures were as trembling as those on the roof.

"Take a break." In their ears, their Lord intoned.

"We're fine, milord..." Castor spoke in hushed tones, his voice strained.

"It…" Cynthia attempted to concur, but their lord intoned once more.

"Take a break." His voice was strident, leaving no room for their argument.

Castor and Cynthia reluctantly nodded, and light surrounded and consumed them. It teleported them to a makeshift base on the moon of a gas giant.

Apollo floated, observing and checking the Dyson swarm's foundation as he waited for them to get back on their feet.

After an hour. They returned in high spirits, floating to their assigned locations and combining their powers within the cosmic triangle.

"Shall we continue?" As his figure emitted an infinite amount of light, Apollo inquired.

Cynthia and Castor nodded staunchly, their resolute minds recalling all of the dyson swarm's knowledge and information.

"Then, let's begin." Apollo declared, and they combined their knowledge and power, extering them on them foundation.

The entire cosmic triangle immediately trembled, and light ejected like a waterfall from both sides of its surface into the darkness of space. On each of them, numerous intricate engravings pulsing with power were drawn by invisible hands.

The waterfalls of light blanketed the triple stars, connecting and merging with each other, coalescing into figures of rings.

Apollo manipulated light, gradually constructing the megastructures with the assistance of his angels.

Time ticked on. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. And they were still at it, their undivided attention riveted.

After nearly 20 days on Earth, the triple stars of Alpha Centauri were surrounded by rings of surging light.

Apollo finally snapped his fingers.


With a resounding boom, the surging light rings solidified. The engravings and etchings on its surfaces glowed with energy and thrummed with power.

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The Dyson Swarm, a megastructure that encompasses the stars and captures a large amount of solar energy, was what it was. Unlike the Dyson sphere, which completely encases a star within its spear-like shell, the Dyson swarm had rings, which could also be considered for the living habits of civilization.

Apollo teleported to Castor and Cynthia, catching their exhausted figures floating in space by their shoulders and gently placing them on a platform he had just transfigured from light.

"You did well." Apollo proudly smiled.

Castor and Cynthia sighed, their shoulders slumping as the weight of expectation and duty lifted. They collapsed on the platform, their eyes closed.

Apollo waved his hands, and light bathed them, slowly rejuvenating their drained and weakened selves.

Then he turned and looked at the Dyson swarms before flying towards the moon's surface, dragging the platform with him and leaving a streak of light in his wake.


Several hours later.

Apollo sat in a chair within the base on the moon, his hands crossed, gazing out the glass window at the blue gas giant.

Castor and Cynthia had recovered and were now sitting next to him in bed, drinking water of life in silence.

Castor asked, breaking the silence. "Milord, may I inquire as to its true purpose?"

Cynthia reproached him, but her eyes were just as curious as his.

They can tell from the plans and knowledge passed down to them by their lord that the purpose of the megastructure they built wasn't simply to absorb the solar energy of the stars.

"The purpose..." Apollo unexpectedly revealed, "is to gather hope."

"Hope?" Cynthia inquired, perplexed.

Apollo stood up, striding towards them. "Once you finish my next task for you, you'll understand."

"We're ready, Milord." Castor said, regaining his ever-brisk tone and getting on his feet with Cynthia, who also nodded.

From his personal space, Apollo retrieved two light rings.

"This is the ring of dawn."

Castor and Cynthia closely examined the light ring.

Apollo instructed. "This contains a fraction of my power. You are to imbue that into three stars, and it will transform…"

Castor inquired, his curiosity getting the best of him once again. "Transform into what, Milord?"

"Castor." Cynthia chastised. "You have got to seriously control your curiosity…"

Apollo stopped her with his hand. Then he satisfied Castor's curiosity.

"Beacon. It will be transformed into a beacon of hope."

"Beacon of Hope…" Castor murmured, looking down on the ground thoughtfully.

"Milord…" Cynthia's eyes widened as she made a wild guess. "Have you ascended to..."

Castor, too, looked up in surprise at Apollo.

"Yes." Apollo nodded. "I am also now the God of Hope."

He then put his fingers on his lips.

It's a secret. They understood, nodding in acknowledgment.

"I have concealed the entire Alpha Centauri from the universe with my order," Apollo continued. "Nevertheless, it is still prudent to be cautious."

Cynthia made a solemn vow. "We will see to it."

Apollo nodded contentedly, then turned to Castor and patted his shoulders.

"Castor, it is not wrong to be curious, but one must always tread with caution. I may be partial to you, but the cosmos won't be the same."

"Forgive me, Milord." Castor bowed his head in shame.

"Now, now." Apollo smiled gently. "Don't get so despondent on me. I am just warning you so you don't suffer in the future."

After a brief silence, Castor raised his head and spoke firmly. "I understand, milord."

"Good." Apollo said, and then he focused on the rings. "Now I give you a year to complete the three-star transformation."

"Then we can officially begin the project."

"The project of hope."

Castor and Cynthia accepted their tasks, gripping the rings tightly.

"I am going to return to earth." Apollo said. "If there are any problems or complications, then pray to me immediately."

Then he pointed to the sealed room behind them. "That is a teleportation point. You can use it to return to earth anytime."

Castor and Cynthia nodded. And Apollo faded away, breaking apart into countless luminescent light particles.


Trier, the Holy City of the Sun.

Throughout the years, Trier had grown to become the epicentre of the western world. It was the birthplace of magic and art, as well as the hope and miracles.

The bustling city, which was dotted with lights, didn't seem to mind the night. It was as if the streets had turned into light veins surrounding the city's heart: Delphi.

Delphi perched atop the golden mountain. Its colossal towers, spires, and palaces reflected the magnificent and ethereal city beneath them in divine light.

Within it, Hecate sat on the table facing the window with numerous parchments of magic in hand, giving it a final check.

Suddenly, warm hands hugged her from behind.

"I missed you." Apollo hushed in her ears.

Hecate turned to face Apollo, still wrapped in his embrace.

With a light kiss, she inquired. "How did it go?"

"It went well." Apollo grinned. "We laid the groundwork successfully."

"The hope project." Hecate inquired, her fingers trailing across his bare chest. "Can you tell me everything about it now?"

Apollo hummed. "A cosmic force powered and represented by hope. I made a vow to Hope, remember? I intend to uphold it in my own way."

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