1 Chapter 1: One after another

Drizzling like silk, dip the cemetery into sad colors. People in black and white costumes watched the casket buried with sorrow.

  A teenager looked silently, and his parents were buried today. Rody is a mixed-race child, his mother is from the united state, and his father is Japanese. A car accident three days ago caused him to lose his parents at the same time.

   completed the funeral numbly. Rody declined the concern of relatives and friends, and returned to the empty home alone. He wanted to be alone, but the empty house made him feel a chill.

  Rodi, shrouded in loneliness, couldn't help rummaging through her parents' relics, hoping to find a solace. Although Roddy has done similar things many times, but this time, he found a letter he had never seen.

"Rody, my favorite son, if you can see writing a letter, it proves that my experiment was successful. Me and your father did not die, but for some reason, we can only fake this accident. . There is something left in the safe, the password is your birthday, open it if you are in danger. Love your mom forever."

  After reading the letter, although he felt incredible about the contents, he could be sure that this was the mother's handwriting.

   I thought that my parents are just ordinary university teachers, but now it seems that it is not that simple.

What is the experiment mentioned in the letter? What is the reason for them to get out of fake death? What is in the safe? Before they had time to please their parents, all kinds of doubts followed.

   These questions Rody had no idea for a moment, just when Rody wanted to open the safe at home to see what happened, the door of the house was roughly broken.

   loudly startled Rodi, without any warning, Rodi felt a huge crisis. Instead of looking at someone who broke into the door, Roddy rushed into the bedroom without hesitation and ran to the front of the safe with the fastest speed.

   came from the dense footsteps, it seems that the number is still quite large. Roddy entered the password a little bit hastily, and took out the contents at the moment when the bedroom door was kicked open.

  Three tall white men in black suits rushed into the bedroom, and the black hole's muzzle was pointed at Rodi's head. These foreigners are like the secret agents in the movie, they almost printed the three words nasty on their faces.

   "Don't move! Imp! Or I'll blow your head in one shot. Throw the thing in your hand and move slowly!" one of the white agents commanded in crappy Chinese.

   "Why do you let me stay still, or let me throw things over? Can you talk?" Roddy quipped and said that although he was terrified in his heart, Roddy tried to delay the time.

   "Hum, guts are good, throw the backpack in your hand, and move a little slower." The white agent did not irritate and calmly ordered.

   This backpack is what Roddy found in the safe, but he hasn't had time to see what is inside.

"Are you sure to let me throw it? To be honest, the things inside are likely to be dangerous. You know, my mother often conducts dangerous experiments." Roddy cheated him, he didn't know his own ten minutes ago. My mother is still alive, how can you know what the experiment is.

   But apparently, Rody's words came into effect, and the white agent should know a little bit about it, so he hesitated.

   "You open the backpack now, pay attention to your posture, and let me see the inside. As long as there is a second of blocking, I will immediately hit your head." The white agent ordered.

  The Rhodes were under the roof and had to obey. Slowly unzipped the backpack and took two things out of it. The same is a beautiful glass ball like a craft, and a thin picture book.

   "What the **** is this? Hand it over, don't play tricks on me!" The white agent's attention was mostly on the glass ball.

  Rodi picked up the glass ball and was thinking about how to delay the time, trying to get out of it, but saw a word inscribed on the glass ball in a very small font: "Crush it hard!"

  The feeling of the white agent was very keen. Immediately discovered that Roddy was wrong. He was about to drink and scolded, but heard a clear glass cracking sound. The white man shot without hesitation, but it was too late.

   The shattered glass ball released huge energy, and the horrible thunderstorm storm wrapped Rodi in an instant. The lightning that was supposed to roast Rody into coke only blocked the bullet and did no harm to Rodis.

  The storm is getting bigger and bigger, everything in the room is flying into the air, even the heavy safe is no exception. The picture book taken from his backpack was torn by the storm, and Roddy tried his best to barely grab a few pages.

   A loud roar exploded, and the whole house was torn by the storm. For a moment, Roddy only felt a pain in the palm of his hand crushing the glass ball. The whole figure seemed to be pulled through a narrow cave, and his bones were crushed and reorganized again.

When    opened his eyes again, Roddy found himself already on a busy street. The glass ball that UU reads at www.uukanshu.com has long disappeared, and there are only a few pages left in the hands of dozens of pages of albums.

  I don't know what the situation is now, Roddy stands blankly on the street. The eyes were full of blonde foreigners. Fortunately, Roddy was a mixed-breed, otherwise, it would be more conspicuous. Now the only thing Rodi can do is to pinch herself fiercely, make sure that she is not dreaming, and then carefully check the remaining pages of the album.

  Rodi saw a very scary cartoon at the first glance. It's not how scary the comic content is, but a young man with dark hair and blue eyes drawn in the comic, looking at the comic in a frightened expression. The boy was wearing the same clothes and position as he is now.

   "Isn't this just me?" Roddy said in shock.

   turned over the manga pages, but saw the scene turn around and came to the top floor of a mansion, a cold-looking man was holding a Batley sniper rifle at his target. What shocked him was that the picture displayed in the sight was suddenly Roddy standing on the street!

   Seeing this, Rodi's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, as if staring at a viper, his body shuddered. The next second, Roddy fell forward without hesitation and then heard a strange sound. A fist-sized hole suddenly appeared in the place where Rody stood before.

   This is not a ground sink, but a trace from the Batley sniper rifle. Roddy ran forward like crazy and squeezed desperately into the crowd.

   This point happens to be off-hours, so there are especially many people on the road. Under the cover of the crowd, Roddy ran into a commercial center and found a corner away from the window.

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