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Chapter 2: Materials and Experiments


The white man's body began to change subconsciously when he saw this pair of eyes, almost out of a sense of vigilance in his bones.

Under the jacket, his body hair grew wildly, his limbs were deformed, hair grew, and his nails turned into sharp wolf claws.


The rapidly expanding body tore the white man's clothes in an instant.

"Nice physique! Good material!"

The man holding the umbrella looked at the werewolf transformed in front of him without any fear. Instead, he exclaimed in satisfaction.


The werewolf, who was about two meters five or six feet tall when he stood up, waved his sharp claws and rushed towards the man holding the umbrella.

The man holding the umbrella faced the werewolf's claws that were sharp enough to tear steel, but he showed no fear and didn't even move an inch.

Tang Song turned off the rainfall system and walked to the observation window.

Even a certain unknown black president spent nearly 20 years paying off his student loans.

In the clean white sterile laboratory, Tang Song was organizing the experimental equipment and checking the condition of the experimental subjects.

However, the entry requirements here are also very strict. Ordinary researchers must at least graduate from an Ivy League school.

The Asian youth nodded at him.

"Student loans, that's a real hassle!" Bob shrugged.

With a "whoosh" sound, the stream of light pierced deeply into its chest.

The rain poured down in torrents, instantly half-submerging the small bushes.

"There's no rush to rent a house, Bob. You know, I still have student loans to pay off. Once I pay off the loans, I will consider moving to a different place!"

This environmental simulation system alone cost the Osborne Group millions of dollars.

The pattern seems to be the nails used to nail coffins in ancient Eastern countries.

"Cuckoo, quack, quack..."

A strange sound like frog croaking came from the pool of water behind the black snake. The upper body of the black snake turned like lightning, its eyes staring coldly at the position behind it, its tongue sticking out as if it would pounce at the next moment.

Its body seemed to be completely out of control, as if in an instant, it had become a vegetable.

Tang Song, an ordinary researcher of Osborne Group.

In the bushes, a black and red centipede floated up. It was nearly a foot long, with densely packed sharp curved legs and ferocious mouthparts. It would be a terrifying poisonous insect no matter where it was.

Unfortunately, only half of the body of the centipede floating on the water was left, and the remains were covered with wounds. It seemed that the missing body had been eaten bit by bit by something.

The pickup truck quickly disappeared in the New York rain.

A slender young Asian man with a stern face, looking at him with a playful look in his eyes.

A golden line on its back appeared as its belly rose and fell, and the line was surrounded by dense dark green bumps, each of which was bulging.

Bob moved closer to the bulletproof glass, poked his head in, looked for the experimental subject, and tapped the bulletproof glass with his fingers, somewhat puzzled.

From vegetation, temperature to humidity, the environment here imitates the Amazon rainforest.

On the wedge of the nail, there were four or five small bird-shaped runes engraved, flashing a black light.

The sturdy man Kane skillfully took out a bundle of special carbon fiber ropes as thick as a thumb, and tied up the werewolf lying on the ground tightly in a few seconds.

Almost instantly, the werewolf transformed by the white man felt numbness, weakness and pain in his body.

The Asian youth waved his hand, and at the corner of the alley, a burly German man walked out.

Spider, Tang Song looked towards the centipede, and the torrential rain washed out another insect corpse.



"There are all these niggers and drug addicts there, who knows what kind of crazy things they can do! Tang, with your salary, you might as well rent a house near the company!"

The frogs' snow-white bellies inhaled and exhaled, and the sound of croaking sounded like short thunder.

"Don, you're late!"

The burly man named Kane had a Rambo face that looked as if it was cut by a knife and an axe, and a sturdy figure of more than 1.9 meters tall. Just standing there, he looked like a towering mountain, giving people a sense of oppression.

Kane grabbed the werewolf by the scruff of the neck with one hand, lifted him up like a chicken, and threw him into the trunk of a pickup truck.

The Asian man called Tang was the man holding the umbrella in the alley. At this moment, he was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses and a plaid shirt, and looked a little shy.

Across the commonwealth, about half of college graduates have student loans, with the average debt amount being more than $10,000.



Tang Song opened the culture device in the laboratory. Inside the transparent culture room was a miniature rainforest symbiotic system covering an area of thirty to forty square meters.


The Osborne Building was once the tallest building in New York. Although the title of the tallest building was later replaced by the Stark Building, it is undeniable that it is still one of the landmarks of New York City.

Bob stretched out two carrot-thick fingers and pinched the chips in the bag. Obviously, for such an experienced person, the rule of not eating snacks in the laboratory was meaningless.

In less than ten seconds, a Ford pickup truck backed into the alley.

According to Tang Song's predecessor, Connors has always been paranoid and stubborn. He has devoted himself to the research of cross-species gene recombination and is a well-known scientific research maniac.

"Bob, it looks like your money is safe!"

As the world's best biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies,

Osborne Building is the dream workplace for all biological researchers, with the best equipment, the strongest biological research team, and the most generous salary.

"Hey, Bob, don't mention it. It's a bad day today. There was a shooting at the Brooklyn subway station. The FBI blocked the subway station, which delayed us for some time!"


One of the benefits of being a big company is that the equipment is no less than that of top laboratories.

Under the black umbrella, a blue-black light appeared. The speed of this blue light was so fast that it almost appeared at the moment the werewolf saw it.

In the bushes, a black snake as thick as a chopstick with a bulging head was sticking out its tongue and straightening its upper body. It was swaying happily, bathing in the rain that brought it great pleasure.

"Yes, boss!"

The Asian youth rubbed the bamboo umbrella handle in his hand and gave the order.

It's like watching a scientist in a laboratory looking at a mouse to be dissected.

"Take this big dog back!"

Tang Song raised his head, a little curious.

Bob approached the observation window in surprise and sighed, "Professor Connors and I made a fifty-dollar bet!"

As Tang Song tapped on the keyboard with his hands, heavy rain suddenly poured down in the simulated room.

Such a rigid person would actually bet with Bob?

At this time, the werewolf lying on the ground could clearly see the face of the man holding the umbrella.

"Crunch, crunch, it's that spider," Bob said vaguely while eating potato chips, "Professor Connors is obviously very confident about that mutant spider!"

"Don't worry," Tang Song adjusted his glasses and opened the control system of the device on the computer.

Under the gaze of the black snake, a strange toad the size of a baby's fist slowly emerged from the water and slowly climbed to the top of a bush nearby.

"Kane, put this big dog in the cage first. Don't remove the coffin nails from it!"


The falling rain seemed to completely break the tranquility of the jungle, as Tang Song shut down the rainfall system.

The two of them changed into work clothes, and Bob kept muttering in Tang Song's ear:

"Gunfight, that shitty place in Brooklyn," Fat White Bob shrugged with an expectant look on his face.

"It looks like you can't keep your fifty dollars. I'm curious, what did Professor Connors bet on?"

Tang Song put on a white coat and put on his ID card while complaining.


Tang Song stretched out his hand and swiped the door of the experimental center, and the bulletproof isolation door automatically slid to both sides.

But now the spider is in a miserable state. Its originally fat abdomen exploded, and only three of its eight legs are left.

The black guy jumped out of the car and saluted the Asian youth.

At this time, accompanied by the shrill sound of alarms, several FBI police cars arrived at the scene.

"Where are those guys, those bugs? Why are they gone!"

The driver was a skinny, stocky black man with dreadlocks.

Tiny streams flow and tiny bushes grow lush and green.

The Asian youth held an umbrella and walked slowly out of the alley and merged into the bustling crowd in New York.

The fat white man who greeted him graduated from Harvard with two bachelor's degrees. He was his alumnus and also his colleague.

The ID card showed his name and position.

"This centipede is dead, and I bet it would survive to the end!"

"Don, I think you should leave that damn place. Brooklyn is too messy. You know, it's Hell's Kitchen."


With a weight of nearly three hundred pounds, the flesh on his cheeks trembled as he shrugged.

After finishing his work, he stood up, put his thumb and index finger in his mouth, and whistled into the distance.

The werewolf fell on his back, with an old bronze nail sticking out of his chest where his heart was.

Of course, the experiment applied to this system is not the only one that Tang Song is responsible for. At present, he only has the right to use it for two weeks.

Student loans are an issue that federal college students cannot avoid.

The spider had a black back, red stripes, and a few furry tentacles. It was exactly the spider that Professor Connors had kindly provided to him.

Facing the black snake, the dark green bumps on the toad's back were faintly filled with mucus.

Hissing, the black snake tentatively stretched out its upper body and made a dive, with transparent mucus faintly flowing out of the sharp fangs in its mouth.

Tang Song came to the observation window of the culture room and looked down at the simulated jungle of more than ten square meters.

On Tang Song's handsome and resolute face, a pair of deep eyes hidden behind the plain glasses sparkled brightly.