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Follow the journey of Adam, a reincarnator in the Marvel Universe, tasked with the goal of creating as many spells as he could before being enlisted in a war even bigger than the Marvel Multiverse itself. However, will the Marvel Universe make it easy for him to grow stronger peacefully, or will he experience the full Marvel experience? What secret is hidden in his new body, of which he has no memory of its creator, and why is he hunted by monsters nearly every night? ------------------ !!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! I PLACED A LOT OF LIMITATIONS, NOT TO THE POINT WHERE IT TAKES THE FUN OUT OF IT, BUT LIMITATIONS THAT WILL HELP GROW AS A MAGE, SO IF YOU LIKE EASILY OBTAINED POWERS, THIS ISN'T FOR YOU. THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A CHARACTER TRYING HIS BEST TO CREATE SPELLS, SO HE WILL TRY TO LEARN, READ, AND MEDITATE. SOMETIMES IT WILL FEEL BORING. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OP MC WHO DOESN'T LOSE, THEN THIS ISN'T FOR YOU. HE WILL GET HIS ASS BEAT, GET HIS BONES BROKEN, HE WILL GET HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM (REASONABLY). THIS ISN'T HAREM; THE FEMALE LEAD IS MAGIK OR ILLYANA RASPUTIN. I ALSO PLAN TO WRITE 500 CHAPTERS, AND NO, I AM DROPPING IT

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change in the state of mana(chapter 30)

As Adam heard the low growl, a shiver raced down his spine, and he felt the temperature plummet around him. The air turned frigid, causing his senses to dull momentarily, and his danger sense surged. Reacting swiftly, he invoked the float spell, propelling himself 16 feet into the air just as a massive shadow darted past the spot where he had stood moments before. Floating down cautiously, he unleashed a volley of spinning arrows, six in total, towards the unseen creature, buying himself precious seconds to regain his footing.

As his feet touched the ground, Adam finally got a good look at his adversary. Before him stood an ice wolf, its imposing figure towering at approximately 10 feet tall. Unlike any normal wolf, its fur was a pristine snow white, encased in a layer of shimmering ice. Instead of bone teeth, its jaws boasted razor-sharp icicles, constantly exhaling a chilling mist.

"An ice wolf?" Adam muttered in disbelief, his breath mingling with the icy vapor. The creature remained unscathed by the arrows, prompting Adam to prepare a mana prison spell to contain it. However, before he could act, the ice wolf unleashed a torrent of icy smoke and sharp ice shards from its gaping maw. Reacting swiftly, Adam summoned a mana plate to shield himself. The icy breath collided with the shimmering barrier, parting around it while some shards managed to crack the protective shield.

"Ah, hell," Adam cursed under his breath, struggling to withstand the onslaught of freezing air. With quick thinking, he activated the float spell once more, sprouting four small wings on his ankles to propel himself 16 feet into the air. From this elevated vantage point, he planned to summon a mana sword to dispatch the wolf. However, as the icy breath subsided, he scanned his surroundings only to find the ice wolf had vanished into thin air.

As Adam floated backward and upward, the ice wolf charged with incredible speed, its massive form closing the distance between them in a matter of moments. Adam's mind raced, assessing his options as he dodged the wolf's icy breath. With a swift motion, he activated his Mana-Plate, conjuring a protective shield around himself just in time to deflect the wolf's next attack.

The ice wolf, undeterred, continued its assault, slashing at the shimmering mana shield with its razor-sharp ice claws. Adam gritted his teeth, feeling the strain of maintaining the shield against the relentless barrage. Sensing an opportunity, he swiftly cast his Mana-Spring, summoning a strong, invincible string of mana.

The Mana-Spring shot out from Adam's hand, wrapping around the ice wolf's legs with precision. With a sharp tug, Adam yanked the wolf off balance, causing it to stumble and snarl in frustration. But the creature was quick to recover, using its immense strength to break free from the mana string with a powerful swipe of its icy paw.

Not wasting a moment, Adam summoned his Magic-Hand, a construct made purely of mana, twice the size of an adult's hand. The hand shot out towards the ice wolf, aiming to grab hold of its neck and immobilize it. The wolf, however, was cunning. It dodged and weaved, its movements fluid and graceful despite its monstrous size.

The Magic-Hand grasped at empty air as the ice wolf danced out of reach, its ice teeth glinting dangerously in the dim light. Adam cursed under his breath, his mind racing for another plan of attack. With a quick mental command, he conjured his Mana-Sword, a sharp and durable blade made entirely of mana.

As the ice wolf lunged forward, jaws snapping, Adam met its attack head-on with his Mana-Sword. The blade clashed against the wolf's icy teeth, the sound of metal against ice echoing through the air. Adam's arms strained against the force of the wolf's bite, the Mana-Sword shimmering with energy as it held its ground.

But the ice wolf was relentless, its strength unmatched. With a powerful shove, it pushed Adam back, sending him stumbling. The wolf seized the opportunity, lunging forward with blinding speed. Adam barely had time to react, summoning his Float spell just in time to leap backward and upward, narrowly avoiding the wolf's deadly jaws.

As Adam soared 16 feet into the air, he glanced down at the ice wolf, now snarling and pacing below him. The creature's icy fur bristled, its eyes fixed on Adam with a predatory gaze. Adam took a moment to catch his breath, feeling the cold bite of the evening air against his skin.

With a determined expression, Adam focused his energy, summoning his Mana-Snake once more. The snake materialized beside him, its scales gleaming with an otherworldly light. Without hesitation, Adam commanded the snake to attack, its serpentine form darting down towards the ice wolf with lightning speed.

The ice wolf, sensing the threat, leaped to the side with astonishing agility. The Mana-Snake's fangs sank into empty air, its target narrowly evading the attack. Undeterred, Adam directed the Mana-Snake to coil around the ice wolf's legs, attempting to immobilize it once more.

The ice wolf snarled and thrashed, its icy fur crackling with energy as it fought against the constriction of the Mana-Snake. Adam gritted his teeth, channeling his spiritual force into the snake, willing it to hold fast. The two creatures battled fiercely, the air around them crackling with magical energy.

Meanwhile, Adam focused on healing himself within the safety of his double-layered Sleeping-Rose spell. The rose petals glowed softly around him, their soothing energy working to mend his injuries from the ice wolf's earlier attack. Adam closed his eyes, drawing on his inner strength as he focused on the fight at hand.

Minutes passed in a blur of movement and intensity. The ice wolf's icy breath filled the air, its claws slashing with deadly precision. Adam's Mana-Snake fought valiantly, its scales shimmering as it struggled to hold the wolf at bay.

Suddenly, with a powerful surge of energy, the ice wolf broke free from the Mana-Snake's grasp. Adam's eyes widened in alarm as the creature lunged forward once more, its jaws aimed directly at him. Without hesitation, Adam summoned his Mana-Prison, a complex sphere made entirely of mana.

The Mana-Prison expanded rapidly, enveloping both Adam and the ice wolf in its shimmering energy. The ice wolf roared in fury, its icy breath freezing the air around them. Inside the Mana-Prison, Adam could feel the intense cold pressing against him, but he focused his will, reinforcing the prison's structure with all his strength.

The ice wolf's claws scraped against the walls of the Mana-Prison, its furious snarls reverberating through the air. Adam knew he couldn't hold the creature for long, but he had bought himself precious moments to plan his next move.

With a surge of determination, Adam summoned his Healing-Lotus spell, a lotus construct made of nature mana. The lotus blossomed around him, its soothing energy washing over his body. Adam felt the frostbite on his ankles fade away, replaced by a warm, healing sensation.

As the ice wolf continued to thrash and roar inside the Mana-Prison, Adam gathered his strength for one final attack. With a deep breath, he canceled the sleeping rose spell, the rose petals dissolving into shimmering light around him.

The ice wolf, now free from the Mana-Snake's grasp, turned its attention back to Adam with a menacing growl. Adam didn't hesitate. He drew out the moon horn, focusing his spiritual force into a powerful blast of mana energy.

Adam fired the mana bomb towards the ice wolf, the explosive energy hurtling towards its target with blinding speed. The ice wolf, caught off guard by the sudden attack, attempted to dodge, but it was too late.

The mana bomb struck true, followed by another, and another, multiple mana bomb struck the ice wolf over and over again, without giving the ice wolf any time to breath, engulfing the ice wolf in a brilliant explosion of light and force. The creature howled in agony as its icy chunks shattered from it, pieces of meat missing as it fell to the ground, lifelessly. Breathless and exhausted, Adam floated back down to the ground, the remnants of the mana bomb dissipating around him, adam didn't even waste a second before putting away the corpse of the wolf.

With a sigh of relief, Adam collapsed to his knees, his body trembling with exhaustion, "alright, that is it, i am taking the day off tomorrow" he groaned,before getting up and making his way back to his boat home.

-scene change-

Inside Adam's boat home, the atmosphere was serene as he meditated on his bed. His astral form floated in a sea of consciousness, surrounded by the twelve spell models that danced and swirled around him. Beyond this, a large sea of nature mana particles shimmered on the edge of the bubble that encapsulated his mind.

Adam, with his spiritual force active, was fully immersed in controlling the 99,996 plain mana particles that he had gathered. More of the plain mana continued to flow into his consciousness, and with focused intent, he funneled and condensed them into a single point. As the influx of plain mana increased, so did Adam's concentration.

When the number of plain mana reached the crucial threshold of 100,000, a transformation began. Each tiny 1/3cm-sized mana particle started to combine, merging with another and then another until they formed a vapor-like substance. This process repeated until 10 of these vapors, each a combination of 10,000 mana particles, hovered in the air.

Adam watched with awe as his floating screen displayed the remarkable change in his mana from individual particles to these dense vapors.

[ Name: Adam ]

[ Mana (plain): 10 (cloud) unit ]

[ Mana (Nature): 63,345 (particle) ]

[ Spiritual-Force: 12.45/12.45 (1 spiritual force lasts for 1 minute; 1 spiritual force can be recovered in 1 minute) ]

[ Created spells:

Unstable-Mana-Ball(Tier: 0): Lv:2 (178/500) cooldown: 5 seconds ]

Mana-Ball(Tier: 0): Lv:3 (45/1,000) cooldown: 25 seconds]

Spinning-Arrow(Tier: 0): Lv:6 (299/4,000) cooldown: 5 seconds ]

Mana-Plate(Tier: 0): Lv:6 (351/4,000) cooldown: 20 seconds ]

Mana-String(Tier: 0): Lv:6 (2221/4,000) cooldown: 40 seconds ]

Magic-Hand(Tier: 0): Lv:6 (734/4,000) cooldown:25 seconds]

Mana-Sword(Tier: 0):, Lv:4 (121/2,000) cooldown: 40 seconds ]

Mana-Prison(Tier: 0): Lv:2 (255/500) cooldown: 3 minutes ]

Healing-Lotus(Tier: 0): Lv:3 (607/1,000) cooldown: 5 minutes ]

Mana-Snake(Tier: 0): Lv:2 (392/500) cooldown: 10 minutes ]

Float(Tier: 0): Lv:3 (155/1,000) cooldown: 1 minute ]

Sleeping-Rose(Tier: 0): , Lv:2 (19/500) cooldown: 9 minutes ]

Despite his elation at this achievement, Adam's energy was depleted from the intense battle with the ice wolf. He couldn't celebrate as he had hoped. "Well, this is one major obstacle out of the way," he murmured to himself, a mix of exhaustion and satisfaction in his voice as he observed the clusters of mana vapor floating around him.

"Hopefully this was what I needed to use the weave to cast a magic spell circle," Adam thought, his mind already turning to the possibilities. With a sense of hopeful anticipation, he exited his sea of consciousness and flopped back onto his bed. The weight of accomplishment settled over him, mingling with the weariness in his bones.

"All that is left is to try to unlock a spell slot and test out the spell circles I have in mind," he mused aloud to the quiet room, his mind already racing with plans for experimentation. "And maybe find out just how big I can make my spell models with a single unit of vapor."

With these thoughts swirling in his mind, Adam drifted into a sound and well-deserved sleep. The gentle rocking of the boat on the water outside lulled him into a peaceful slumber, dreams of new spells and magical discoveries dancing through his mind.


A/N Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is two chapters in one. I hope you all like it. Adam is about to open a huge door for himself. It won't be long before he can join the rest of Earth's sorcerers, and then you will feel like he is in the Marvel Universe as he participates in world affairs with his newfound power. But before that, he needs materials such as mithril and adamantine, as well as focal stones. He also needs to learn demonology from the famous demonologist Natasha. If you know what I'm talking about, then you're in for a ride. If not, just strap in as a caveman stabs Adam with a temporal vibraniumm dagger.