Marvel: Character template.

What would happen if a man gets reincarnated in mcu with a template system. He uses it to get powerful. But, as he completes each template he slowly loses a piece of himself. At some point, he realises he had lost who he truly was. Will he be able to regain his true self or will he loss himself in power. First template: Vinsmoke Sanji. Second template: sinbad/ lex Luther.

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17 Chs

Boss fight part 1

I was shocked after reading the bosses stats. His defence and attack was away to powerful.

Even though he is slower than me, he still hits like a truck.

Even though I was scared, I still walked in to fight him.

The moment I crossed the safe zone, I sensed danger. A huge sword appeared in front of me. At that moment the world seemed to stop as I looked back to see the Orc lord who had his arm in a throwing motion. Chains were attached to his hand which was attached to the butcher knife.

The sword came closer to me, at that moment I vanished away from that spot.



The ground broke apart where I stood. I reappeared in a distance as I looked back I saw the sword jabbed in the ground.

As I was about to sign in relief, a huge shadow appeared from behind as I felt huge amount of danger.

I looked behind to see the Orc lord who had his fist aimed at my head.

At that moment only on thought came to me mind.




At the entrance of the boss room, infront of the yellow crystal a magic circle appeared and from that circle a figure manifested.


" Haven and hell it's all a lie. There is only darkness!!"

As I screamed in fright, I realised I was back at the beginning room of the boss.

I looked at the amused face of the old witch.

It felt awkward for me.


I awkwardly said to the witch who looked at me and said,

"How was the fight?"

I huffed and looked down in a sad mood.

"I was one shotted. It was like I was facing death himself. I couldn't do anything."

"Hmm, that is to be expected. You went in without any plans. You thought you were strong enough to beat him but in the end he beats you."

She takes a puff from her singer and said.

"I was given the job of helping young adventures like you win the dungeon. But, most of them were arrogant which lead to there death."

" Brute force isn't enough to kill him. You need to think before you move or else you will die like now."

"Luckily you had spawn checked. If you hadn't.... you wouldn't have died. But you would have lost all you progress."

Hearing her words I had a look of understanding. All this time I was just swinging my legs and using my devil fruit. Never did I think before I punched.

I had lost my away. Even though I had Sanji's fighting knowledge, I lacked experience.

I am like a baby with a gun.

All that power, still I don't know how to use it properly.

I looked back at the old witch and said,

"Thanks, you have shown me my mistakes."

The witch smiled at me.

"The dungeon is not just for you to complete your template or get more rewards. But, to make you stronger. Both physically and mentally."

I nodded my head and walked towards the gate again. But, this time with more resolve.

When I was about to touch the gates handle I remembered something. I turned back at the old witch and asked.

"Hey, you said other adventures, right? Who were they?"

The witch smiled and looked at the distance.

"You will know when you are ready."

I wanted to ask again but later gave up. I knew no matter what I did she wouldn't tell me anything.

So, I asked the system after opening the gates.

"Hey, june. Are there others like me?"

<That information is not available. But, what I can say there only one person who has a system in this world. As, for your question, you will know when are ready.>

Hearing her I again signed in defeat. I walked towards the end of the path and again reached the boss room.

The arena was now repaired and the boss was standing with his back towards me.

I looked at him and said,

"Your going down, pork chop."

Then I teleported outside avoiding the sword which again hit the ground.

I jumped up and charged an attack in my hands.

"Sorry, Orc chop. I gotta go big thus time. Which means no more holding back."

Light energy gathered in my hands. I than yelled out loud.

Final flash.



The attack hit him and a huge expansion appeared. Smoke started to appear from the place where he stood.

I fell down with a smirk on my face. There was no away he survived that.

But, I noticed I didn't get any notification from the system. As I was thinking what happened, the smoke cleared and there stood the hulking figure of the boss.

Smoke was coming off of his armour.

My eyes were in disbelief. I knew he had hight defence but, I thought no one could survive that attack.

Being scared I shot beams of light at him like I was throwing ki beams at him. He ignored the attacks.

He processed to stomp on the ground, which cracked it. A red circle appeared around him which engulfed me to.

Than as if death spoke to me.

Domain expansion: Void pit of Gluttony.

The red circle turned into void of darkness as many dark hands appeared which strangled me and started to slowly pull me in the void.

I looked at the Orc as I was being dragged in to my death.

Then the last thing I saw was darkness...


A/N: Name change or not?

To be continued....