Marvel: Breezing Through History as an Eternal

I died, talked to One-Above-All, transmigrated, became an eternal, now I'm watching history unfolds with my own eyes, cool right? it's not like I'm going to accidentally change the course of history or anything, we're eternals after all, we can't interfere.... it's a really slow pace story about a human that lost his sense of humanity, trying to learn how it means to be alive again... don't expect instant romance and instant development, mc it quite an emo at first... he's still is to be honest lol. MC x Thena. not a harem. I don't own eternals, or marvel. English isn't my first language don't expect good story... probably won't be updated frequently... btw, i know i tagged it as marvel, but there isn't much marvel content in it to be honest... it's just an eternal breezing through history... like the title said. Also, the cover's not mine, it belongs to kibaek-lee, if you want me to take it down, just comment. I've posted this on Scribble hub too.

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Chapter 41: Worries of the Prime Eternal, 1193 BCE

It is now a couple of months since the sacking of Sparta. Ajak and the rest of the Eternals were gathering in the meeting room, their faces looking anxious, as if something really bad happened, or rather, will happen.

"Are you sure, Thena?" questioned Ajak.

Thena nodded. "Pluto is gone. I can't find him in Sparta."

Ajak clenched his fist. "What is he thinking now…"

"It's obvious isn't it? He's going after that girl… What's her name again?" stated Sprite.

"Helen." answered Thena solemnly.

"Right. Then we're going to Troy." shrugged Sprite.

Ajak looked at Thena. "Do you think so too, Thena?"

"I am sure he's there, he's got to be."

Ajak nodded. "Then we're going there."

"Then what?" questioned Sersi. "We're going to attack him?"

"I can do that." Ikaris continued.

Kingo frowned. "We do not hurt our family, Ikaris."

"Then what can we do?" argued Ikaris. "He won't stop, you know how he is."

The place turned silent.

Ajak then turned to Druig. "Can you…"

Druig shook his head quickly. "No… something's protecting his mind, I can't do it."

"So this is the only way?" asked Gilgamesh. "I don't want to fight man…"

Ajak then went into thinking mode. And finally, she spoke. "Let's discuss it."

"Discuss it?" Ikaris frowned. "This is the obvious way Ajak, he won't listen to us. He already did it one, he will do it again."

"Are you really confident in defeating him, Ikaris? While also protecting the people of Troy?" questioned Ajak, and Ikaris didn't speak any longer.

"So many will die if we don't stop him…" Makkari commented.

"Is he wrong though?" questioned Thena, surprising everyone. "He's only protecting the thing he cares about. You've seen him through the years. At first, he was cold towards humans, but he found his light in this mission. Why should we stop him?"

"Thena, while we were commanded to help the humans, we can't be too attached to them." Ajak smiled. "It is the rules."

Thena didn't say anything more, and said. "Don't involve me in this. I'll abstain." she said as she left to tend to Hermione, who was staying in her room inside the Domo.

Ajak sighed. "Anyone want to leave? I am not forcing you to choose between to fight your own brother or not to fight."

Kingo looked down. "Are we really fighting him?"

"That's why we're discussing it isn't it?" said Ajak.

"We should just protect the people rather than fighting him." added Sersi. "If we beat him? What would we do to him? Imprison him? Kill him?"

"Can we beat him though?" questioned Gilgamesh. "I travelled with him, he can easily beat us all by overwhelming us."

"If we work together, we can." said Ikaris confidently.

Gilgamesh sighed, he looked conflicted, but nodded. "Then I'll fight."

"I'll protect the humans inside the walls," said Sersi.

"Is it really Pluto though? Or is he controlled? He's not usually like this." Sprite asked again.

"I guess he had a soft spot after all." Kingo answered softly. "I'm sorry guys, I can't do it…"

Ajak smiled. "It's okay Kingo… you can just stay protecting the civilians."

Kingo nodded, and he didn't say anything at all after that.

"I'll fight," said Makkari. "He must be stopped, even if he has a soft spot for a human, that doesn't mean he can attack other humans so easily."

"I'm not going to be useful against him, so I'll help Sersi on saving the civilians." said Druig. "Maybe there's some stubborn ones that want to fight."

Sprite look at the others. She looked at Ikaris. "You'll fight right?"

Ikaris nodded, assuring Sprite.

"Then I'll fight too." said Sprite, surprising the others. "He's blinded by rage, my powers would be useful." or so she thought.

Ajak then looked at Phastos, who was sitting rather quietly in the corner, as if he didn't want to involve himself.

"Phastos?" Ajak asked.

Phastos then stared at Ajak. "I made his weapon… doesn't it mean-"

"It doesn't mean anything Phastos." Ajak comforted.

Phastos clenched his fist, and said. "I'll think of something to capacitate him, but I can't do anything more."

Ajak smiled and nodded. "I understand."

She looked at the others, and made a speech. "I know… That you're going to fight your own brother. He's not stable right now, which means it is up to us to beat some sense into him. He had stayed with us for centuries, he might not be the nicest one, but he is still your brother."

"And so I beg you, don't try to do anything more." pleaded Ajak in sadness. "Don't do anything unnecessary."

"Unless he does something unnecessary to us." Ikaris refuted.

Ajak just closed her eyes. "Then, it is time to go."

Ajak then prayed in her heart so that Pluto would be pardoned by Arishem's judgement.


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