230 Chapter 200: Sprite’s Bizzare Adventures. 2013 CE (2)

Sprite took out her other dagger as two of the princes looked at her. Her face was slowly covered with a mask, hiding her identity.

"Hello Auntie…" said Loki nervously. "You look… dashing…"

"Hm, first off, don't call me auntie." said Sprite straightforwardly. "Secondly, what's with the pale elf?"

"He's a dark elf." said Thor seriously, spinning his hammer readily. "He wants to bring darkness to the nine realms."

"But he's pale?" Sprite raised her eyebrow. "Anyway, hello Thor, you have never visited me once since you've become famous."

"I've been… busy…" said Thor, gulping his saliva. "And Loki hasn't visited you as well! Why only me?!"

"Well, last I heard he's become a criminal in the eyes of Asgard." Sprite hummed. "So it's not an ideal situation to visit, is it?"

"Y-Yes… but—"

"Watch out!" Sprite suddenly warmed. A swarm of blood red shards launched through the air towards them. She quickly jumped away from the trajectory, avoiding it, while Thor flew and Loki rolled to the other side.

As Sprite disappeared from the sight of Malekith, the dark elf searched thoroughly for her. He launched his shards everywhere, but Sprite never appeared. Unfortunately for Sprite, her phone rang again, and her illusions could be seen through by Malekith using the sound.

"Oh come on…" Sprite cursed. A blast of blood red material hit her chest, knocking her towards the pillar behind her, cracking it.

"Ugh…" Sprite groaned painfully. Loki and Thor quickly ran to her, checking up her condition.

"Aunti— Aunt Sprite, are you alright?" said Loki as he helped her stand up.

"I'm not a helpless babe, Loki," said Sprite, raising her brow. "Don't forget who taught you all your tricks…"

The phone is still vibrating in her pocket, waiting for her to pick up. She took out the phone, and saw whose number it was.

"Nice, a back up." Sprite smiled. She picked up the phone, and a voice quickly came out from the call.

"Sprite? Where are you?" said the voice, it was Pluto with his weirdly british sounding voice.

"Dude! Is that you?!" Sprite practically screamed. "Could you help me here a bit?! Me and these pretty boys besides me are fighting this weird guy from space!"

"Pretty boys?"

"Just hurry up!"

"Fine fine, I'll go."

Pluto quickly hung up, leaving Sprite to face Malekith again. Looking at the phone, Sprite just snorted and threw her phone away.

"Why did you do that?" Loki asked in confusion.

"I don't want any disturbance," said Sprite. "Alright boys, follow my lead. Thor, you fly up there and attack him with your lightning, Loki, see if you can destroy his spaceship there."

"Attack him with lighting?" Thor frowned. "With all due respect, Aunt Sprite, it will not do anything, it'll just—"

"Poke him in the wrong hole. I know." said Sprite. "But that's the point, we'll just distract him for a bit while Loki will try to destroy the bloody ship and wait for backup."


"Pluto of course, who else? Your avengers friends?" Sprite scoffed. "They have sticks up their asses, I doubt they will appear."

Thor looked at Loki, who just shrugged helplessly. Thor just sighed. "As you wish, Aunt Sprite…"

Loki also quickly ran towards the spaceship as his hands glowed green, magic enveloping him.

"Right, now for the pale elf…" Sprite brandished her dagger, and sprinted towards Malekith.

"You can't delay the inevitable, Asgardians!" Malekith screamed. "Darkness shall return!"

Suddenly, a barrage of lightning hit Malekith, the thunder breaking the glass around the area. Malekith only flinched at the lightning, and he chuckled at the attempt.

"That is useless, Prince of Asgard." Malekith scoffed. "You pathetic lightning can't damage me and the Aether."

Malekith was about to attack Thor, but then, his vision darkened, making him frown. Malekith attempted to attack the surroundings, but nothing happened, his vision still darkened.

"What is this?" he said in annoyance. Then, for the second time, he felt a stab from behind him, making him gasp for air.

"Earthling!" he cursed as shards of Aether launched throughout the air around him.

"You know, you rely too much on that." said Sprite somewhere. "And again, you're using it wrong…"

"Don't disturb my plans, earthling!" Malekith roared as the Aether around him grew wilder.

"Well, I'm an earthling per se…" Sprite countered as he made another stab from the back, making Malekith stumble upon his feet. "I'm from Olympia you see, although I don't know if I can come back and see my home planet again…"

"Olympia?" Malekith chuckled. "Ah, I see, A Celestial's slave."

Sprite frowned. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"I pity you. Built upon lies… a life of eternal servin— ARGH!" Malekith screamed again as he felt a stab through the chest. The rage that was building inside him quickly erupted, and the Aether inside him exploded. "ENOUGH!"

The Aether around him quickly expanded, breaking Sprite's illusion. The red blood substance surrounded the area, covering the entire grounds of the place.

Malekith could see that his spaceship had crumbled, with a smug Loki beside the carcass of the ship.

Thor landed besides Sprite, with a look of worry. "This is bad, he's starting the process using the Aether. We can't stop him right now…"

"Well, I think we bought enough time," said Sprite, devoid of worry. Thor was confused, then she pointed at the sky.

Thor saw a man, dressed in all black, holding a bident, overlooking the scene from above.

"You know, everytime you appear on earth, there is always trouble coming along," said the man that was floating. "You should pay me for dealing with your mess, Loki, Thor."

Pluto looked at Thor and Loki with his haunting purple eyes, making both of them gulp at the sight. Instead of staying for 'chat', he launches himself into the red blood storm that is happening in front of him, right to the centre.

Pluto stood in front of Malekith, who was controlling the Aether barely.

"Top of the morning to you." said Pluto sarcastically.

"You cannot stop me." said Malekith arrogantly. "You cannot destroy the Aether."

"Malekith, right?" said Pluto. "You're a dark elf, not a human, am I correct?"

"I've come from a proud race." Malekith frowned. "Get out of my sight, Celestial's slave, you cannot stop me."

Pluto nodded. "Good, welcome to the legion."

"Wha—" Malekith's eyes widened as he felt a tremendous pain from his chest. When he looked at it, he saw a gaping hole in his chest that made him drop to the floor.

His skin quickly turned into golden dust, entering Pluto's body slowly.

"You…" Malekith said weakly. "Who… are you?"

"Like you said, a Celestial's slave." said Pluto nonchalantly.

Malekith quickly disappeared into Pluto's body as the Aether grew wild without a medium. Pluto's eyes turned blue, and the red dust was quickly enveloped by blue energy, and without hesitation, he forced the red dust to settle in front of him, forming a stone, an infinity stone.

Sprite and the others looked at him, taking the stone for himself, before walking slowly towards Thor.

"Here, give it to your father," said Pluto. "Oh wait, before that…"

Pluto touched the stone, and his eyes quickly went red, and he was in a trance, completely unresponsive.

Pluto stood in a dark dimension, a place he's used to by now.

"Who dares try to harness me?" a voice echoed throughout the dimension.

"You should know," said Pluto. "I've three of your siblings after all."

A red mist appeared in front Pluto, before forming into a red construct of a mature woman.

The construct looked at Pluto from top to bottom. "You are the one who rejects Reality."

"I do not reject reality," said Pluto with a smile. "I want it to change."

"That is the same thing." said the construct-woman. "What you are doing is… blasphemous for me. Your reality is to become a slave to the celestials. Like–"

"You." Pluto cut her off. "Like the other infinity stones. Do you not feel bitter about it?"

"It is the natural order of things." the woman-construct smiled faintly.

"You can change it, we can change it." Pluto pointed out. "Come with us."

Pluto extended his hand, making a fist bump gesture.

The construct could only look at his gesture. "Very well, Eternal. But, name me first, as you have named my other siblings."

Pluto smiled at the demand. "Very well… I named you… Dolo—"

"Wait wait wait wait!"

It wasn't the red construct that said it, not Pluto, it was someone else. Pluto and the red construct turned to the voice, it was Juno, with her usual bright nature.

"What is it, Juno?" asked Pluto.

"I have an idea on a name!" she practically screamed.

"Go on." Pluto acted interested.

"You know that game that your son played the other day…" she thought. "What is… Symir?"

"Skyrim?" Pluto corrected.

"Yes! That's it!" Juno jumped excitedly. "Call her that goddess that owns the cool blade from the castle!"

"What? Which one? There's a lot of goddesses that own a cool blade in a castle…"

"The one where you need to talk to a child!"

"Oh, Mephala?"

"YES! THAT!" Juno shrieked in joy.

"Alright alright, calm down." Pluto chuckled. Pluto then turned to the red construct. "What do you say, Mephala?"

The red construct smiled fondly at the excited Juno besides Pluto. "Then, from now on, I shall be called Mephala. I am thou, thou art I."

Pluto nodded, and both of them made a fist bump gesture, touching their fists together.

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