Marvel: A New Magneto (TL)

Eric: "Who said that i had to be a villain? I also want to be a superhero!" Ancient One: "But you robbed the Illuminati at the beginning!" Eric: "Uh..." Stark: "Although you saved my parents, the person I hate the most is still you, no one!" Eric: "Huh?" Nick Bald Fury: "Although you are a jerk, no one can deny that you are a superhero." Eric: "Oh..." ... This is a translation. Link:https://m.qidian.com/book/1016555216.html ...

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Chapter 31: Bullying the Juggernaut

  "You damn bug!" Juggernaut roared, raised his two fists the size of a casserole, bent down and smashed the metal hemisphere hard, and the metal hemisphere was smashed into two big pits.

  Eric chuckled lightly, raised his right hand slightly, and the metal hemisphere immediately returned to its original state. Then, he controlled the metal hemisphere to fly upside down, hanging the Juggernaut from head to toe.

  "Damn bug! Let juggernaut down!" Juggernaut roared, and seeing Eric's mocking smile, he was even more furious, his body struggled again and again, and he even pulled out his legs!

  Eric frowned, it can't go on like this! He can always control these metal powders and hang the juggernaut in the air so that he can't hurt him.

  But this seems to have no effect other than making the juggernaut more and more angry.

  And with Cyttorak's magical support, Juggernaut won't get tired, and won't starve or die of thirst, but Eric will, so he must find a way to quell his anger.

  "Hey, let's use the old method!" Eric moved his fingers lightly and put the juggernaut down. If you want to quell the anger of the juggernaut, there is only one way, and that is to let him vent enough...

  The metal hemisphere quickly deformed in the air, and threw the juggernaut directly. He stood up, shook the ice slag on his head, let out a roar, and rushed towards Eric again.

  Eric controlled the metal powder to turn into a cheetah, as it rushed towards the juggernaut. Immediately afterwards, Eric aimed his palm at a mountain not far away. He just sensed that there was a large iron ore there.

  A large amount of iron elements were pulled away, and the mountain peaks quickly cracked, collapsed, and fractured, and soon a large pit was formed on the spot. If someone discovers it later, I am afraid that there will be another unsolved mystery in the world.

  Eric controls the iron element to create a large number of metal beasts, including common animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants, as well as dinosaurs, werewolves, and aliens.

  The beasts run wild! A large number of metal beasts stepped on the ice, roaring and rushing towards the juggernaut.

  The juggernaut had already smashed the metal cheetah with one punch. Seeing the huge amount of metal beasts rushing towards him, he shouted excitedly, his scarlet tongue licked his lips, as he rushed up with his fists.

  No matter the size of the metal beast, it cannot cause any damage to the juggernaut, but the juggernaut can smash a metal alien beast with every punch.

  However, at the foot of the juggernaut that it was not paying attention, the smashed metal beast decomposed into strands of metal powder, floated behind Eric, turned into a giant beast again, and ran towards the red tank.

  Going back and forth, over and over again, Eric relied on his powerful mental power to control his abilities, changing the metal powder into various shapes, and before he knew it, he was having fun.

  This is something that Magneto has never done, such a subtle and huge number of operations, even the old Magneto may not be able to do it, but Eric did it. The super soldier's serum-enhanced body makes him control his abilities more precisely, and it also allows him to have more powerful energy.

The super soldier serum has raised the upper limit of his abilities!

  Unicorns, giants, flying dragons, and even spaceships, Transformers...

  Anyway, as long as Eric can think of something, he will use metal powder to manifest it, and smash it in front of the juggernaut to let him destroy enough.

  Even with a strong body and huge mental power, such consumption made Eric gradually exhausted.

  "It seems to be a little bit." Looking at the juggernaut again, the red light in it's eyes is fading, but there is still a little residue, which is greater than the counterattack.

  There were not many abilities left and could no longer be used. Eric put down his hands, and the metal beast lost control. It turned into a handful of metal powder and sprinkled it on the ice, and the white ice surface suddenly turned black.

  The Juggernaut was still fighting with Optimus Prime vigorously. Suddenly, his opponent was gone, and the punched fist was not held back and fell on the ice.

  Eric stepped forward quickly, punched him on the back of the head, smashing him into the ice.

  A big hole was quickly hammered out of the ice, and the juggernaut fell into the water. Eric controlled the iron sand to pull him up and continued hammering.

  "Ah! Damn bug, juggernaut is going to tear you apart!" Juggernaut roared, holding Eric's iron fist, turned over, took a few punches from Eric with his nose, and then covered it with one hand. Holding his nose, he clenched his one hand and smashed Eric hard.

  Eric is not as stupid as he is. that would use his face to block his fist. He quickly dodged aside, dodging the punch, but that made juggernaut stand up.

  "Haha, damn bug, let Juggernaut punch you!"

  "Uh, that, I'll give you a punch, and then let's sit down and talk about it?" Eric stared at his eyes, he seemed to have regained his senses.

  "No! You let me punch two punches, no, three punches!" Oh, he's bargaining, it seems that he have already recovered.

  "Okay! Just three punches! Come on!" Eric stood there with a smile.

  The juggernaut grinned and walked over, aiming at Eric's head and smashing it hard. He had already imagined the scene where Eric's head exploded like a watermelon, and the excitement on his face became more and more intense.

  Unfortunately, this can only be his imagination. When Eric's fist was still a few centimeters away from him, he easily ducked to the side and let the punch pass.

  The juggernaut must punch with all his strength, and the same is true for this punch. He attacked with all his strength, but the opponent avoided it, and he almost tripped.

  "Damn, why are you running away!"

  "Why can't I dodge? You didn't say I can't dodge!" Eric shrugged and looked innocent.

  "Uh, it seems that I really didn't say it, sorry, this punch doesn't count, let's do it all over again, now you can't dodge!" Juggernaut patted his head, a little embarrassed.

  "How can that be! You've already hit, and you still blame me for not hitting? No, there are still only two punches left!" Eric rejected him righteously.

  "Oh, that's fine, then I'll punch you two more times, you can't dodge!" Juggernaut raised his casserole-sized fist again.

  Eric stood there calmly, "Ok, I won't dodge!."

  Hearing this, the juggernaut was immediately happy, he waved his fist again, still aimed at Eric's head, and slammed it down.

  Unfortunately, he didn't hit again.

  An invisible electromagnetic shield blocked his fist, and his fist could not enter an inch when it was a foot away from Eric's head.

  "Hey! What is this!" Red Tank yelled in dissatisfaction.

  "Oh, this is my shield. It automatically turns on when I'm in danger. It's not my fault!" Eric pretended to be innocent again. But In fact, he was laughing madly in his heart.